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Timing chain Yamaha 650 V Star
Hi chaps, does anyone know the change out period for the cam chain/s on the 650 V Star
by Haggis   13 hours ago

Many years ago when I was at AMI, I was told that a chain in an oil bath can have a operating life...
2 hours ago
New to the form
by Truggy   1 day ago

Welcome to the site from Kansas City.
3 hours ago
New owner and Gas smell turning wife crazy!
Guys I purchased a full injected bike because it did not produce a gas smell once on the garage,...
by PipoDyer   2 days ago

essayist firs Is the gas cap loose? Is the seal on the tank good? Harley had a issue a couple years...
13 min ago
Carb Jetting for new pipes
I put Vance & Hines pipes on my 1100 VStar.  As I expected, I am getting a LOT of backfiring...
by timjinks   2 days ago

Maybe check with Vance & Hines. They make jet kits specifically tuned for their exhaust pipes...
1 day ago
Bike cuts out/misfires badly after 5-10 minutes of riding
I have a 2000 VStar 1100 Custom with Vance and Hines pipes.  After riding the bike for five-ten...
by timjinks   2 days ago

vstar stalls out occassionally
Hey - Allie here I have a 1100vstar classic 2011, 110,000 kms She has stalled on me 4 times in the...
by AllieS   2 days ago

Does it turn over after it stalls? If not, the problem may lie with the regulator/rectifier not...
2 days ago
Spoke wheels and whitewall tires
Hello everyone, I have a 2005 Honda VTX 1800N and would like to put on spoke wheels and whitewall...
by Pete115   3 days ago

3 days ago
Springs and what looks like teeth off a gear in motor
My 2000 v star was making weird noises while I was trying to start it. I bought and replaced the...
by DaveDalton85   3 days ago

See Page 143. Be...
3 days ago
My bike looses all power when accelerating
I just bought a used 2007 V-Star 1100 classic with 3500 miles on it the guy said it had been...
by PatrickR   3 days ago

3700 miles on a 07? It's sat for more than a few months. Get a bright flashlight and look inside...
2 days ago
Front turn signal wiring
I have a 1992 Suzuki vs Intruder 1400. How to connect 2 wire blinker running light fixture to my...
by KennethCampbell   4 days ago

3 Orlando3 I thought front blinkers had three wires so that you could connect to the three wires coming out of...
2 days ago


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