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replacing fuel hose
tnHI all, when changing the rear air filter and removing fuel tank, the fuel hose that attaches to...
by pammorris   4 months ago

What's the year of your bike?
4 months ago
Fuel gauge tachometer all-in-one unit
Got a  2004 Honda shadow sabre bought a 2 in 1 fuel gauge and tachometer. Its digital. The problem...
by BillHarmon   5 months ago

That's what you have to look out for on the eBay made in china sites (not that there's anything...
4 months ago
having a problem just changed my clutch pack and put everything back together and now my clutch is...
by DavidWall   5 months ago

Make sure you've got everything in the right order.
5 months ago
Fairing installation
Hey everyone, I recently purchased a fairing for my 1100 off of ebay. It's looks identical to the...
by dollarbillxxx   9 months ago

I did get my fairing mounted using the recommended hardware I listed above. I wish you could just...
5 months ago
Installing an ORK ...Please Help!
I've broken down and puchased the Baron Oil Relocation Kit for my V Star 1100. I was going to do a...
by Gordo0000   5 months ago

Thanks for all the advice ... I installed it on Saturday... took it out for a bit and placed...
5 months ago
Cobra Fatty Highway Bars Install
I purchased Cobra Fatty Highway Bars from Cruiser Customizing and was very pleased with the speed...
by PDXScott   9 years ago

4 RicoTrejo I tapped on your picture's to see them but it said not able to see due to being removed. Would...
6 months ago
Replacing ignition key switch
I am curious how difficult it is to change the ignition switch on the side of the forks?
by Cletus1   6 months ago

The key switch should be very easy to replace.. Just remove the cover and the bolt behind hte...
6 months ago
Windshield Help I have tire dilemma solved (I've decided on the Commander II) I have a windshield question...
by Gordo0000   6 months ago

yes, i slotted the bottom hole at a downward angle and the top hole straight in. so it angles in...
6 months ago
Hei. Need some help again. I want install tachometer to my xvs1300 bike and need some instructions...
by Vesalama3   6 months ago

Thanks wil check and try. Vesa
6 months ago
V-Star 1300 pulley
Hei. Has anyone changed V-Star 1300 drive belt pulleys for different size than normal? What does it...
by Vesalama3   7 months ago

Okey. Just like to have smaller engine puller to have better running. But I can go whit this one if...
6 months ago