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Hey guys, I recently bought a 1998 xvs 1100 and the stock pipes are way too tame. I've had cobra...
by Deeps   1 week ago

Call 1-800-962-7926 M-F 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Far as I can tell, the 98 is a...
1 week ago
Looking to customise
Hi folks.. I have just purchased a 2007 yamaha dragstarr 1100 xvs classic. my first bike... bought...
by paddyirishman   2 weeks ago

check ebay, there are very nice hardbags that blend with the fender with led light on the back,...
2 weeks ago
Harley bags on Yamaha
I have a 2012 V star 1300 tour. I like the look of Harley Saddlebags more than the Tear Drop /...
by Bill112   4 years ago

4 CoreySpigner What's a good set of bags like Harleys that fit an 84 Yamaha venture royale
3 weeks ago
Headlight upgrade question
I am thinking about upgrading the headlight on my 2009 V Star 950 Tourer, and have been considering...
by SarntRod   2 months ago

Hi Eynstyn - I went to the ebay website - was this the exact site and model that you bought? (sez...
3 weeks ago
How to replace carburetor filters to open fiters?
Hi, Does anyone have replaced the intank filters to open filters in the carburetor? If yes, I would...
by jacobb   4 weeks ago

Hello Jacob. This will help.
4 weeks ago
 Hello I was wondering if anyone has changed out Handlebars on a v star 950. I am looking  to...
by DawnMMcQuown   1 month ago

You could add a set of pull back risers to bring the bars closer to you.
1 month ago
Seat & Sissy bar for Passenger comfort (back surgery)
Hello all, new member here.   I'm new to cruisers.  I just bought a beautiful 2006 Yamaha V Star...
by marcmaggard   8 years ago

8 111111 nice to know 很高兴知道
2 months ago
Looking for 2013 M90 HardBags Saddle Bags? Anyone Know where?
Hey everyone. Want HardBags for my 2013 M90, but having a very hard time finding any? Do not want...
by BigReg   2 months ago

Hi Big red welcome from Canberra, Australia. It's strange that the M90 misses out on aftermarket...
2 months ago
M90 baffles?
I have the cobra swept pipes on 2009 m90 I have the fi2000 can I debaffle my pipes and just makes...
by Sundog79   2 months ago

2 months ago
V factor 12" apes.
I'm about to order a set 12" v factor apes. Want make sure they got my 2008 650 classic. Some say...
by Bghunter76   2 months ago

Which site are you referring to? If the V factors won't work there are many others that will....
2 months ago