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My luck holds out...
   Stopped at a drug store last Saturday night to get some medicine for my wife on my ride home. ...
by Oldschoolpaulie   1 day ago

Unfortunately the laws here tend to favor those people as their isn't much consequence against them...
48 min ago
Hi just bought a standard exhaust system my question is the system comes with collector box and a...
by Dale114   3 days ago

Thank you Edwins again I will put the collector box on all the best dale
1 day ago
Looking to purchase aftermarket exhaust
With the bike being all black I am hoping to stay with black exhaust. The only option I can find is...
by Shaun6   4 days ago

3 Shaun6 Thx for the info though
3 days ago
Hi will a standard classic exhaust from a 2002 vn1500 fit my classic vn1500 1997 thanks dale
by Dale114   5 days ago

You're welcome. Unlike some sites I've been on, the folks here help each other. Join in and make...
4 days ago
You Bad
I have been riding only 10 years and I thought I was bullet proof riding my bike.  After all I took...
by USDSUQ   1 week ago

I too prefer staggered. Some people tend to float in there lane and makes it hard to ride two...
6 days ago
Vegas shooting.
My thoughts are with the families and friends of those killed and injured in last nights mindless...
by als1953   2 weeks ago

Lock and load alamode. Get on your horse and ride. You want to be in the next county before it...
1 week ago
Why riders don't wave back
I have been riding the bike a bit lately, and I have noticed you guys not waving back at me.  Now I...
by USDSUQ   2 weeks ago

Me too. I'm not going to lose sleep over it . They may have been sleeping too.
1 week ago
Don't buy these
If you guys remember purchased a set of highway bar lights from a place called cirius. They looked...
by vsnetzinger   1 month ago

The true test is how they respond when things don't go as planed.
2 weeks ago
Stalling while breaking
My 2010 M109R has started to stall while I am breaking. It was only on hard breaking but now seems...
by Frustrated   2 weeks ago

I'm assuming you are pulling the clutch in.....
2 weeks ago
Bad Cover & and not so good Cutomer service
    Hey Folks, thought I would let everyone know, I Purchased a Bike cover just over 2yrs ago from...
by HalfBreed   1 month ago

I agree with that.
2 weeks ago