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I was wondering if someone could tell me what a comfortable top speed is on the fury,how fast on...
by Krog1971   3 days ago

Yessiree! The 80mph indicated speed limit is “advisory” only LOL !!!
1 day ago
V-Star 650 will not start
I have a 1999 Yamaha V Star 650 classic and it has been running fine, but when I took it out the...
by DonJackson   4 days ago

Don, sounds like the fuel pump went south. I would change the fuel filter first. It is located...
3 days ago
clutch lever problem 05 Boulvard C90
 . I had an issue with the clutch lever that became loose and not grabbing after I rode the bike (...
by Hassan007   1 week ago

The oil you use and it's level are major players here. Automotive oil contains friction inhibitors...
1 week ago
Yamaha Roadstar 1700 stock pipes bracket missing :(
Greetings, I have Yamaha Roadstar 1700 05`. Recently I have downgraded from my V&H shorts...
by ddiinnos   1 week ago

4 ddiinnos OMG that`s it! Thank you sooo much mate!
1 week ago
battery drainage
i have a 2006 yamaha roadstar silverado i have replaced the stator and voltage regulator on it even...
by ArnieRios   1 week ago

Good work Edwin.
1 week ago
Lean angle -Drag bits
I currently own a 2013 V star 950.  I find that i often drag the floorboards, especially when...
by Shawn20   1 week ago

Sorry 'bout that. Okay, lean angle is a basket of snakes. Static lean angle means tilting the bike...
1 week ago
Reg vs Premium gas
I bought a 2003 VS800 Intruder and have had mixed recommendations on rather I should use regular...
by Deplorable86   1 week ago

reg vs prem---------price
1 week ago
Will 2006 C90 back rest and rack fit on a 2010 M90?
Hey all, just purchased a 2010 M90 and have a friend with a 2006 C90. I want to installl a back...
by ScottTaylor1   2 weeks ago

Scott, I would be measuring the bolt spacing on both bikes if they are the same or similar then...
1 week ago
Fix old gas tank or buy new
I'm trying to get my bike back on the road but the tank looks like there is a science project going...
by Adam17   2 weeks ago

The year of the bike is 1999. Looks like I'll give the steel shot and kerosene a try. Is there a...
1 week ago
Rear tire
I gone replace the rear tire , actually is 150/80-16 I want to replace for more wide tire maybe 200...
by Jose14   2 weeks ago

My experience with rear tires is limited but I know you need to be careful with turn signal wires...
2 weeks ago


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