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Tank compatibility
I need a tank for my 1990 VT1100, but it seems impossible to find. Does anyone know if any other...
by Spoonman   3 days ago

this might get you close, I'm not sure on the which version it is. Someone else may know. https...
3 days ago
Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder
Yesterday, I lost all pressure on my cluth leever of my 2000 Suzuki VL1500. I have tried bleeding...
by jimmy1120   4 years ago

I have a 2005 Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan classic The problem I am haven is when I pull the clutch and try...
1 week ago
Battery Cable for 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800
Hello, folks! I am curious about the positive battery cable for the 1997 Suzuki Intruder, the bike...
by MarioSaenz   4 weeks ago

I will have to try it... I have missed it. While in a shopping center somewhere in southern Florida...
2 weeks ago
Installing A Triple Play Module from Custom Dynamics
Hey everyone I have recently converted my v-star 1100 classic over to LED lights and I put red...
by sergeant54   1 month ago

Edwins Seepage 417http://www....
1 month ago
Fairing installation
Hey everyone, I recently purchased a fairing for my 1100 off of ebay. It's looks identical to the...
by dollarbillxxx   1 month ago

Hope you get things together. I really like my faring. It really keeps the wind off your arms and...
1 month ago
Loudest Plug & Play Horn
I absolutely need to replace the Road Runer (meep-meep)  horn on my 2014 V-Star 1300 Deluxe. What's...
by M2311   6 months ago

I went full noise with my new 17 inch Chrome Truck Air Horn - the bored motorists get out of my way...
2 months ago
Ok, so last year I replaced the stator, worked good for 1 yr, stopped charging, so I replaced the...
by BradR44   3 months ago

Alright, thank you for the help, I'm going to try and troubleshoot it this weekend
3 months ago
Headlight cowl or fairing
Can you mount a vstream windshield without having a front cowl or lamp cover
by DerrickStiggers   4 months ago

I haven't seen one made specifically made to use without the cowl however, looking at this one it...
4 months ago
V-Star 650 Classic 1999 Stripped Oil Cover Hex Bolt
I recently purched the bike and took it to a shop for service which included an oil/filter change....
by DavidHeier   4 years ago

5 Wayne18 I'm on the second go around on this bolt. First time the shop fixed it and I suspect they put in a...
5 months ago
Charging problems 2002 yamaha v star classic 1100
 hello to everyone.  I'm having battery drain while riding but it's intermitent.  Stator coil...
by Jamesq   2 years ago

15 Lewis4 Rode yesterday for about 2 hours pull to stop sign bike shut off no power battery was dead bought a...
5 months ago