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Slow in all gears especially 5th
Hi all I have a 07 Yamaha XVS 650 with new clutch plates, plugs, clean carbs, oil ,gear oil ,also...
by Kalvin   5 hours ago

Sure could. My first suspect would be the coil.
3 hours ago
2002 VT1100 sputtering
My  2002 VT1100C is loosing spark on both cylinders causing a miss and poping. Is there a way to...
by lhockman   1 day ago

7 hours ago
Vs800 battery
Best replacement for vs800, 2000 model
by Dennisbsears   2 days ago

2002 Intruder VS800 - Idle OK, low RPM sputter
Hi everyone. So I am considering buying what I feel is a pretty fantastic find, a 2002 Suzuki...
by BeforeZod   3 days ago

The pilot jets are the most likely suspect. The symptoms you describe match. Old gas clogs the...
2 days ago
Vstar 650 custom bolt to the rear of the oil drain bolt
About six months ago i noticed a bolt hole to the rear of the oil drain bolt. that had a very small...
by Spazila   1 week ago

Need to be a bit more specific. Can you see it in anyof these?
4 days ago
Transmission problems on my v star 1100
Hi everyone, im new to this site. But wanted to know if there are any major transmission problems...
by TDod1100   5 years ago

34 Stoney1 OK my clutch seems to be slipping or something else maybe problem with clutch on handle...
6 days ago
Shadow 600/Backfire through carb
i'm haveing some backfire through the carb on my shadow 600 at times...! i dont understand this...
by MrBonez   3 years ago

5 cleve Earl, I'd suspect dirty, gummed up carbs, possibly sticking slides. best would be to remove carbs,...
6 days ago
Loss of Power I thought it was my Spark Plugs But its Not?????
I loss a lot of my bikes power all of a sudden It put me in the mind of what happens when a spark...
by Komedian   5 years ago

14 TomM1 I’m getting ready to buy this motorcycle and it doesn’t have any power, sounds like it’s missing...
6 days ago
07 650 v star check engine light
I've got an 07 v star 650. This morning, around 40 degrees out, I rode it on the freeway, and the...
by Gdgarth   3 years ago

When is the last time the air filter was changed? How about the oil? What is the voltage out of the...
1 week ago
08 vstar 650 custom
the oil fill bolt on my 08 vstar 650 custom started leaking a little..put in a new bolt and o ring...
by stephen15   1 week ago

scruffy This what you are...
1 week ago