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I get weird email. The beauty of...
by Edwins   2 months ago

no comment
1 month ago
Calling My Aussie Friends....
Hey Folks,  Been a while since I was on here. I just started with a new Day Job and we have a...
by kirkhamthomas   4 months ago

Yes it is... unless New Zealand or Tasmania are continents Then I got two more beyond that.
3 months ago
Aussie 2017 Not The CCC Rally
Hi All.I have just spoken with the motel owners where we are planning going for 2017 Not The CCC...
by PhilCole   6 months ago

20 seconds? That long?
2 months ago
For Sydney Riders Interested In The Pink Ribbon Ride
I've added it to the Events section. Anyone interested in going, communicate through events for...
by tezza   6 months ago

Thanks Al. A great day. I'll be posting a vid soon.
6 months ago
Urgent Message For Wild Hogs Riders 2016
Please go to following link and advise if you will be attending.
by tezza   7 months ago

Toy run
Well the Christmas toy run is on us again, December 11/12/2016 at Victoria Park 11 o'clock...
by leith   7 months ago

2 leith No problems gert Been a long time between chats Hope you and the family are all well. Hopefully the...
7 months ago
Aussie reminder for 2017 to Swan HIll
A small reminder to the Aussies, and any adventurous O/S members, that the 2017 rally is to Swan...
by PhilCole   11 months ago

Rack of hairy legs.
6 months ago
Flhr suspension
Hi guys n gals, have 96 flhr and wanted to upgrade susp, so was told by shop progressive 444s which...
by CharlieDavage   11 months ago

A lot of Progressives listed but also other brands. If you see something that catches your...
11 months ago
I want to take all  the front lower fairing that surrounds the raidator off.  There are components...
by MalSmith   11 months ago

YES,but you will have to do some modifications to get things to fit. That should not be too much...
11 months ago
2017 CCC Rally to Swan Hill
The 2016 CCC rally has been run and once again, proven to be a huge hit. As my commitment to the...
by PhilCole   1 year ago

Oh well.....stops my worrying about idle hands......
1 year ago


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