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Hello from Arizona, Just wanted to say "hello" to all the members on this forum and also to say...
by Captaineasy   1 month ago

Howdy Cap'n! Keg fridge is to the left, and the hot tub is out back. Make yourself at home.
1 month ago
Head light
Trying to install a new plug for the headlight have three wires two on each side and one in the...
by Vic2018   1 month ago

Knowing the year of your bike would help. They have been making the Boulevard since 2005. Anyhow,...
1 month ago
New rider
Looking into getting a cruiser here in the next couple months and I was wondering if anyone had...
by RedBillet   2 months ago

Welcome to the site - lots of great people and ideas here. I too have a V-Star - love it. My buddy...
1 month ago
I am new to the group and just wanted to say Hi. I have a Suziki Boulavard c109R and live in...
by JPage   2 months ago

Gidday Jeff. From a former C109R owner in NSW Australia.
1 month ago
Coolant light issues
Hi everyone. I am new to the site. I have heard a lot of good things about the forum. I have an...
by Shadowrider80   2 months ago

First, clean and check the ground wire on the thermostat housing. Check the connector for the...
2 months ago
New Road Star Owners
The wife and i just purchased a 2004 Road Star and are looking forward to the adventure of a new...
by Gizandblue   2 months ago

HI from Washington State. you will get to really like the Yamaha. I have two Stratoliners. Try...
2 months ago
Maintenance costs
Hello I looked at 2000 Valkyrie interstate last night with 83000 miles what kinda of maintenance...
by Will11   2 months ago

At 83,000 miles and almost 20 years old, you'll probably want to replace the timing belts. I did my...
2 months ago
Vstar troubles!
Hey everyone, I'm a new v-star rider and ive been working on the infamous starter clutch repair....
by OkieVstar   2 months ago

5 OkieVstar The camera is a great suggestion, Thank you edwins! That manual is very detailed eynstyn! It was...
2 months ago
Vstar 650 rectifier
Sorry for the length of my first post!! but here goes, I replaced pickup coil, stator, and...
by JeffWyatt   2 months ago

Start with Chapter 7, page 21.
2 months ago
Hi just wanted to intruce myself Marco from Canada and I ride a 2003 vstar classic 1100 Here for...
by MarcoPolo   4 months ago

Oakville, Ontario
3 months ago