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Is it jetted correctly?
So after many many questions to this guy and that guy, Ive had a slew of different answers thrown...
by RobPob   9 years ago

If there isn't any decel popping or any flat spots in the throttle accelleration it sounds like...
9 years ago
Rear Fender Tuxedo and Rack
The fender tuxedo is finally on and it goes great with the fender rack.  It was an easy fix for my...
by starbuck702   9 years ago

What does it look like under your fender seat?
I was quite disappointed when I removed my sissy-bar and fender seat last weekend.  After removing...
by starbuck702   9 years ago

HI; This is what mine looks like...Lots of wires and dirt. The paint is rubbed off under the pass...
9 years ago
Seat and sissybar
I have a 2008 VTX1300C with a paladin backrest and rack. I would like to put a Saddlemen Explorer...
by vetman   9 years ago

light bar relay required?
I purchased a light bar (K32001-006B) recently and will install myself.  Should a relay be a part...
by steven1961   9 years ago

My cobra bar didnt come with a relay for the sabre. It stated to install the hot wire in line with...
9 years ago
Cobra SteetRod Slashdown Exhaust
Is there a certain Torque Spec that the exhaust bolts to the cylinder head needs to be tightened? I...
by pvensel   9 years ago

Newest Information from the motorcycle shop.. The torque specs for the Cobra StreetRod Slashdown...
9 years ago
Fitment doubt
Hi buddies Can you Help me? I have a pair of Switchblade pegs, male mount  by kuryakyn code 4445...
by LordDarkman   9 years ago

You know that is the one part I spent hours trying to make sure I got right! LOL!  There are so...
9 years ago
Power Commander III
The cd did not load onto my computer as the instructions said tey would, so I went to the web site...
by chefbch   9 years ago

Highway Hawk Fat Pipes M800????
Hi I have just got a set of Highway Hawk Fat Pipes M800 Intruder) for my Suzuki VZ Intruder K7. The...
by stevieh   9 years ago

I'm a new biker and don't know much of anything except what I have learned over the past month. I...
9 years ago
Tired of not getting a green traffic light?
some of my motorcycles don't have enough "metal mass" to trigger the inductive loops built into the...
by uwe999   9 years ago

yesterday morning it didn't trigger, I added a second magnet (different brand) and got the green...
9 years ago