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The Perfect Ride
I've just put out my latest short story, check out the link for the full post, and here's a snippet...
by Dimitra   13 hours ago

Thank you.
3 hours ago
Motorcycles are a hole to throw your money in
Don't get me wrong, I love riding.  But as I read through the Service Manual and from experience,...
by USDSUQ   1 day ago

If you look at that way then one should not be riding. Yes it is expensive but I don't drink much...
6 hours ago
the saddle bags with leather.
the tops of the leather bags keep bursting. Any suggestions
by CyndiRoof   3 days ago

You can get some with UV protection too. I used this stuff.
1 day ago
Happy Birthday Capt. Hope you have a great day
by AllenEllis   6 days ago

Thanks every one !! It is the 23rd and turning 65. We just got back from riding Skyline drive and...
2 days ago
service manual
I am looking for the pdf download service manual for the V Star 950 tourer or similar model.  
by rich116   1 week ago

You clever little guru EYNSTYN!!!
2 days ago
2005 V-Star 1100 has no spark
I just bought a 2005 V-star 1100 Classic from an older woman who had it sitting in her garage. The...
by RideRed0331   3 weeks ago

I love to see/hear tech help getting thrown around. Makes my heart beat faster!!! Scruffy and...
2 days ago
Rubber boot marks
If anyone has a melted boat mark on there exhaust use mr. Clean magic eraser it takes it off...
by gman2017   3 weeks ago

I've used the oven cleaner and didn't like it. The type recommended was the non-heat type. It did...
5 days ago
Keep bike straight
Hi, got the bike for three weeks and already put 2k miles, I love the it. Here is my problem, at...
by Edgarvalkeryie   1 week ago

Yep, you get used to it don't you Charlie. I'm just about to get mine out to catch up with a mate...
1 week ago
Motorcycle camping.
In another month I'll be moving from my Intruder to my next bike the 04 Royal Star Venture Midnight...
by gasjostrom   2 weeks ago

gasjostrom I just posted some pictures of the trailer I built from the Harbor Freight trailer. It...
1 week ago
Fuel level indicator for Honda VT750C2
I don't know if I am the only one finding it annoying of not knowing the level of fuel in your tank...
by flygare   5 years ago

9 Paupee I use the trip odometer, I find its the most reliable for me. Filled up reset trip odometer, and...
1 week ago