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Well What a funny World
Hello from France. Its funny but when the heads of state get together they sometimes dont agree,...
by Englissh   9 years ago

ha i wanna know who the queen is!
9 years ago
Exhaust Upgrade
Hey all: Am planning to get some aftermarket pipes real soon.  Currently I am interested in the V...
by moreland4   10 years ago

I have the V&H Bigshot pipes on my RoadStar Warrior and they make enough noise to let others...
9 years ago
Full on Dark Side Now!
I’ve got over 3,000 miles on my Bridgestone G019 205/60-16 “V” rated rear car tire so far. I just...
by BearKiller   9 years ago

  OK for the rubber, friend of mine used to run a car tyre on the back as his story was the bike...
9 years ago
New sneakers for Ole Yella
Well been saving all my nickles and dimes for along time now and I finally saved enough to buy some...
by oleyella   9 years ago

C'mon 'yella! Is it Thursday yet? Are they on? C'mon hurry up!!!! Want pics!!!
9 years ago
Im lovin it
Finally my risers and power pod arrived. spent most of the day installing them Had a bit of trouble...
by lucky57   9 years ago

Hey Englissh, just be carefull which "port" you stick it in! lol Yeah, lucky!  I'm with Cehs. Pics...
9 years ago
Brave New World!
Well after reading over and over, thinking really hard and spending about $150.00 I finally went...
by mjbearit   9 years ago

Wow, that sounds ambitious.
9 years ago
WWW for Honda 750 ACE
I put on my new Dunlop WWW tires and they fit with about 1/8" space left on each side of the...
by starbuck702   9 years ago

I have the same tires. Just put them. Mine are rubbing slightly.but overall they are great! They...
9 years ago
Vstar 1300 rider unite
The Vstar 1300 is in it's 3rd year of production, and I would love to be able to buy a K & H...
by Bikinjb   10 years ago

UPDATE: K&N has produced and released the High flow air filter for the Vstar 1300 I received...
9 years ago
Is it jetted correctly?
So after many many questions to this guy and that guy, Ive had a slew of different answers thrown...
by RobPob   9 years ago

If there isn't any decel popping or any flat spots in the throttle accelleration it sounds like...
9 years ago
Rear Fender Tuxedo and Rack
The fender tuxedo is finally on and it goes great with the fender rack.  It was an easy fix for my...
by starbuck702   9 years ago