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I have another problem...geees
My bike is leaking oil again.  As near as I can tell it is coming from the right cam shaft cover.  ...
by USDSUQ   2 days ago

Well it's just that your not my friend Gracielou. I sent a friend request to you over 6 months ago...
2 hours ago
Remove saddle bags
Hello everyone. I am a new rider and I own a 2013 vstar 1300 deluxe. How do I remove the...
by KenAdams   9 hours ago

This for a 2007 but should similar. Start with chapter 4, page 2. You'll need a pdf reader. You can...
4 hours ago
2004 Yamaha 1700 roadstar fuel tank issues
I had to have neck surgery and let my bike set to long. Now the tank has a lot of rust in it. My...
by Wildchild316   2 weeks ago

Helped to have a friend with a gun shop. lol
2 days ago
carb trouble
My 2003 1400 Intruder seems to have a restricted idle circuit in the rear carb..  Is it humanly...
by trackfodder   5 days ago

I also use Regane which contains polyetheramine. Techtron is simiar. Other brands contain Xylelene...
2 days ago
1998 Honda Shadow 750 Ace issues troubleshooting
Hello everyone I recently purchased a 1998 Honda Shadow American classic edition. Previous owner...
by Thrasher101   2 weeks ago

Non rebuildable petcock. I've been troubleshooting and have noticed that if you block off the tank...
5 days ago
1999 Suzuki VL 1500 LC Intruder clutch won't engage
Just bought this bike from a friend. Ran fine the only time he rode it last year. Has 20k miles on...
by medicbdt   6 years ago

30 WilliamFranklin on moccsplace dot com, look for false neutral fix. read this article. talks about the star gear....
5 days ago
removing the rear fender off 95 HD Sportster !!??
I'm having some issues with this problem... I've heard different things; do I need to take the rear...
by sportybulldog   5 years ago

4 CindyMDenolf My fenders were removed for painting. I now have to put them back on and have no diagram to figure...
6 days ago
ecu/cdi heating up
can somebody help me my vstar 1100 custom 2007 has developed i starting problem i have no spark on...
by jaldarkstar   1 week ago

1 week ago
2000 Suzuki Marauder 800 not starting up. Elevation the problem?
I just barely purchased my first bike, a year 2000 Suzuki Marauder 800.  It is in great condition,...
by bronsondameron   6 years ago

15 tommacey bought my 2000 Marauder 800 couple months ago now take that back couple weeks ago, had been sitting...
1 week ago
Engine Oil Overfill
Hello Everyone, So I have a 08 Suzuki c109R and just replaced my oil. I overfilled and the pressure...
by thepacman85   2 weeks ago

I did that once thinking a little more oil is good, it is not. Ended up blowing o-rings seal. Not...
1 week ago