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21 inch rim
i own a 2013 softtail slim fls. I want to got with a 16x3.5 rear rim and 21x3.5 front. Does anyone...
by Roderick2   8 months ago

What about this for starters?
8 months ago
Bright light with spots pn
I have a  2014 Harley Ultra and would like to know that when the brights are on can the spot lights...
by Monty731   1 year ago

3 JeffStriebel Nice looking page
9 months ago
Torn between Nomad 1500 and Road Star 1700. Love both, but...
   I'd love to hear from any and everyone who could give me some info. I am not about to buy this...
by DavidG1   2 years ago

19 larry25 got a 2012 1700 nomad, great bike been on motorcycles since 1969 had 14 bikes in all 1975 cb 750...
9 months ago
Livewire goes live.
Electrifying news from Harley.
by Edwins   9 months ago

Quite, it is not.
9 months ago
Cobra exhaust.
What is the difference between Cobra 1911 and 1711 exhaust? They should both fit 2014 Phantom, but...
by Filin52099   10 months ago

Where are you getting your prices? The difference is the 1911 is slash cut.
10 months ago
99 intruder 1500 q
Tomorrow I'm going to look at a 99 intruder 1500, looks to be a in great shape, low miles, all that...
by Erik1   10 months ago

Hi Erik, First off, welcome! I have a 2001 VL 1500 LC and I'm between 5'8" and 5'9" tall at about...
10 months ago
gps locations on bike, who to check with.
bike was stolen recently!!!
by sieghuffine   10 months ago

Call your local PD Desk Sargent and ask for the Auto Theft unit.
10 months ago
noise level
Just purchased a 2002 1600 Silverado, find the top end noise level more than other Yamaha's. Has...
by KevoW   10 months ago

nothing helps,, i changed to rotella t 15w40
10 months ago
Test riding a Harley Street Glide
Just wanted to share that on Thursday I'll be test riding a brand new Harley Davidson Street Glide...
by RedBirdBoy   10 months ago

Understand totally. You said they did the turn signals odd too. Its bad enough Honda And Indian...
10 months ago
Look What's Back!
Holy flashback Batman .
by Edwins   11 months ago

re: Monkey ...Sure have come a long way since I was a kid and had a little Rupp at the cottage -...
10 months ago