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strange ratings
Aside from the products listed that are no longer avaiable (mentioned previously) I've noticed...
by Sportyben   6 months ago

That's a good sign you're giving Ben.
5 months ago
System Crash
looks like we are back to where we left off 5 days ago.  Thanks Uwe! 
by BikerAnimal   11 months ago

Why yes I do believe you are right
11 months ago
Who wants to help test the new site
hi all, we have been busy working on the new site. It will still look the...
by uwe999   1 year ago

dont have a device so NO
1 year ago
Unsubscribe me to your emails
Please stop sending me your advertising emails. No longer own bikes and do not want anything from...
by Xavier   1 year ago

Hello Xavier, You have been removed from our e-mail program. You are all set bud. Have a great day...
1 year ago
Store Credit
Several weeks ago I sent back a defective air filter cover that I purchased for my Suzuki C50...
by KeithCrabtree   1 year ago

Good day Keith, It looks like the refund was processed, I'm not too sure why you wouldn't have...
1 year ago
CC Service
Hey Guys, Appreciate the great service from across the Pacific. Really appreciate the competetive...
by SteveGiles   1 year ago

1 Nymoto Keep your eye on eBay.
9 months ago
We're can I get the tee shirt in the add
Ok let me know were I can get the tee shirt in the add very funny
by Tom1114   1 year ago

Hey there Tom, Which one you looking for I know we have sold out of quite a few but I can see what...
1 year ago
i have clicked the link to unsubscribe from emails numer times. I still get the emails. I have...
by Jocknestor   1 year ago

Winterizing video
To whom it may concern, One of the most important things you guys left out is checking antifreeze...
by DeanRathburn   1 year ago

Highway bars
I ordered and paid for a set of highway bars some weeks ago and still have not received anything....
by LesHartland   1 year ago

Hey there Les, sorry for the delay your seeing, looks like its held up in customs right now, I'd...
1 year ago


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