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Its hot hot hot!!!
Hi Folks i am the proud owner of a VL1500 be it a tad customised nick named the The Theropist. I...
by Tufty   2 months ago

One possibility is to add a fan for the oil cooler. Example:
2 months ago
Looking to put a harley inner and outer fairing on my vstar. Has anyone done this or can help me...
by MarcoPolo   2 months ago

2 MarcoPolo Thank you for your response. I do live in Canada so I'll have to check shipping costs. Do you know...
2 months ago
Front end torque specs
 Anyone out here have a torque specs for the front axle also the caliper mounting bolts and fork...
by Rod2ram   1 year ago

4 Thomasmercier Front axle bolt
2 months ago
CVK 40MM excessive fuel spilling from carb
1999 Kawasaki VN1500G with CVK 40MM carb spilling excessive fuel. The issue: I treated gas with...
by solrac500   3 months ago

I get to fix all that on a regular basis. Each spring I repair at least 10 rigs with fuel issues.
3 months ago
One step forward, two steps back
Hello all. New to the page, and to this type of mortorcycle. I bought a 98 VL1500 for 300 dollars,...
by TwoWheelDad   3 months ago

2 solrac500 Consider changing the fuel pump and filter, generally shipped together, around $30 on ebay. The...
3 months ago
Extended pilot/mixture screws
Has anybody installed the extended fuel/mixture screws for their Vl1500? Is any brand supierior to...
by TwoWheelDad   3 months ago

Cruise control issue
I have a 2007 rstd 1300 and im wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the cruise control...
by Dixon77   3 months ago

So my 2007 1300 T has that enormous 25 inch windshield on it and I hate looking through it, I like...
by Joereese2   4 months ago

5 Boblindsey Looking to buy original windshield if it’s for sale
3 months ago
89 yamaha virago 1100
Hi, Just picked up a 89 1100 virago. Guy says it would once and a while would just lockup going...
by 922toms   3 months ago

What exactly did he mean by "lock up"? Brakes, engine, steering?
3 months ago
2007 1300 road tour
I bought a disassembled 1300 Road Tour. I need to know how the fuel pump can and battery are...
by basketcase2008   3 months ago

Welcome from Kansas City. We actually try to help each other out.
3 months ago