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A good man is gone.
Cyril will be missed.
by Edwins   1 year ago

New laws about emissions in EU for 2017...
by GertNL   2 years ago

The ancient man was going to die any way. Hell, most of the modern men I knew when growing up are...
1 year ago
For those of Faith... For those of you who are...
by Roweanne143   3 years ago

America needs to repent of all the innocent babies murdered in abortion clinics, there innocent...
4 months ago
News for our Australian friends
Some interesting good news for a change.
by Edwins   3 years ago

I enjoy, lead to I discovered exactlyy what I was looking for. Yoou have ended my four daay ong...
3 years ago
LEMMY,  Thanks for being a torch of light in my f$$#%@ up life, RIP and I will see you soon where...
by BikerNurse   3 years ago

BikerNurse Lemmy's Funeral Live...
3 years ago
Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Walk Into A Bar
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump walk into a bar and grab a booth. Donald leans over, and with a...
by BikerAnimal   3 years ago

6 wasteddaze 2012 gov website there are 100 million more firearms than vehicles in the United States 9000...
2 years ago
The changing times
I just heard from my neighbor that her child was sent home from school with a 5 day suspension...
by vsnetzinger   3 years ago

ha,id trade one of mine for a set of kury grips edwin
3 years ago
Pending legislation.
Riders Political Action Committee news.
by Edwins   3 years ago

2 BikerAnimal Thanks for posting that Edwins; good information to know.
3 years ago
is the flag/bike pic contest going to be politically correct
we seem to be having a problem in our country about an old flag, that being the ole confederate...
by triumphin   4 years ago

as to hotbed topics there are always 2 sides of the issue. And when you try to understand both...
4 years ago
Political Correctness MUST END!
Blair, your statement is the crux of the problem. In the States, it has been called "political...
by oxjaw   4 years ago

No Doubt BikerAnimal! Out of control is an understatement. The rebel flag has no meaning to me. I...
3 years ago


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