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M109 idle issue
I recently traded my boulevard m90 for the m109 boss. The bike idles below 1000rpm.  I took it back...
by Mayhem24   6 months ago

How about the air filter? How long since it was cleaned/replaced?
6 months ago
Fuel system purging
What is the best fuel system additive to clean the fuel system with?
by Michael99   6 months ago

Try Seafoam.
6 months ago
Bike Trouble
Hi. I’m having some issues with my bike. I recently bought it from a guy who told me the bike sat...
by John179   7 months ago

sounds like a vacuum leak at the front cyl. You need to rebuild the front carb or at least fatten...
7 months ago
blinkers quirky
Hey New here so I 'll make it quick. A couple of things my blinkers one side really fast other side...
by AlanGiacullo   8 months ago

I'm in Pasco so if you would like to meet up send me a message. I have relatives in Battle Ground.
7 months ago
Vstar 650 right doesn't work when wheel is turn to right
Hey guys, First time on the forum so I apologize if this has been discussed, but I couldn't find...
by Luckstar   8 months ago

Welcome to the site...wish I could help... you're in good hands with Edwin...he's the pro...Just...
8 months ago
Bike out of Storage, won't shift into gear
I hate to admit it, but my VS800 has been in storage for about two years.  I got it running today...
by Chris75   10 months ago

You may have to rock it for a while . The shaft may move but not the shift rail. https://www....
10 months ago
Need help guys
So I just bought my first bike it's a 1997 Suzuki marauder 800 bobber and I ordered a speedometer...
by Dusty19   11 months ago

BOX ASSY, SPEEDOMETER GEAR 54600-27A12 $74.28 This one is for your bike 1997 Marudar BOX ASSY,...
11 months ago
Clutch engages at the very end of lever.
Hello, new clutch within a year and new fluid. Wondering how to get the clutch to engage before the...
by Cameron7   11 months ago

2 Cameron7 It is hydraulic. That being said with a newer clutch that doesn’t slip do I need to bleed it to...
11 months ago
Strange engine noise.
So I just got a 1998 intruder vs. 1400. And it runs great. Except for when you start to take off it...
by Shane9   1 year ago

5 Bubbachicken Nice to know. Will check this on my new (to me) Intruder...
1 year ago
Turn signal button wont work.
my turn signals wont start when i press the button on both leftt and right side. But when the alarm...
by Arnt1   1 year ago

I have old timers. Can't remember up from down
1 year ago