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Can I swap a 2002 engine for a 2000 - Maraduer VZ800
Good evening, all. I ruined my 2002 engine in my Suzuki Marauder VZ800. It's going to be cheaper to...
by fiddlronthezeus   1 week ago

Thanks, Edwins! That was very helpful - looked to be in good shape - should be here soon!
3 hours ago
vstar stalls out occassionally
Hey - Allie here I have a 1100vstar classic 2011, 110,000 kms She has stalled on me 4 times in the...
by AllieS   2 days ago

Does it turn over after it stalls? If not, the problem may lie with the regulator/rectifier not...
2 days ago
Trying to find value to sell to brother
My GF's stepdad passed away, and her mom offered the 1992 Suzuki Intruder to me, however GF doesn't...
by 1992Intruder800   6 days ago

6 1992Intruder800 I guess my brother wasn't serious, he never came to see the bike. Need to start a new thread, it...
3 days ago
Spoke wheels and whitewall tires
Hello everyone, I have a 2005 Honda VTX 1800N and would like to put on spoke wheels and whitewall...
by Pete115   3 days ago

3 days ago
Highway/crash bars
What’s up everybody! I have a 2004 Honda shadow Sabre 1100 vt1100c2 and I’m trying to find some...
by Jacob92   1 week ago

Lindy makes them.
1 week ago
Intermitent Spark
Intermitent Spark, let it sit for a bit and pull the spark plug and set on the head and it sparks...
by stingray719   1 week ago

Sounds like the ignition coil is failing. See Chapter 6, Page 6.
1 week ago
Driver seat
I have a Shadow Sabre 2000, would like to buy a single driver seat, would I need to make a hole on...
by Bob1136   1 week ago

Looks that way to me.
1 week ago
cheapest Syn-blend motorcycle oil
Did some digging & found MAG1 synthetic blend 10w-40 bike oil for $3.85 a qt. This is JASO MA...
by kinetic40   2 weeks ago

i put a mirror on so i can see the siteglass,
1 week ago
Slip on muffler
I have a 2004 Honda Sabre 1100. Looking to possibly put a slip on muffler on this vehicle. I don't...
by Orlando3   3 weeks ago

8 Orlando3 I checked tire pressure, was about 4 to 5 pounds over inflated. Fixed now. Need to get on road and...
1 week ago
Starter staying in-gauged
My starter is staying ingaged, So to get it home I disconnected the starter wire and then touched...
by JonGraham   2 weeks ago

First and easiest fix is to change the stater relay. An internal short can cause this issue. Part...
2 weeks ago