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checking the oil on V-star 1300
is there an easier way to check the oil in the 2007 V_Star 1300?  Getting down on the shop floor...
by craiger14   7 years ago

14 ChrisC Are there any aftermarket shocks avlbl in Canada?
1 day ago
hey guys, I pray someone can help me. Im working on a 2004 suzuki marauder 1600 and Ive changed the...
by Breakingchain   1 week ago

3 Usernamealready Actually it sounds to me like the kickstand sensor might be bad or stuck. I know it's not related...
2 days ago
Speedometer doesn’t work
by MikeDewberry   4 days ago

Edwins Start with Chapter 8,...
3 days ago
bmw r1200c break problem.
Hello! I have a BMW R1200C 2001. I been having a problem with the front break. When I squeeze the...
by fededrum   5 days ago

Sound like air in the line. Look at Edwins links those should help
5 days ago
Type of oil you use in your bike.
I know that there was an earlier discussion about this and I have read it but it seemed like all...
by Headbum   6 years ago

49 pbRevLowery I have a 2004 Yamaha RSV Midnight - has 40,000 and I use Shell Rotella T4 10/30. Has served me...
5 days ago
I just returned from the Honda dealer and had a discusion with the mechanic about the best oil and...
by radbrandt   7 years ago

31 Danny9 I have a 1995 Honda Shadow 600 that has a little over 100,00 I don't know the exact miles anymore...
6 days ago
Will not shut off
This is my first posting here since I just joined. I've looked a little bit but can't find any...
by JosephDuggan   1 week ago

It's worth a try thanks.
1 week ago
Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed Part 2
Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed.Part II Written by: Biker Chad...
by BikerChad   7 years ago

15 DanielPQuesada 2007 Road King code v inn er pool
1 week ago
Starter Solenoid
Just had the 3rd starter solenoind replace on my motocylce. Its out again ! All it does is click at...
by trelblazr   1 week ago

Valerie is right on it. The starter relay is controlled by the digital igniter. You will need this...
1 week ago
my speedometer will work for about a mile then stop. The gas , blinker, and neutral light all work...
by ErnestSmith   1 week ago