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Hand control switches
I am building a bobber out of a 1993 vs800 intruder. I need some control s and cannot find any. Are...
by Tat2thomas   1 month ago

Okay, first find the part numbers. Then search the numbers to see which years and models used it....
1 month ago
Vulcan Nomad Tank Installation Need Help
Help! I have searched the forums, service manual, Internet and cant find anything. I have a year=...
by gemajams   2 months ago

If the tank sides expanded, the rear and/or front may have drawn in. Kind of like squeezing a...
1 month ago
BMW R1200C 1998 - ECU Problem
Hi, I have a BMW R1200C 1998 model Cruiser Bike. The problem I am facing is that ECU is not...
by Bill147   1 year ago

2 robert46 hello i'm looking for some other r1200c owners to talk to
1 month ago
Code 25
My positive cable was loose like always tightened it up like before now I have no spark fuel pump...
by Scott51   2 months ago

That doesn't seem to be a full code. How to Read Error Codes With the ignition in the off...
2 months ago
Red light on dash picture of key
There is a Ted flashing light on my dash with a picture of a key dont know what it's for please...
by Neil17   2 months ago

????? Ted light? Other Cruiser is a ...?
2 months ago
Nomad No-start
Hi, I'm brand new here, hoping I can find some help.  I have a 2007 Kawi Nomad 1600, which I...
by Roadbiker   2 years ago

14 Gem11 Hi, any update on this post? Im having the same issue. Thanks Gem
2 months ago
Where Is Topgun?
I noticed he hasn't been on the site for a few months. Has anyone heard from him or seen him? I...
by tezza   4 months ago

Any news on TG?
2 months ago
Okay I'm looking for some input I'm going to replace my tires I'm looking at the Michelin Commander...
by vsnetzinger   2 months ago

Much heavier. Mine is only 650lbs. It came with Michelin Scorcher 32's which I don't like. They...
2 months ago
V-twin one cylinder carbon buildup
Hey y’all! Hoping someone out there can provide a little insight to an issue i’m Having with my ‘99...
by Chagnone   2 months ago

Try the easiest first, Give a it dose of Seafoam. Might just be a sticky needle or float. At any...
2 months ago
V Star 1100 stalls when riding
I recently bought a 2007 Yamaha V Star Classic 1100 and was riding down the highway a few mile from...
by bruce7   5 years ago

17 Bradleyeaston63 I have a 06 vstar 1100 that acts like it loses fuel and pops at times like back firing. I turn the...
2 months ago