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New Member
Hello to all. My name is Pat and live in Yuma Az. I ride a 05 1100 vstar classic. Never to hot for...
by Yumaaz   2 weeks ago

18 wasteddaze Welcome yumaaz, i used to live there is it still 30 miles from water and 3 feet from hell lol. Cool...
2 hours ago
New Member in Indy Area
Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I thought I would introduce myself to this forum. Just bought a...
by MDStroh89   5 days ago

Welcome from Medford, OR.
21 hours ago
Warm bike stays at high revs
I bought this bike used from a bike mechanic the carbs are jetted the bike was dyno tuned with...
by wasteddaze   2 weeks ago

25 wasteddaze Your right its not needed i broke my foot just above my big toe but im learning to use the middle...
2 days ago
New Member- Charging Issues
Hey all, I came across this site when researching a charging issue I have on my bike. I read a few...
by LilJon81   2 weeks ago

6 LilJon81 Hey guys here's an update. So I was off last night, went to the shop and checked voltages again....
2 weeks ago
Treat Everyone Equal
Try to be good.
by Hippy   1 month ago

4 wasteddaze Couldn't have said it better myself. People judge books and people by their covers. If you change...
2 weeks ago
M50 Suzuki
Is there anyone out there that have done any upgrades to the 2006 Suzuki m50 Boulevard like...
by TheRider   3 years ago

3 Tommy3 Hey I'm a newbie... I have a 2013 m50.. would like to replace the tail light with an intergrated...
2 weeks ago
New to the group.
Hello all, FNG here and looking forward to the discussions.
by Fubar   2 weeks ago

Welcome from Penrith NSW Australia.
2 weeks ago
M109 Clutch Help
Hey everyone. I'm new here. I have a 2008 SuzukiM109R. I love this bike. I've had sport bikes,...
by Steve408   2 years ago

18 HealScraper I recently bought the 1800 Intruder. the clutch was slipping from the outset. Had the clutch...
3 weeks ago
Popping out of gear
Hi all. Have '03 with 33+ miles. Having problem with trans popping out of first when decelerating....
by Dschmitta   1 month ago

Dave, do us a favor and let us know what you find out.
1 month ago
2002 Yamaha road star Silverado 5th gear out
Need advice,we like our bike but not worth the cost of fixing? Shame to scrap it. The 5th gear went...
by Dallis   1 month ago

1 month ago