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.... And you have to know: 3 is my lucky number!
I'm never busy with those points but a few days ago I saw it at once...... I'm nearly there and now...
by GertNL   2 years ago

No problem Al.... I'll buy a pair! Animal, I didn't know it was going that good in US! Another few...
2 years ago
OMG I feel so bad for all you who live in the north  It's 1c here this  I can see my breath. Every...
by vsnetzinger   2 years ago

22 BikerAnimal Bear vs motorcycle: bear wins. Just saying, hehehe
2 years ago
I just gotta find a way to get one of these
by vsnetzinger   2 years ago

looks like 4 independent electric wheel motors, here's one that hydrolic
2 years ago
A sign of the times Folks...
NOMINATED THE BEST JOKE OF THE YEAR A Syrian arrives in Toronto as a new immigrant to Canada. He...
by LarryProsser   2 years ago

That is where a good chunk of my hard earned money goes, people supporting programs by the...
2 years ago
Hope everyones Halloween was better than this Cabbies was...
A cabbie picks up a Nun. She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won't...
by LarryProsser   2 years ago

2 years ago
An oldie but a goodie
I was walking down the road this afternoon, about 10 feet behind a young girl when a bloke on a...
by AussieRay   2 years ago

Its what you have to do , like the add used to say , "keep on keeping on " Ok the add was about...
2 years ago
Why I recommend a helmet!
It was about 5:45 Am, not yet sunup, I was cruising up the highway at a "respectable pace" when out...
by Hitechillbilly   2 years ago

22 BikerAnimal If I didn't wear a helmet, yawl would have to look at my ugly face when I rode. Yawl should be...
2 years ago
Only in Canada?
by theturbo   3 years ago

2 BikerAnimal I could see that in Maine in the US...
3 years ago
Maz Compton
Any of my Australian friends know of Maz Compton and her show Dan & Maz?   Met her this past...
by Hildr   3 years ago

3 years ago
What's your record?
It may be time to put my 2007 VT750C2 down for good.  Waiting on the shop to see why the rear...
by pjarhead   3 years ago

14 BikerAnimal Sounds like a good project bike...
2 years ago


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