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Best tire for 2013 vstar 1300
hello everyone I just purchased my Yamaha vstar 2013 1300 and I’m looking for the same stock tire...
by Dylansvstar   5 months ago

try these guys, thats where I get my tires from
4 months ago
1100 shadow no spark
Started the bike,, ran for about 30 seconds and died. 33k miles, just bought it. Pulled plugs, no...
by Kevlar57   9 months ago

My headlight stopped working for a time. The switch was dirty. It could very well be a dirty kill...
4 months ago
1996 Honda rebel 250 fuel lines & gas tank
Hi, I'm new to the forum and coming for some advice. A few months ago I bought a 96 cmx250 and I'm...
by Phefix   5 months ago

"Need a low-cost way to salvage a vintage metal fuel tank with severe interior rust? Take the tank...
5 months ago
hard shifting
Just bought a 2009 Suzuki M90. It shifts rough from 1st into 2nd. All other gears seem fine. When...
by dbyer58   1 year ago

11 felixm90 I did and worked, improved the shift from 1 to 2, 3, 4 and 5. worth it the investment. If you pay...
5 months ago
Airhawk R Seat Cushion?
Anyone currently using the Airhawk-R seat cushion?  If so whats your opinion of it? I previously...
by Matt01   5 months ago

Definitely worth checking out the "MUSTANG"
5 months ago
Gas and tank
Hey everyone. New to the discussion. But I have a 2002 Honda VT1100C and I was wondering what...
by Adam18   6 months ago

3 David1100 My 2006 Shadow Spirit has a 4.3 gal tank ( I suppose that includes the reserve portion ) I used reg...
5 months ago
The search is on.
     Hi guy's its been a while since I posted any thing in here.      As many of you already know I...
by gasjostrom   5 months ago

Steven Dearnley, co founder of the Ulysses Club in Australia traveled around Australia in his late...
5 months ago
Big Bore Kits For XVS650A CLassic
Hi All, My name is Jeff I have a question for all !.... I wish to make sereous power from my V-twin...
by thefonz   9 years ago

6 DocAnderson Hey bud I'd be interested in something like this, can you give me more details?
5 months ago
Tire Pressure
I bought a used 2009 VStar 950 Tourer last year - so far so good, but it did not come with an...
by VinceG   5 months ago

4 VinceG Thanks, Greatly appreciated.
5 months ago
Batwing for 2015 m50
Currently I have a vstream shield for my bike. I like it but I would like to get a batwing fairing...
by Biglaw   5 months ago

5 months ago