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Migrating from the stock exhaust pipe
I am interested in changing my stock exhaust pipe because I am in favour of up-sweep pipes (not...
by badaveil   5 days ago

When changing pipes change your air filter also to a k&n filter. And if you have the capability...
3 days ago
Backrest for 2015 Suziki M-50
Looking for a backrest/luggage rack for the 2015 M-50.  J&P lists one in their catalog but it...
by Beachcomber63   2 weeks ago

Have you tried Yamaha? some times their prices are not too bad.
2 weeks ago
Fitting a 03 VTX 1800S
What is it about the VTX 1800S that alot of the parts wont'fit this bike?
by HappyCruiser   3 years ago

2 Wayne17 I might buy a VTX 1800 s I have a 1300 S I love it only I wanted a bike without spoke wheels I can...
2 weeks ago
Seeking help with a build
Hi I was hoping someone here couple help me out a bit I have a 1993 Suzuki intruder 800 and was...
by Jared1   3 weeks ago

2 Jared1 I apologize for not knowing the name of the part but it was mounted to the rear fender underneath...
2 weeks ago
Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe, good buy?
An offer fell into my lap to get a 2008 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. I have done some research,...
by OdieMN   8 years ago

7 Jorge4 I have that bike (white)... took long trips from AZ to Montana, to San Francisco etc... next...
3 weeks ago
Help with back fender
Is it possible to remove the back fender without removing the back wheel. I laid my bike down in...
by CndC109Rider   1 month ago

Look in the chassis section. Rear frame cover.
1 month ago
need jetting help
I have a 1996 VN1500D Classic and I need help getting the right jets in this bike....I have the...
by iammighty   1 month ago

USDSUQ http://www.vulcanforums...
1 month ago
luggage/ tour racks
I have an 2006 yamaha stratoliner with corbin bags I was wondering if anybody has a tour pack or...
by tank640   1 month ago

1 month ago
Debaffled exhaust
Hey everyone im new to the page just wondering if it'll be a good idea to debaffle my 16 m109r?  ...
by M109rBOSS   1 month ago

No harm but might be loud, and change back pressure which could affect the bike's exhaust...
1 month ago
Tire Replacement
I am chaanging front sprocket to a 17 from a 16 and want to incresae rear tire from 130-90 to a 140...
by Jeff140   1 month ago

Dropping a tooth will increase acceleration and reduce top speed. It's sometimes accompanied with...
1 month ago