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Need advice
I've been riding the last 5yrs and my now 22yr old son wants to get a bike as well. Half of me...
by Spad562   14 hours ago

I probably am the last person who should give advice on this cause I'm short and haven't been...
2 hours ago
Enginge Chasis # vs. VIN # & thier locations?
I'm a newbie. I have researched this topic online, and I can't seem to get a straight forward...
by NurseKelly   1 day ago

My ‘87 Sportster and ‘09 Fat Bob both have 17 character VIN/chassis numbers and 10 character engine...
5 hours ago
2015 m90 driver back rest
HI all, trying to find a non studded driver seat back rest, any ideas or refferals?
by Benster   2 days ago

Try they make backrest and are very inexpensive. I had one on my C50T...
2 days ago
2018 CCC trip
For anyone that is interested this will be the first day fo Vardy ( Peter) ,  Rusty, my nephew) and...
by scruffy   4 days ago

I give up none of them have turned out. I guess Google map can't handle too big a map
12 hours ago
Sissy Bar Caps
Hi fellas. So I want to remove the sissy bar and want to cover the openings where the bar inserts....
by epicazo79   2 weeks ago

rectangle tube inserts,they make then for furniture tubes. what size?
18 hours ago
Cooling liquid
Good Morning. I need to change the coolant on my VT1100. Where is the drain bolt? If you can...
by JULIOMORAES   2 weeks ago

Man, I’ve had 3 VT1100’s and I couldn’t tell you. The coolant was changed....just not by me. My...
2 weeks ago
Paul yaffe originals x-pipes
I've seen these on a 2014 BO but when I go to their site it doesn't show that they make them for...
by GaryGScott   3 weeks ago

Search for Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation on facebook. They have a community page. I'd post your...
2 weeks ago
01 1100 avatar idle screws
Hey guys, I inherited an 01 vstar classic 1100. It sat for about 8 years. I took the carbs off and...
by ERivers2001   3 weeks ago

Quick and simple is in all the way then back out 1 1/2 tuns for a start. This is a very generic...
3 weeks ago
A refresh of riding skills and techniques
I was just riding the Indian to day just a few miles. I found myself doing some bad riding and just...
by scruffy   3 weeks ago

I think that we all could benefit from some car park practice .... Thanks for the link Wayne ......
1 week ago
Holly Crap
Jesus whoever decided to put the transmission drain plug where it is on the Jeep JK should be shot...
by vsnetzinger   3 weeks ago

Those aren't the words I use. I have a whole other vocabulary for those occasions. I have seen...
2 weeks ago


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