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Engine parts
Under my bike to the left of the oil drain plug, on the side, is another sort of drain plug with a...
by LeepFlynn   1 week ago

Here take a look at this .
4 days ago
Oil change and maintenance for a 05 Suzuki C90
Want to start doing my own maintenance, any suggestions on what oil to use and what other...
by lasersib   10 years ago

Run down to a bike shop and get some fork oil. itis much the same for most bikes. It does not take...
5 days ago
Harley-Davidson DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 2007-2009 Revealed Part 1
Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed.Part I Written by: Biker Chad...
by BikerChad   8 years ago

MichaelAbrams ... unlikely you will get a response. The guru who kept this string going has long...
1 week ago
Suzuki Intruder 250 workshop manual pdf
I have owned my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 250  for 6 months & need a workshop manual pdf to help me...
by peterwarke   2 years ago

3 Hasan1 Suzuki 250 inturuder icin kullanım kitapcık yok.lanet olsun.
1 week ago
vstar starting problem
OK i guess it's finally my turn.  the vstar won't start.  Got the bike out of storage put the...
by eynstyn   3 years ago

Chinese starter still working 4 yrs
1 week ago
Won't start
About 5 weeks ago I had parked my bike. Last weekend I had tried to start it to take it out and it...
by LaggTastic   2 weeks ago

if you take the starter apart, make sure you put the spacers in the right place, i ifxed mine...
1 week ago
03 maruader bogging down
Hey guys new here to the forum and new to biking all together. I recently bought a 03 marauder that...
by Nathan4   3 weeks ago

4 Nathan4 Tried the gas cap being open, it workedfor a little while, but that was on flat ground and...
2 weeks ago
upgrading rear brake rotor
One thing that has disapointed me about this bike is the rear brake has giving me lots of issues....
by ERIC24   1 month ago

I would bet the rear brake fluid has never been changed. Go to your local auto parts store and...
2 weeks ago
Code 19 on 2014 v star 950
I've been trying to figure this out for about a month now any help would really be appreciated code...
by Ghostrider1967   3 weeks ago

The blue/black wire for the side stand switch to the ECU is broken or disconnected. The bike thinks...
3 weeks ago
Clutch adjustment
Hello fellow vstar riders. My 2003 650 seems to have no adjustment left for engaging 1st gear. The...
by wald1dav   3 weeks ago

Sounds like it could be time to replace the clutch cable.
3 weeks ago