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V-Star decals, clear coat.
I'm sure someone has covered this subject. Does anybody know if there is a solution to getting that...
by Davecarlinroxx   3 days ago

7 Davecarlinroxx 100% Vardy!
24 min ago
Batwing fairing
Has anyone mounted a Batwing fairing to a 2001 Intruder VL1500 ? If so, which manufacturer and...
by RedBirdBoy   4 days ago

Google Translate. Might have do one screen at a time.
1 hour ago
Best and Loudest pipes to put on 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic
I want to put Vance and Hines Classic II slip ons on my bike, but they are not available until...
by rmossbarger   1 week ago

Are you also doing the air cleaner and jets/ecu (carb/fuel injected) or have they already been done...
1 week ago
Site is back up
Am I dreaming...or is this site back up <pinches self>
by Gordo0000   2 weeks ago

Keep playing around with it. Click on your name and there is a column under it with help. Here's a...
1 week ago
water indicator
the light goes on when i slow down and when igive it gas the light goes out, my fluids are at the...
by arthur2   3 weeks ago

Check to make sure your radiator fan is working properly and cycling on when needed.
3 weeks ago
sticking clutch
i was starting my bike on a cool day ... around 54 degrees. pulled choke started and adjusted...
by Cprevo   3 weeks ago

Hi Cprevo - the site was down for about a week...not sure how long it will stay up
1 week ago
Need tires
I'm looking to put my first set of new tires on my 2014 V Star 1300 Deluxe I've been running dunlop...
by Rodgerd   3 weeks ago

I've always run Dunlop Elite 3's on Hildr the Valkyrie. The next set will be Elite 4's (Elite 3's...
3 weeks ago
87 virago
I'm working on my virago 1100 and I recently put a single manifold system on it got it in properly...
by 87Virago   1 month ago

Hi Shiny - Hey that is Good News - now you can get out there in the Spring/Summer and get some...
3 weeks ago
Fuel Pump Relay
I have a 2000 marauder and can not locate the fuel pump relay. does this year have one? i'v been...
by marcosj   1 month ago

1 month ago
My vulcan 1500 c
Hello just wondering, when my air breather covers are off the bike ldels fine but when given...
by Catfish62   1 month ago

Pulling the covers allows more air which causes a lean condition. The Kawasaki shop manual says a...
1 month ago


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