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Mustang or Ultimate seats?
Changing the seat on my '06 Stratoliner. I would love to hear from others about which seat would be...
by brentward   17 hours ago

That's a lot of options for a seat(Ultimate). Sounds like you need to check into it. I would if I...
43 min ago
Vs1400 front tyre
Im wondering if a 100/90/19 tyre will work ok rather than the stock 110/90/19 one? Damian
by DamianGardner   3 days ago

It should work very well. It is just a little narrower that is all.
3 days ago
Apes, mini apes???
Kicking the idea around of changing my stock bars out on my 07 vstar 1300. I believe the stock bars...
by Luciano   1 week ago

That's a good analogy Randy, very true. Those are good resources on the topic, thanks for sharing.
4 days ago
Electrifying Developements
As some of you may know, I'm a electronics geek. Over 40 years as a electronics/computer tech...
by Edwins   1 week ago

Going to be like our nuclear waste
2 days ago
New bike
Just picked up an 06 C90T for 4000CDN love it so far. Was wondering if anyone has anything I should...
by Wes115   2 weeks ago

Same here Edwin. A payrise from my superannuation fund would be nice.
1 week ago
Frustrating VS 1400 Intruder
Hello All, Here is the situation the best way I can explain it. My brother bought a 1999 Suzuki...
by Waychild   3 weeks ago

Edwin's. You are a little guru!!!!!!
3 weeks ago
Vibration over 80 mph
Got a 2013 bought it last year, ever since I got it as soon I bit 80 mph can feel a vibration right...
by Miguelpenalver   3 weeks ago

Very first thing, do an oil change. Why? Low or to thick of a oil can cause engine vibration. Make...
3 weeks ago
Starting Help Plzzz
Ok hello y'all, I just bought my first bike three days ago. I met the guy and drove it home about...
by Bronson2   3 weeks ago

Fantastic! Now go over everything else. Replace your brake fluid. Check the age of your tires....
2 weeks ago
No power, bike won't turn on and circuit breaker is clicking
2001 Electra glide ultra classic with new speakers, extra tweaters and new head unit installed...
by Jacob6   3 weeks ago

Okay, If you get a short it causes excessive current flow to ground and trips the breaker. Try...
3 weeks ago
The Perfect Ride
I've just put out my latest short story, check out the link for the full post, and here's a snippet...
by Dimitra   4 weeks ago

Thanks guys, need more riding for more inspiration now
2 weeks ago


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