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Won't shift into 2nd gear
I bought this bike recently and it is an awesome machine.  I have had problems shifting into 2nd...
by TerriScheurenbr   8 hours ago

No spark issue!!!
So my 01 v star 650 is not getting any spark. The spark plug boots are getting a constant 12v but...
by CoreySmith   1 day ago

Ok so cleaned the battery ground and im getting about .7 more volts initially in the spark wire and...
22 hours ago
Fuel additives
Looking for advice on fuel additives to purge fuel system
by Michael99   1 day ago

agree seafoam
1 day ago
Bike just died
Hello everyone, I'm a recent new owner of a honda 1300 vtx. I'm not a big bike guy, this is my...
by Lukyfukr   2 days ago

Check the Battery with a load test. If the thing is over 4 years old just BUY NEW. Bikes don't like...
1 day ago
Looking for 2013 M90 HardBags Saddle Bags? Anyone Know where?
Hey everyone. Want HardBags for my 2013 M90, but having a very hard time finding any? Do not want...
by BigReg   2 days ago

Hi Big red welcome from Canberra, Australia. It's strange that the M90 misses out on aftermarket...
2 days ago
Fuel system purging
What is the best fuel system additive to clean the fuel system with?
by Michael99   2 days ago

Try Seafoam.
1 day ago
1988 Virago valve cover gasket replacement
Hi everyone, I have a slow oil leak that I've narrowed down to the valve covers on the rear...
by ConnorMoody   3 days ago

There are several o-rings under different covers on the head. With the tank off, it would be easier...
3 days ago
Bike won't constantly start
So I bought my bike two years ago now, and I've been constantly having starting issues. I had the...
by TerryHiatt   4 days ago

fuel filter (under the seat) add some seafoam and see what happens, check the plugs,
4 days ago
compression problem
I have a 1999 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC with 70,000 miles on it.  Have kept the oil changed and well...
by ParryDOwen   5 days ago

I would try to adjust the valves first. You may just be too tight on your valve adjustment. It is...
4 days ago
putting 800 carbs on 1400
can i use the carbs from a 800 on a 1400 if they are the same year 1996 i can not find a rear carb...
by anonymous1   5 days ago

2 anonymous1 thanks
4 days ago


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