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Long Legs interfere with handlebars
My wife has really long legs 37" inseam. On her VStar 650 when turning the handlebars to the...
by Mikeg56   1 day ago

4 Mikeg56 Thanks Edwins, good advise. Will let you know how it goes.
3 hours ago
V star 1100 not starting
So recently i have done quite a bit to my bike. 10.6 to 1 piston, ultra high lift cams, new 39 mm...
by Rmunroe1025   3 days ago

The front coil is on the left side, the rear is on the right. I know this says owner's manual. A...
3 days ago
Muffler Cleaning Prior to Use?
I've just fitted a pair of Indan Stage 1 mufflers. I keep reading that I need to clean them with...
by Matt01   3 days ago

windex works
10 hours ago
replacement wheels
Has anyone replace their spoked tube wheels for cast tubeless wheels on a 2007 road star 1700?
by JeffGooch   3 days ago

High RPM
Hello Avery one. I got xvs650. And I have some issue, once the bike in gear (No matter which one),...
by George20   5 days ago

Easiest first. 1 Carb needle sticking, run some Sea Foam thru the gas. 2. Vacuum leak. letting in...
4 days ago
Fuel from Drain Line
After the bike started stalling when idle, I noticed fuel coming from under the air filter cover. ...
by Jack16   6 days ago

The floats are stuck. You have some thing keeping the float from shutting the needle valve in the...
5 days ago
getting Google Map routes onto your Garmin
Ok here is something that has been making me grey for a while now. I make a nice route in google...
by vsnetzinger   1 week ago

You lost me at “... something that has been making me grey” .... LOL
1 week ago
I am wanting to add good quality hard saddlebags to my bike. Any suggestions? Has anyone used...
by lhouser   1 week ago

I put Viking bags on my 1100shadow Spirit, and was very happy with the quality of the bags, and the...
1 week ago
Engine top end noise
Engine top end noise.  What would be the most common part failure?
by JohnW1   2 weeks ago

What year model? Is the oil pressure light on?
2 weeks ago
Oil Gushing Out
I ride a 1998 Kawaski Vulcan Classic 800. Barely use it.....only 10.5K miles on it. The other day,...
by Ray21   2 weeks ago

I would just clean the oil out of the air box. and try and see what that does. Sounds like just a...
2 weeks ago


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