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Most reliable long lasting motorcycles
I have only had two motorcycles, but not for very last eight years.  I have noticed a lot...
by USDSUQ   1 hour ago

I can't speak for any other make or model as all I have ever had is my Sportster 883, But I got it...
31 min ago
To Wax or not to Wax
I have torn my bike apart, it being 8 years old, and clean each part front and back and waxed them...
by USDSUQ   2 days ago

Ditto Al . There is a Harley branded product that is promoted specifically for removing boot marks...
58 min ago
Can always count on you guys!!
Looking to buy a video bikercam! I have narrowed it down to two! Tachyon bikercam and GoPro Hero5...
by strattlerock   1 day ago

I own two action cams, one is a Midland, have had it for three years, works great, long battery...
5 hours ago
Have a 2001 1500 VL rode it the other day without any problem switched it off then went to start it...
by bramwith   12 hours ago

"The rear cam is actuated via a cable from the front cam. This cable makes an "S" turn along its...
8 hours ago
Scruffy (Wayne)
Happy Birthday Wayne. Don't think I'll ever forget your day. It the same as my sister
by AllenEllis   1 week ago

He was still celebrating his birthday when I got up there several days later.
13 hours ago
The effects of Ethanol
I just wondered if anyone noticed thier gas mileage has dropped over the last 7 years as apposed to...
by USDSUQ   1 week ago

Same here Vardy. No ethanol here not even in the mower ans certainly not cars/bikes.
17 hours ago
Not wright
the bike pallsates when I warms up. 
by Patcassidy   3 days ago

Came you give a little more explanation? Shakes, vibrates ,surges? Happens when riding or at idle?...
3 days ago
high idle when engine is hot.
to start the bike i have to have the choke open almost everytime unless its very hot outside (by...
by samlattouf   3 years ago

14 KevinKoOsborne Bike sounded ok then i added stabil as a friend suggested now high idle and stalls when i try to...
3 days ago
Memphis Batwing vs. Tsukayu batwing?
How much two these two fairings differ in functionality and quality? Or does it just boil down to...
by BigRed1999   2 years ago

9 Goody1 I purchased a tsukayu boox batwing fairing (abs) and it was great. the only problem is it took too...
5 days ago
What's your view??
This is a rough replay of something i just heard on a motorcycle show on TV: << in this age...
by vardy   1 week ago

Well put Tezza. Short and sweet
1 week ago