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Ape hangers
I have a 97 ultra classic.. going to add some 18" ape hangers.. how do I calculate the length of...
by Allen11   2 days ago

Save this. No school like old school.
1 day ago
Hey guys and gals I need help on bypassing the ignition on my bike...i lost my keys
by Dubsac   1 week ago

Hot wiring a bike is way to easy. On a bike, the key switch allows current to the starter button...
1 week ago
Marauder fairing
Looking for any help or suggestions on a Batwing that fits a Marauder 1600, and i realize it will...
by kevin36   2 weeks ago

2 kevin36 Thank you Edwin, good info,sure appreciate the fast response. It seems the gauges/ tach and speedo...
2 weeks ago
Electronic flasher relay
Hi. Id like to replace my original flasher relay so my turn lights (rear are leds) stop flicker...
by Ofniks   3 weeks ago

The 5 pin Denso FB275H flash has a self canceling circuit built in. There is no led version. To...
3 weeks ago
This one driving me crazy!!!
OK - so I have a 2005 Honda Shadow VT100c. Most comfortabkle bike to ride for me I have found yet....
by wkeister4859   4 weeks ago

2 wkeister4859 I plan on giving it a shot if it ever warms up ...and by "warm up" I would even appreciate upper 30...
3 weeks ago
Just got my license and i am in the market to buy my first Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Classic LT, i think...
by coolbreeze   1 month ago

Hi coolbreeze - Welcome to the best Cruiser site that I know of ... I ride a 2009 VN900 Custom and...
1 month ago
Exhaust Mod on 07 V Star 650 Classic with only 2000 miles
I am considering cutting out the baffles on my OEM pipes to make the bike louder (and hopefully...
by JCW650   1 month ago

Rear blinkers
anyone replace rear lights for all in one?
by Hoss2   1 month ago

1 Viragobob I was thinking about installing a thin LED strip as it suits better the modernized custom look of...
2 weeks ago
Will the lighting system handle aux LED headlights/Taillights?
I want to add two LED aux headlights on my lightbar and also add an LED taillight/brake light combo...
by JCW650   1 month ago

i have headlight and driving lights and a stereo no problems
1 month ago
Motor swap
looking to swap my 800 blew it up yesterday. I was told the a 1400 would barely fit in the800 frame...
by Shawn22   1 month ago

A friend of mine successfully put a Suzuki 650cc single into the frame of his Royal Enfield Bullet...
1 month ago


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