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Seat and sissybar
I have a 2008 VTX1300C with a paladin backrest and rack. I would like to put a Saddlemen Explorer...
by vetman   9 years ago

light bar relay required?
I purchased a light bar (K32001-006B) recently and will install myself.  Should a relay be a part...
by steven1961   9 years ago

My cobra bar didnt come with a relay for the sabre. It stated to install the hot wire in line with...
9 years ago
Cobra SteetRod Slashdown Exhaust
Is there a certain Torque Spec that the exhaust bolts to the cylinder head needs to be tightened? I...
by pvensel   9 years ago

Newest Information from the motorcycle shop.. The torque specs for the Cobra StreetRod Slashdown...
9 years ago
Fitment doubt
Hi buddies Can you Help me? I have a pair of Switchblade pegs, male mount  by kuryakyn code 4445...
by LordDarkman   9 years ago

You know that is the one part I spent hours trying to make sure I got right! LOL!  There are so...
9 years ago
Power Commander III
The cd did not load onto my computer as the instructions said tey would, so I went to the web site...
by chefbch   9 years ago

Highway Hawk Fat Pipes M800????
Hi I have just got a set of Highway Hawk Fat Pipes M800 Intruder) for my Suzuki VZ Intruder K7. The...
by stevieh   9 years ago

I'm a new biker and don't know much of anything except what I have learned over the past month. I...
9 years ago
Tired of not getting a green traffic light?
some of my motorcycles don't have enough "metal mass" to trigger the inductive loops built into the...
by uwe999   9 years ago

yesterday morning it didn't trigger, I added a second magnet (different brand) and got the green...
9 years ago
vulcan classic cluth slipping
i had a98 vulcan 1500 and afyer making some performance upgrades i started experanceing cluth...
by bobby2407   9 years ago

Great to see you solved the problem bobby. I had a 98 myself. Standard except for Vance and Hines...
9 years ago
BakUp Driver Backrest
Video Install of the V-Star 1300 BakUp Driver Backrest Installation of this product is very...
by ManyBikes   10 years ago

Expensive lessons...
My Shadow is my first bike and I've been tinkering and puttering with her since she first came home...
by MsChevious   10 years ago