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Bike just died
Hello everyone, I'm a recent new owner of a honda 1300 vtx. I'm not a big bike guy, this is my...
by Lukyfukr   2 days ago

In regards to your battery, our VTXs are quite prone to stumbling if your battery is weak or if the...
15 min ago
No spark issue!!!
So my 01 v star 650 is not getting any spark. The spark plug boots are getting a constant 12v but...
by CoreySmith   1 day ago

Ok so cleaned the battery ground and im getting about .7 more volts initially in the spark wire and...
22 hours ago
Help setting clock
I just bought a 09 Yamaha 950 V-star Tourer a couple weeks ago, and it didnt come with a manual. I...
by TinaBell   3 years ago

5 Tim1129 Does anyone know how to adjust the clutch on on a 2009 Vstar 950 ? Cable seems to be tight enough...
1 day ago
vstar starting problem
OK i guess it's finally my turn.  the vstar won't start.  Got the bike out of storage put the...
by eynstyn   2 years ago

NO it is just a little time . No special tools needed. Just kind of oily mess.
1 day ago
1988 Virago valve cover gasket replacement
Hi everyone, I have a slow oil leak that I've narrowed down to the valve covers on the rear...
by ConnorMoody   3 days ago

There are several o-rings under different covers on the head. With the tank off, it would be easier...
3 days ago
Oil leak coming from crankcase top right plug
I've noticed a small amount of oil on my crankcase cover, I've traced it back to the top right plug...
by Justin13   1 week ago

This will help. Make a new file on your desktop call it motorcycle stuff or something similar. lol...
1 week ago
Bike won't constantly start
So I bought my bike two years ago now, and I've been constantly having starting issues. I had the...
by TerryHiatt   4 days ago

fuel filter (under the seat) add some seafoam and see what happens, check the plugs,
4 days ago
09 C50 Boulevard display issues
So my display doesn't work. My battery and fuses are good. Anyone know how else I should...
by Sophia9907   6 days ago

I had a C50 2005 it also had this issue. I cleaned the ground wires and neg battery cable. The...
5 days ago
Stratoliner windshield key
Hi, Í really need to find the stratoliner 1900 windshield key Í dont know where. I bought the bike...
by Nicolas1   1 week ago

That Key should be the same as the ignition key as well as the bag locks. IF it came with the bike...
5 days ago
Hey guys! I was riding down the highway last week and my bike just turned off by itself and was...
by sheilarfl   8 years ago

10 Briancook I have a 2009 arlen ness signature series ..i recently washed my bike and now have a hard time to...
6 days ago