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Replacing passenger backrest pad
Hello fellow V-STAR riders! I am looking for a replacement passenger backrest pad. I've looked...
by CARLOS9   1 day ago

Back when I had my V-Star 1100 I went searching for a replacement passenger backrest pad and found...
16 hours ago
Hello from Arizona, Just wanted to say "hello" to all the members on this forum and also to say...
by Captaineasy   3 days ago

Howdy Cap'n! Keg fridge is to the left, and the hot tub is out back. Make yourself at home.
15 hours ago
over heating stuck in traffic jam
Hi . Igot stuck in a traffic jam on my vl1500 trike.It was stop start.stop start for about a mile....
by philip1   3 days ago

4 philip1 Thank you.
2 days ago
Head light
Trying to install a new plug for the headlight have three wires two on each side and one in the...
by Vic2018   6 days ago

Knowing the year of your bike would help. They have been making the Boulevard since 2005. Anyhow,...
3 days ago
New member
Hi, all.  I'm 73, At 5' 6"  and 150 lbs. I find I don't need to go to the gym any more. Now I just...
by Shvuggy   1 week ago

Welcome Shvuggy from Penrith NSW Australia. Edwin is our tech guru so your problem will be solved...
4 days ago
2006 VTX1300r overall width?
Hi there. I just joined this group. I am installing two wheel chucks in my inclosed wellscargo 17'...
by towen1300   1 week ago

Welcome to the forum, cousin! I'm Randall Owen, Certified Family Black Sheep.
1 week ago
Code 25
My positive cable was loose like always tightened it up like before now I have no spark fuel pump...
by Scott51   1 week ago

That doesn't seem to be a full code. How to Read Error Codes With the ignition in the off...
1 week ago
I am new to the group and just wanted to say Hi. I have a Suziki Boulavard c109R and live in...
by JPage   2 weeks ago

Gidday Jeff. From a former C109R owner in NSW Australia.
1 week ago
New Bike wont start
The local dealer has two NIB 2011 VT1300 Interstates at his shop. One in the show room and one in a...
by JDPhillips   2 weeks ago

Some more info is needed. Does it turn over? Do the lights come on? Power at switch? Neutral safety...
2 weeks ago
v stacks for honda valykrie
how can i buy a v stacks for honda valykrie
by onesimomachado   2 weeks ago

Dime City Cycle has a lot of different stacks. Give them a call.
2 weeks ago


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