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drilling out exhaust
I saw a couple of videos on you tube of guys drilling out their exhaust for a louder sound.  Is...
by craiger14   7 years ago

It will get louder.. If you ever want to go back to stock you will have to buy new mufflers. It...
1 day ago
Luggage rack for 2008 Road star
Does anyone know of the part # for a luggage rack for a 2008 Road star 1700? Also looking for some...
by Bilzer   1 week ago

1 day ago
LED Headlight
What is the best LED bulb for the C90T
by RMMShepherd   1 week ago

Kind of a subjective question as it's open to opinion. Here's one option. https://www....
5 days ago
Let it shine.
I had a deal at one time to trade labor for chrome plating I got to spend some time polishing metal...
by Edwins   1 week ago

Thanks Edwin ... it has a great effect on alloy ... I like it !
1 week ago
Removing the baffles
I was told if you remove the baffles from your mufflers, it makes the bike sound better. Ant...
by benharrison   8 years ago

31 Rick38 I just got a 05 shadow 750 aero the pipes have been cut real short before I got no baffles I added...
1 week ago
Honda Rebel problem
Black square box above headlight. What does it House and what is name. Also light that indicates...
by Midwestgal68   2 weeks ago

2 Midwestgal68 Thank you for your expertise on answering question as this is the box I was referring to. If I...
2 weeks ago
Wheel sizes
Hi there i have a xvs bobber with a 19in front wheel and i want to change it for a wider one wich...
by Steve74   1 month ago

V STAR 650 CLASSIC 98-10 130/90B16 170/80B15 V STAR 650 CUSTOM 98-11 100/90-19 170/80B15 V...
1 month ago
Handlebar risers
Does anyone know what the maximum size of HB extenders might be for a 2004 VS800GL which do not...
by Patrick15   2 months ago

I went up 1 in and back 1in on my stratoliner and had several inches of line left. Give you cables...
1 month ago
Yamaha V-Star 1100 exhaust
Hello, everybody!! Chris would like me to ask all of you of some good after market pipes for his...
by ChrisKaye   5 years ago

12 pressurewasher nice to see this post.its an informative’s really a classic bike bmw.what were the new...
1 month ago
Migrating from the stock exhaust pipe
I am interested in changing my stock exhaust pipe because I am in favour of up-sweep pipes (not...
by badaveil   2 months ago

When changing pipes change your air filter also to a k&n filter. And if you have the capability...
2 months ago