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Charging issues
I have a 2000 Yamaha vstar it's 1100cc. I have had 2 brand new batteries and a new rectifier. It'll...
by Loydfoster   20 hours ago

This is what I go by. It's a keeper.
1 hour ago
I’m back
well it’s been a long time since I’ve been on site.  It I heard bout a ride coming up on June 6-7...
by RichardW   1 week ago

Love this bike. I had a heritage soft sip but some clown didn’t know what a stop sign was. Came off...
2 hours ago
Stator Issues
recently i had to replace the starter gear due to failure, so i replaced the stator with a new unit...
by elstevo   1 week ago

Hi elstev0 - I don't know whether you have a manual to check for Specification and repair but you...
16 hours ago
Creamy dipstick/oil cap
Hello, I have a 2000 Honda VT1100 C2 that has a developed creamy white substance on the dipstick...
by Wil11   23 hours ago

It is usually a sign of coolant in the oil. However, if you have gone on any trips of at least 45...
17 hours ago
Rear cylinder not firing
Just picked up a 1987 Suzuki intruder 1400. The rear cylinder doesn’t fire unless you put your hand...
by Patbock   2 days ago

I think you may have a plugged rear carb. You may need to rebuild it. When you put your hand over...
2 days ago
I recently put LED on my 1987 virago 1100 I wired it directly put the new flasher relay in place I...
by 87Virago   3 days ago

Dead short to ground. Somewhere there is something shorting out. In the case of a pop, something...
3 days ago
1300r solo fender rack
Looking for a fender luggage rack low profile like the Hondaline solo racks... can anyone suggest...
by Marvin1   4 days ago

4 days ago
V-Star battery wont stay charged
Looking for some help. My 2001 650 battery wont stay charged. If it stalls it wont restart but will...
by chefaid90   2 years ago

42 Angie5 Why have I seen chefaid90 15 times
4 days ago
Tour Pak
Has any one installed a tour pak on a Vn1600 or vn1500 using only the "sissy bar" lugaugae rack? If...
by biker4life1996   6 days ago

Ok, Thanks!
4 days ago
What's the best clutch to put in a 2009 vstar 650 I have about 22000 miles on mine still works ok...
by 650hammer   7 months ago

I don't think so and neither does this Lady.
1 week ago