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Gas and tank
Hey everyone. New to the discussion. But I have a 2002 Honda VT1100C and I was wondering what...
by Adam18   3 months ago

3 David1100 My 2006 Shadow Spirit has a 4.3 gal tank ( I suppose that includes the reserve portion ) I used reg...
1 month ago
The search is on.
     Hi guy's its been a while since I posted any thing in here.      As many of you already know I...
by gasjostrom   2 months ago

Steven Dearnley, co founder of the Ulysses Club in Australia traveled around Australia in his late...
1 month ago
Big Bore Kits For XVS650A CLassic
Hi All, My name is Jeff I have a question for all !.... I wish to make sereous power from my V-twin...
by thefonz   9 years ago

6 DocAnderson Hey bud I'd be interested in something like this, can you give me more details?
1 month ago
Tire Pressure
I bought a used 2009 VStar 950 Tourer last year - so far so good, but it did not come with an...
by VinceG   2 months ago

4 VinceG Thanks, Greatly appreciated.
1 month ago
Batwing for 2015 m50
Currently I have a vstream shield for my bike. I like it but I would like to get a batwing fairing...
by Biglaw   2 months ago

1 month ago
car tire
trying to find out what size car tire i can put on my 1986 suzuki cavalcade. it currently has a 150...
by steveleach   2 months ago

Try this to calculate tire size comparisons, you will struggle with that size though. Do your...
2 months ago
high idle when engine is hot.
to start the bike i have to have the choke open almost everytime unless its very hot outside (by...
by samlattouf   5 years ago

15 Gary132 Serviced cabs after discovering sludge in gas tank never tamper with any adjustment rear cylinder...
2 months ago
Buying tips
Hi there, I'm looking to buy used 2014 Voyager. What should I look when inspecting it? Any tips?...
by Oslik   2 months ago

Read this. Highlight anything you don't understand and look it up or ask us again.https://www....
2 months ago
2014 V-Star 950 Tourer pros amd cons
I bought a brand new leftover 2014 V-Star 950 Tourer in January 2018. Had 5 miles on it. I...
by Rickylicious   1 year ago

Welcome to the site Douger I'm sure you will like the 950. Vstars are great bikes.
2 months ago
Wiring issue
Whenever I had my left turn signal everything works fine but when I head my right turn signal all...
by CCrider01   2 months ago

You may have a very rare occurrence of a intermittent short. The flasher sends a very short...
2 months ago