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Riding the Great Ocean Road Australia
Riding the Great Ocean Road (Australia) The day started a bit chilly, then the sun peeked through...
by Dimitra   5 months ago

That’s exactly right Gert, it was a lovely day because we had no where we had to be and it was just...
5 months ago
Alexandra 2018 trip summary
Alexandra Vic This past weekend Adam and I have been immersed in meeting with friends, old and new...
by Dimitra   11 months ago

Lol. Just looked at our mention....we were the ONLY ones from NSW.
8 months ago
8th Annual Wild Hogs Ride
I've added it to the Events page but for some reason it doesn't show up unless you click on Type...
by tezza   1 year ago

Thanks Allen.
1 year ago
Torque numbers
Hey guys just wondering can anyone give me torque numbers for back and front wheel nuts and brake...
by Damien2   1 year ago

Val, I like free ones. lol
1 year ago
2018 Labour Day Weekend Ride - Alexandra VIC (Australia)
Hi everyone, I've listed this under "Events" also, but here it is for all to read: You're invited...
by Dimitra   1 year ago

I really would if I could and meet with you all, Australian friends... That damned distance!!! Wish...
1 year ago
I get weird email. The beauty of...
by Edwins   2 years ago

They had better not!!! At least one of them has a UMS problem!!!!
7 months ago
Calling My Aussie Friends....
Hey Folks,  Been a while since I was on here. I just started with a new Day Job and we have a...
by kirkhamthomas   2 years ago

Yes it is... unless New Zealand or Tasmania are continents Then I got two more beyond that.
2 years ago
Aussie 2017 Not The CCC Rally
Hi All.I have just spoken with the motel owners where we are planning going for 2017 Not The CCC...
by PhilCole   2 years ago

I was bloody pleased about that too!!!!!!
7 months ago
For Sydney Riders Interested In The Pink Ribbon Ride
I've added it to the Events section. Anyone interested in going, communicate through events for...
by tezza   2 years ago

Thanks Al. A great day. I'll be posting a vid soon.
2 years ago
Urgent Message For Wild Hogs Riders 2016
Please go to following link and advise if you will be attending.
by tezza   2 years ago



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