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high idle when engine is hot.
to start the bike i have to have the choke open almost everytime unless its very hot outside (by...
by samlattouf   5 years ago

15 Gary132 Serviced cabs after discovering sludge in gas tank never tamper with any adjustment rear cylinder...
2 months ago
Buying tips
Hi there, I'm looking to buy used 2014 Voyager. What should I look when inspecting it? Any tips?...
by Oslik   2 months ago

Read this. Highlight anything you don't understand and look it up or ask us again.https://www....
2 months ago
2014 V-Star 950 Tourer pros amd cons
I bought a brand new leftover 2014 V-Star 950 Tourer in January 2018. Had 5 miles on it. I...
by Rickylicious   1 year ago

Welcome to the site Douger I'm sure you will like the 950. Vstars are great bikes.
2 months ago
Wiring issue
Whenever I had my left turn signal everything works fine but when I head my right turn signal all...
by CCrider01   2 months ago

You may have a very rare occurrence of a intermittent short. The flasher sends a very short...
2 months ago
Gas fouled rear plug
My 1100 '95 virago has been fouling the rear plug for a while. How it's progressed to crackling and...
by John180   2 months ago

balance the carbs
2 months ago
No power to neutral light
Hi, can anybody help me, I had power to the neutral light. Had to replace with another but for some...
by DeanShepherd   2 months ago

4 DeanShepherd2 Hi, thanks everybody, had to log in with different details, checked the neutral switch, connectors...
2 months ago
Reverse lighting unit
I have 96 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 and want to know what the reverse lighting unit does Thnks Brian
by Ballen0712   2 months ago

7 Ballen0712 Thank you but got it as straight as it will get , at least i think it is . Running pretty good at...
2 months ago
Exhaust re-wrap
Hi guys, just finished an exhuast baffle re-wrap. Got the material at Home Depot. Bought some 4...
by PepeLapu710   2 months ago

Have another question, are there any easy ways to make valve adjustments on these bikes other than...
2 months ago
yamaha dragstar custom 650 indicator problem
Yamaha drag star 650 custom 1999 replaced stock front indicators with after market ones. The right...
by JoAnnRudd   2 months ago

I think you have the wires reversed. On the bike, black is ground. That would make it appear like a...
2 months ago
Problems with left front turn signals on Yamaha V star 1100
I am having issues with the left fron signal flasher on my 2004 Yamaha V star 1100. The left side...
by Bilzer   3 years ago

5 JoAnnRudd Yamaha drag star 650 custom 1999 replaced stock front indicators with after market ones. The right...
2 months ago