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Spoke wheel for 04 shadow sabre ?
I just got an 04 shadow sabre I really like the bike but hate the mag wheels. If nothing else I'd...
by Jayd513   1 day ago

The VT 1100 range from '98 onward were virtually unchanged other than some minor engine mods,...
22 hours ago
Pushrods and Cams
Hello, Straight to the point here, I have been wanting to upgrade to HP pushrods and cams and was...
by JesseC   3 days ago

Wow that is quite a bit to read and comprehend. Read it once but I have to go back and read it...
2 days ago
Ape hanger brake line
I just got 12” ape hangers for my bike and everything but the front brake line is long enough. I’m...
by Nolan2   1 month ago

Many times the front brake lines for a bagger are longer. On my 81 750c chopper, i used a front...
5 days ago
Need gas tank for 87
Hello all I was just blessed with an 87, actually not sure if I was blessed or cursed. Its had a...
by Hondafreak   1 week ago

New: Used:https://...
1 week ago
popping through exaust
Vulcan 1500 popping through exaust . Bike has a edelbrock quicksilver carburetor, vancs&hines...
by Ballen0712   3 weeks ago

6 Ballen0712 Well, with a new set of plugs, cheap ones ,and some leaning out the carb its running pretty good ....
2 weeks ago
I am looking for an inexpensive windshield for my 2000 BMW R1200C what do you recommend and how...
by JeffPeters1   4 years ago

1 NHines I have a new Montana Windshield for a BMW R1200c for sale.
2 weeks ago
handle bar risers
can you use bar risers or will I need to replace bars. 2012 1300 tourer
by Ron1121   3 weeks ago

You can use the risers. Here's some examples.
3 weeks ago
Bars hitting tank or controls hitting tank
1999 Yamaha VStar Drag Star 1100 I see cool pictures of drag bars on the Drag Star. Well I wanted a...
by Joeoliver   3 weeks ago

It's the nature of the beast. Clip-on style bars won't work. Really needs a fairly tall set of...
3 weeks ago
finding a batman fairing
Hi i want to buy a batman fairing for my 1999 drifter but nobody makes them
by Christopher313   1 month ago

I though you were the Joker.
4 weeks ago
Will a Road king fairing fit on a 08 boulevard C90T?
Does any one know if a Road king fairing/ batwing will fit on my 08 BOulevard c90t? all help...
by SEAN17   1 month ago