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New member with lots of problems
My bike has been sitting for about 4 an a half years an I thought the major issue was going to be...
by JustDave   2 days ago

Thanks Edwin, I'm at Witt's end here, starting to pull out what hair I have
19 hours ago
Hello from Weaverville North Carolina
Hey guys thanks for accepting my request. Looking forward to picking everyone's brains. Safe riding...
by Forgiven2007   3 days ago

Welcome Steve. From Penrith, NSW Australia.
1 day ago
Bike clicking sound no start
98 Suz Intruder 1500vl won't start, just clicks. Had bike serviced last year at repair shop which...
by TommyTL   3 days ago

5 TommyTL Copy that Will do I have things to do so it will take me a few days to get to it. Thanks forum for...
2 days ago
Changing Bikes
I am currently riding a Honda ST1300 but am finding it a bit heavy at stops due to being an old guy...
by F105PLT   1 month ago

for breaking a 1100 will be better than a 650 as they have two front brakes while the 650 has 1....
1 week ago
Gremlin bell
Hello everyone thanks for letting me join. Is it ok to ask somebody to buy you a gremlin bell?
by BobberRider   2 weeks ago

Welcome to the site! I was always told it should be bought by a loved one, and given to you as a...
1 week ago
Newbie here
Hey everyone. New to the group from San Bernardino, CA. Just picked up an 84 1000. Anyone know how...
by 2ndtimephil   2 weeks ago

Yeah man, I plan on it
2 weeks ago
air intake upgrade suzuki boulevard c109rt
have a small budget but very interested in a spike style air intake system for my 2008 c109rt. i...
by hooprat   3 weeks ago

Parts reference to see what you need.
3 weeks ago
Rear brake upgrade
Just bought a vn 1500 drifter. The rear caliper is totally worn out. Is there an alternative...
by ballmick1   1 month ago

I have a friend that has a 1999 1500 Drifter laying in the back yard. Yes laying on the ground on...
4 weeks ago
Popping out of gear
Hi all. Have '03 with 33+ miles. Having problem with trans popping out of first when decelerating....
by Dschmitta   4 months ago

Will do. Thanks
4 weeks ago
carburetor adjustment
I bought this 1100 Midnight Cusom used, and they had the wrong main jest for Cobra strait pipes. I...
by batstead   1 month ago

With Cobra Exhaust you can go 150 Small round Mukuni jets front and rear carbs. But the problem is...
1 month ago