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PhilCole Scruffy, and Truiphin come to california
by USDSUQ   1 week ago

You're right Randy. They were a shocking influence on a quiet demure bloke like me!!!!!!
1 hour ago
Mounting Bike
Whitch side do you mount your bike from? The last ride we went on , we stoped and another bike got...
by AllenEllis   5 days ago

33 wasteddaze I just googled it thats some crazy funny stuff man
1 hour ago
Fuel tank
hello I  have a 2015 vstar  950,, according to manual it's a 4 1/2 gal fuel tank. When low fuel...
by Mjg824   1 week ago

8 wasteddaze 175 miles out of a tank i mean granted i only have a 4 gallon tank but at 75 miles im reaching for...
1 hour ago
Vstar 650
Hey guys,just bought a beautiful VStar classic,it had been sitting a while so I emptied the tank,...
by obx109r   3 weeks ago

Glad to hear it worked. I think I pretty much spilled my guts on what I know about it already....
3 hours ago
I was thinking of putting my patches on my leather coat.  But see some of you with vests with the...
by USDSUQ   2 days ago

Having experienced a wreck, I had the shoulder Triumph patch on my jacket get tore up, therefore,...
11 hours ago
800 Intruder Storage Question
Hi Fellow Riders, I just picked up a 2000 Suzuki Intrduer 800. I can't find on the internet where...
by abrannard   5 days ago

No problems
1 day ago
1999 suzuki 1400
I have a Suzuki Intruder 1400 my hydraulic clutch I can't get it to build up pressure I rebuilt the...
by JerryGriceAnnGr   7 months ago

I use a syringe full of fluid to fill the system through the bleed cock up into the reservoir....
5 days ago
?oil change
hi all, I bought a used 2012 yamaha 250 vstar a year ago. it had 285 miles on it. the dealer...
by lisamd90   2 weeks ago

Merci Beaucoup
6 days ago
Hello all, my name is Tim, I live and ride out of slc, ut. Does anyone know for sure if 150/80 R16...
by Trdyer   1 week ago

Welcome to CCC forum from Canberra Australia. As a guide I use the link below to do the...
1 week ago
Won't stay running when you set it upright to ride
I have an 89 Shadow VT1100 C. If it's leaning on the kickstand it runs I set it upright to ride it...
by Jeff139   1 week ago

Faulty kick stand switch? Faulty clutch switch? Step by step, what are you doing? Eg. Start bike on...
1 week ago