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How do I up My Profile ?
Profile Completion is at 86% Complete by Adding your Member Video will bring your profile to 100%...
by Tabascoman   19 hours ago

Yeah, David since we don't know how well it is maintained or not. Try what Edwins said. Hope you...
5 hours ago
exhaust system
Hi, my name is Pawel. I tried to buy an exhaust system for my 2015 Suzuki Boulevard M90 I cannot...
by Pawel2   1 day ago

2 Pawel2 But I looking same thing to buy ready with any modification so you open the box take exhaust and...
12 hours ago
Oil leak from valve cover breather hose to air filter
My 2006 Yamaha road star 1700 is draining lots of oil through the valve cover breather hose that...
by ramosagustin1   1 day ago

Edwins Get a leak down test and a...
1 day ago
sticky signal light switch
Okay all you technical wizards, I have a question that I hope you can answer at least as well as...
by lendirk   1 day ago

A common problem on my older bikes Len. On one occasion it was a worn piece of plastic that acts...
1 day ago
Will these fit as is, or do I need a special kit?
I have a 2012 slim.  Have already added the license plate relocation (so no swingarm) assembly and...
by EileeneEKeating   2 days ago

Your going to need bag supports. Watch ths.
1 day ago
How many Km's can I expect out of a Virago 1100
Hi, looking to buy a bike. Have always loved the 90's Virago 1100 bikes. I'm on the verge of buying...
by Derek4   2 days ago

The tank transporter will out live both of us!!!!!!
1 day ago
would like to pull handle bars back a little just to straighten back. Like to know how high can I...
by Camoes   3 days ago

the only ones that will fit are 4" with 3/4 back, anything bigger you have to get longer cables....
1 day ago
Vacuum lock.
I just purchased a 2007 Nomad 1600. It has a Dobek comp and an aftermarket k&n air filter on...
by Sibben   4 days ago

It's a fairly common problem. The EPA made them install a one way check valve in the gas cap. You...
3 days ago
New member
Hi my name is Michael and I just bought a 2007 Nomad 1600. I'm interested in meeting new friends to...
by Sibben   4 days ago

Welcome from Medford OR. Hopefully you'll find someone in your area. I ride with a group off and...
2 hours ago
Turning turn signals into running lights too on a V Star 1100
How do I turn my rear turn signals into running lights as well on my 2005 V Star?
by RhettSeibert   4 days ago

i also put some red led strips on each side of the bike just under the fender to mark the sides,...
2 days ago


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