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2018 CCC trip
For anyone that is interested this will be the first day fo Vardy ( Peter) ,  Rusty, my nephew) and...
by scruffy   2 days ago

2 hours ago
2015 m90 driver back rest
HI all, trying to find a non studded driver seat back rest, any ideas or refferals?
by Benster   15 hours ago

Try they make backrest and are very inexpensive. I had one on my C50T...
12 hours ago
Fuel tank
hello I  have a 2015 vstar  950,, according to manual it's a 4 1/2 gal fuel tank. When low fuel...
by Mjg824   10 months ago

9 Jonny1 You have 25 freeway miles I got 27 once the light goes on. I found out on purpose on a long trip to...
2 days ago
Sissy Bar Caps
Hi fellas. So I want to remove the sissy bar and want to cover the openings where the bar inserts....
by epicazo79   1 week ago

5 Vesalama3 Something like this?
2 days ago
Just a little of the area I get to ride in. This is a video this guy made. It is spot on about...
by scruffy   3 weeks ago

When it warms up I am heading down there to buy some cinnamon rolls. They are the best, 4 hr ride...
3 days ago
A refresh of riding skills and techniques
I was just riding the Indian to day just a few miles. I found myself doing some bad riding and just...
by scruffy   3 weeks ago

I think that we all could benefit from some car park practice .... Thanks for the link Wayne ......
5 days ago
Frustrating VS 1400 Intruder
Hello All, Here is the situation the best way I can explain it. My brother bought a 1999 Suzuki...
by Waychild   7 months ago

3 Bubbachicken Yes, thanks for this manual reference! I now know the year of my late friend's motorcycle! It will...
1 week ago
Cooling liquid
Good Morning. I need to change the coolant on my VT1100. Where is the drain bolt? If you can...
by JULIOMORAES   2 weeks ago

Man, I’ve had 3 VT1100’s and I couldn’t tell you. The coolant was changed....just not by me. My...
2 weeks ago
Paul yaffe originals x-pipes
I've seen these on a 2014 BO but when I go to their site it doesn't show that they make them for...
by GaryGScott   3 weeks ago

Search for Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation on facebook. They have a community page. I'd post your...
2 weeks ago
HUGE Motorcycle Manual Listing - 100% FREE.
G'Day All -                   I just wanted to pass this LINK that has a Manuals listing I found...
by frostbite   1 month ago

There are some manuals in there for reasonably late bikes as well if you go looking for them - I...
2 weeks ago