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A Sad Day
For members who aren't on facebook. This is what Uwe posted earlier. With great sadness I’ll have...
by tezza   2 years ago

There's a number of us that will be holding on to the mast with one arm and giving them the finger...
2 years ago
Sorry to Say Goodbye
To all of my Cruiser Customizing customers, You probably already know for the last year I have been...
by dragonflytrish   2 years ago

Dittos, appreciate your service to the community.
2 years ago
Jack Daniels Accessories
I'm super excited to announce that CC is now carrying Jack Daniels branded accessories. Most are...
by uwe999   3 years ago

Very nice.. From Tennessee Squire JHLynch
3 years ago
New 7" LED Headlight
These just arrived this week, and I can tell you they are bright! It is a 7" LED head lamp...
by SeeDub   4 years ago


3 years ago
CC Patch
Any one rockin a CC patch on their vest or Jacket? We've had them for a while but haven't really...
by SeeDub   4 years ago

I have the 4" on my vest as well !
4 years ago
Who wears riding specific jeans?
Just curious how many of you out there wear motorcycle specific riding jeans? I have been looking...
by SeeDub   4 years ago

Hey, if I keep losing weight, I won't have to worry about "fluffy" sizes! Woohoo!
4 years ago
Web Bike World Product of the Year for 2014
Our first shipment of these should hit on Monday and I am pretty excited. This product is a little...
by SeeDub   4 years ago

The first reviews are in on this Product and they are looking good!
4 years ago
New "Member Specials" tab
You might have already noticed the new tab above or just click
by uwe999   4 years ago

Come on down Marek we can have good times with the like ferret!
4 years ago
Shipping Delays Due to Weather 2/17/2015
Good Afternoon, Due to severe weather in the Nashville, TN area we will not be shipping today (2/17...
by xjoshmillerx   4 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it, hope it's not causing too many safety concerns. We're...
4 years ago
Bright new H4 LED
Hey Guys and Gals, If you have been looking into replacing your headlight bulb you need to check...
by SeeDub   4 years ago

is it plug and play, may have some issues with wires touching the heatsink in the bucket.
4 years ago


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