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Why does it take so long to get Milk from the convenience store
I like to ride my motorcycle as often as possible because it is fun and gets great fuel mileage.  ...
by USDSUQ   1 day ago

I know what you mean, the best way to spend some time...
16 hours ago
Don't buy these
If you guys remember purchased a set of highway bar lights from a place called cirius. They looked...
by vsnetzinger   1 week ago

triumphin this is what...
5 days ago
Bad Cover & and not so good Cutomer service
    Hey Folks, thought I would let everyone know, I Purchased a Bike cover just over 2yrs ago from...
by HalfBreed   1 week ago

$30 ...where are they shipping it to ... Timbuktu!?
6 hours ago
Help please
My husband took our motorcycle apart to paint it. We now have a piece that needs a home. Can anyone...
by ButchsBabe   1 week ago

Or log on to the site with your phone take a picture of it and just upload from your phone
1 week ago
fizzled electrics
My 2003 VS1400 GLP made about 1/2 revolution and everything went dead.  I have been tearing my hair...
by trackfodder   2 weeks ago

Dielectic grease is what i think they use not vasaline.
1 week ago
Vulcan 900 Questions Canada/Calgary
Hi everybody!!! I am a new rider on a Vulcan 900 2007. Best decision ever I have put 2000 Kms...
by Rfagun   3 weeks ago

I'm also in Calgary, but don't ride a Vulcan, although I've had big V-Twins in the past. Yeah, 5...
3 weeks ago
Rear tire
Has anyone experienced odd tire wear? Tire pressure is 32psi and I have no tread left on left side...
by Johnson   3 weeks ago

Yes Peter, I run the same on the 1500 Valk, Oldwing and CBR900RR (& the C109R when I had it)....
4 days ago
Engine Oil Idiot Light
I recently too a trip 1300 miles round trip.  About half way the engine light came on for a bit.  ...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

I had just switched to full synthetic. I don't know if the oil type shows up different to the...
4 days ago
Can anyone recommend where to get some good hard bags?
I'm looking for hard bags but can't decide on what a good brand would be.  Anyone have any...
by BenjaminArturo   1 month ago

The thing I like best is that they actually do look like leather complete with conchos and latigo...
4 weeks ago
Softail Slim seat question
I have a 2017 softail slim and would like to get a two up seat that is more comfortable. I have...
by Forgiven2007   1 month ago

Steve ... my understanding is that the seat mounting points are the same for each of Harley's model...
1 month ago


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