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Memphis Batwing vs. Tsukayu batwing?
How much two these two fairings differ in functionality and quality? Or does it just boil down to...
by BigRed1999   3 years ago

12 Gary131 It does take to long to get only problem
13 hours ago
Hello All, new here first post and I need some help. I just bought a 2013 Silverado S. At around 50...
by DonaldFilipiak   3 days ago

HI and welcome to the site... You might want to check the air filter.Then the fuel filter, pump...
2 days ago
hard shifting
Just bought a 2009 Suzuki M90. It shifts rough from 1st into 2nd. All other gears seem fine. When...
by dbyer58   6 months ago

That should do the trick
3 days ago
V Star 1300 Deluxe Gas Milage
I am looking forward rolling into Memphis from Maryland inthe next few weeks and have a concern...
by Logan1   3 years ago

9 BillRyan1 Best overall bike I've ever owned Comfort mileage maintenance
5 days ago
Riser bushings
Ordered riser bushings from J&P cycles and noticed the only had 2 different bushing listed for...
by Jimmy11   6 days ago

Bars come in 7/8" and 1" sizes. Measure and see if you're trying to mount 7/8" bars in a 1" setup....
5 days ago
Bike keeps dieing
When i am riding i pull the cluch in to down shift it die's on me i check to see if the gas fule...
by JamesKenway   6 days ago

is the idle set high enough
6 days ago
I was wondering if someone could tell me what a comfortable top speed is on the fury,how fast on...
by Krog1971   1 week ago

Yessiree! The 80mph indicated speed limit is “advisory” only LOL !!!
1 week ago
V-Star 650 will not start
I have a 1999 Yamaha V Star 650 classic and it has been running fine, but when I took it out the...
by DonJackson   1 week ago

Don, sounds like the fuel pump went south. I would change the fuel filter first. It is located...
1 week ago
Bolt R-Spec Saddle Bags Options?
Hey Guys, New to cruisers. I dig the bolt.  What are some options for saddlebags?  I want hard...
by Narba88   3 years ago

2 mike127 I have some mounts if you wanna buy them
1 week ago
Removing the Neutral start only
So on the occasion that i happen to stall the bike,  i have to put it back into neutral to fire her...
by brett79   4 years ago

13 Didge95 My bike does the same thing did you ever solve it
1 week ago