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A bit different bike show.
by Edwins   8 hours ago

Seat height
I recently bought a 2000 Honda vlx 600 as my first bike. The previous owner was a female that is...
by Jmass73   14 hours ago

I cut the foam out of my seat and now I sit in the bike rather than on the bike. I've been...
1 hour ago
Windshield selection
I'm thinking of changing my windshield and have been looking at the 6 1/2" curved Memphis Shades on...
by Fubar   1 day ago

I could use a taller windshield. I raised the one I had by moving it up at the frame. Wind still...
1 hour ago
CDI wiring
Hi new here just got my bike on the road had to put a new regulator on it but while doing that,...
by CiscoKid   1 day ago

Hey i would like to know why you replaced the voltage regulator. Was your battery dying all the...
8 hours ago
Engine, start
I inherited a 2004 Softail Springer. It has been sitting up for several years and won't start. It...
by BruceMacDonald1   1 day ago

Have you checked to see if you have spark at the plugs? If it sat with fuel in the carbs, you won't...
1 day ago
Custom tank.
I want to put a larger tank that sits lower over the engine on my 95 vs800. Any off the shelf tanks...
by JonJon79   1 day ago

None that I know of that will be a straight bolt on. At the least, mounts would need to made and...
1 day ago
Run Stop Turn Controller
Hey all,I recently recieved my second Run Stop Turn Controller from Kurakyn once I installed this...
by PoPosCruiser   1 day ago

starving for gas
Does the gas cap play any part in venting? Also, does the gas tank vent often need replacing?
by shotokan   2 days ago

Your fuel system is a bit different.. Check out chapter five page one for a start.http://service....
1 day ago
I was thinking of putting my patches on my leather coat.  But see some of you with vests with the...
by USDSUQ   5 days ago

I wear my cuts almost everytime I ride. They don't get that dirty. Nothing you can't tidy up if...
1 day ago
Carbs are full of varnish
G outot an 04 VT1100c2 that had been sitting in a garage for ? number of years, stored with fuel in...
by mjr945   5 days ago

Listen to Edwins... don't soak the carbs in any thing with sodium hydroxide it makes the aluminum...
3 days ago


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