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Won't shift into 2nd gear
I bought this bike recently and it is an awesome machine.  I have had problems shifting into 2nd...
by TerriScheurenbr   12 hours ago

If that doesn't work, then there may be some issues with your clutch. On the VTX1300, the clutch is...
3 hours ago
Fuel additives
Looking for advice on fuel additives to purge fuel system
by Michael99   1 day ago

Nate ready for Montana? OH try and stay away from that bad ethanol fuel it causes all kinds of...
23 min ago
compression problem
I have a 1999 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC with 70,000 miles on it.  Have kept the oil changed and well...
by ParryDOwen   5 days ago

I would try to adjust the valves first. You may just be too tight on your valve adjustment. It is...
4 days ago
putting 800 carbs on 1400
can i use the carbs from a 800 on a 1400 if they are the same year 1996 i can not find a rear carb...
by anonymous1   5 days ago

2 anonymous1 thanks
4 days ago
multiple bikes
how can we add multiple bikes to our profile....sorry for such a remedial question just couldn't...
by jeffrsports   1 week ago

Phil it's hard to walk with these bow legs I have. Walking is overrated. I ride everywhere. OH I...
5 days ago
Bike Won't Move with Clutch Handle Engaged
Hey guys, I am going to lay it down how this started and what I've done to get to where I am......
by Suzkuihambone   1 week ago

You little guru you!!!
1 week ago
Watsonian Cambridge sidecar
I have 1996 Honda Goldwing Aspencade GL1500 with a Watsonian Cambridge sidecar. I detached the...
by Cari23   2 weeks ago

Just hack'in around. lol
2 weeks ago
Bike handles poorly on highway
Just in case it not shown as I'm a newbie. Have a 2009 Roadstar 1700.with 40000 kms My problem is...
by Mikej21   2 weeks ago

I had the same issues last summer ...especially with those road seams...would drag the front of the...
2 weeks ago
Hey does anyone know if I can use 2004 v star 1100 classic seats on a 2006?
by DaveRoberts1   3 weeks ago

just a thought may he can try his hand at upholstery and customize his old one, i did one and it...
2 weeks ago
cobra slash cuts
My 97 vt1100 came with a pair of Cobra slash cut mufflers that had been on the bike for only a...
by freebyrd78   3 weeks ago

I have an '03 VT1100C Shadow with the Cobra Slash Cut slip-ons. They're kinda loud, but not too...
2 weeks ago


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