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Need help with my 2004 Yamaha v Star
I have checked all the switches, I have got to be missing something, lights work signals work horn...
by Ctothelw   4 months ago

make sure the spacers go in correctly and the torq is right
4 months ago
Boulevard c50t side bags for sale
Used but in excellent condition
by Sharonl   4 months ago

1 Sharonl 150 dollars
4 months ago
New to forum, learning lots about Viragos
Hi y'all. Joined up to the forum about a week ago. Have been looking at any and all info on the...
by nrthrncowboy   4 months ago

Edwins What looks like a fuel...
4 months ago
A question for V-star 950 Tourer owners
I'm strongly considering trading up from my 2006 Shadow Aero 750 to a new V-Star 950 Tourer. I love...
by Bernie707   3 years ago

3 kinetic40 I also wonder if the 950 Tourer puts out more heat than if it were water-cooled.
4 months ago
New Member
Hey guys, i'm new to the group and excited to learn as much as i can about my bike and help out as...
by ghiggy9   4 months ago

Welcome to the community Garrett. From Penrith, NSW Australia. Had a 1500 Intruder, then went to a...
4 months ago
New member
How yall doing thanks for allowing me to be a part of yall community live love ride.
by WilliamTexidor   4 months ago

Welcome to the community William. From Penrith, NSW Australia.
4 months ago
New member
How are you guys! I just bought a 2016 boulevard c90t, it's my first motorcycle!! Bike is brand...
by Elchoper   4 months ago

Welcome to the community Elchoper. From Penrith, NSW Australia.
4 months ago
Oil change
What type of oil is used and what oil filter part number can anyone please tell
by NathanDaniels   7 months ago

just stay away from it, or are you some that looks at the sun when told not to.
4 months ago
Glad to be here
Hello everyone, it's nice to be aboard and have people around that have/share a common interest....
by Captaineasy   4 months ago

2 Orlando3 Welcome from west texas
4 months ago
Hello to all
Happy to be a part of your forum! I'm Ron. I have found some great information here as a non-...
by Ronnzie1969   5 months ago

Howdy from the beautiful Texas Hill Country!
5 months ago