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Vulcan 900 Seat
Looking for, in case the seat of my new to me bike doesn't work for me ( No meat in the seat or...
by Bildak   17 hours ago

3 Bildak Got any pics?
1 hour ago
service manual
I am looking for the pdf download service manual for the V Star 950 tourer or similar model.  
by rich116   6 months ago

4 GeorgeVGarcia None
1 day ago
New member from Norway
Hi all. I'm new here, and really look forward to reading and take part in discussions here. I have...
by FinnNorway   5 days ago

Hello from Kansas City.
1 day ago
High fuel consumption
Hi my vstar 1300 is sucking the gas I'm only getting 8.8 miles per lt or 33 mpg (US). It has...
by KiwiBill   2 days ago

What condition is the air filter in?
1 day ago
Have a Merry Christmas and here is my gift to you
You must have an unrestricted access to see your present.
by USDSUQ   2 days ago

Front tire on wrong way around
Hi I just brought a vstar 1300 and I have found that the front tire is on the wrong way around, can...
by KiwiBill   1 week ago

Perhaps the previous owner had a vision impairment ? Glad it was an easy fix for you .... Cheers...
2 days ago
My luck holds out...
   Stopped at a drug store last Saturday night to get some medicine for my wife on my ride home. ...
by Oldschoolpaulie   1 month ago

The photos don't do it justice. I've probably gone out into the garage about 5 times just to stare...
5 days ago
Hello all, my name is Tim, I live and ride out of slc, ut. Does anyone know for sure if 150/80 R16...
by Trdyer   7 months ago

Hi there. I own a 1998 Vulcan 800 Classic. Me too wanted a wider rear tire, so last year, I went...
5 days ago
Can anyone tell me the color sequence of the 12 wire connection that goes directly into the bottom...
by Butch137   1 week ago

Kind of a PITA. I use a drawing program to enlarge the diagram. The wires are labeled. Been nice...
6 days ago
J&P CYCLES Australia?
Have any Aussies purchased parts from J&P CYCLES? Was there any issues? 
by Matt01   1 month ago

Didn’t see them listed....and I ordered the day before I saw the bankruptcy. Stuff arrived this...
2 weeks ago