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A Sad Day
For members who aren't on facebook. This is what Uwe posted earlier. With great sadness I’ll have...
by tezza   1 year ago

There's a number of us that will be holding on to the mast with one arm and giving them the finger...
11 months ago
Sorry to Say Goodbye
To all of my Cruiser Customizing customers, You probably already know for the last year I have been...
by dragonflytrish   1 year ago

Dittos, appreciate your service to the community.
1 year ago
Jack Daniels Accessories
I'm super excited to announce that CC is now carrying Jack Daniels branded accessories. Most are...
by uwe999   2 years ago

Very nice.. From Tennessee Squire JHLynch
2 years ago
New 7" LED Headlight
These just arrived this week, and I can tell you they are bright! It is a 7" LED head lamp...
by SeeDub   2 years ago


2 years ago
CC Patch
Any one rockin a CC patch on their vest or Jacket? We've had them for a while but haven't really...
by SeeDub   3 years ago

I have the 4" on my vest as well !
3 years ago
Who wears riding specific jeans?
Just curious how many of you out there wear motorcycle specific riding jeans? I have been looking...
by SeeDub   3 years ago

Hey, if I keep losing weight, I won't have to worry about "fluffy" sizes! Woohoo!
3 years ago
Web Bike World Product of the Year for 2014
Our first shipment of these should hit on Monday and I am pretty excited. This product is a little...
by SeeDub   3 years ago

The first reviews are in on this Product and they are looking good!
3 years ago
New "Member Specials" tab
You might have already noticed the new tab above or just click
by uwe999   3 years ago

Come on down Marek we can have good times with the like ferret!
3 years ago
Shipping Delays Due to Weather 2/17/2015
Good Afternoon, Due to severe weather in the Nashville, TN area we will not be shipping today (2/17...
by xjoshmillerx   3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, appreciate it, hope it's not causing too many safety concerns. We're...
3 years ago
Bright new H4 LED
Hey Guys and Gals, If you have been looking into replacing your headlight bulb you need to check...
by SeeDub   3 years ago

is it plug and play, may have some issues with wires touching the heatsink in the bucket.
3 years ago


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