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99 Ultra Classic TC88 EFI to carb
After pulling my hair out over the Magnetic Morelli, I’ve decided to convert to carburetor. I’ve...
by littlemike777   6 hours ago

Rear shock
Can anyone tell me how I can replace the rear shock. I recently noticed an oil dripping near my...
by Ed11114   3 days ago

First, consider if you have the tools for the job. If not, think about what you are lacking and the...
1 day ago
Will toe/heel shifter from VS1500 fit a VS1400GLP?
Does anyone know if a toe/heel shifter mechanism for a VS1500 will fit a 2000 VS1400GLP Intruder? ...
by jgayman   2 weeks ago

2 jgayman Thanks! I think I'm going to do just that. Hopefully the worst case is I'll need to fabricate a...
1 week ago
purchased a 1995 virago 1100 exhaust help
just bought a 1995 yamaha virago 1100 a month ago and one of the previous owners thought it would...
by JoshuaHerron   2 weeks ago

Edwins Watch the removal and then reverse the steps to...
1 week ago
Final gearcase bolts
Cant find a final gearcase mounting bolt. Does anyone know what the specs are? I read in my manual...
by Yamacam   3 weeks ago

4 Mikewu this is metric bolt M10 L:40mm , half screw
6 days ago
looking for info on fuel line setup
Hi guys! I have a 1999 Intruder 800 and just rebuilt the carbs (see my profile for more on this)...
by charliedominici   1 month ago

Welcome to the site from Kansas City.
1 month ago
650 vstar classic engine rebuild
I have been told I need a motor. It has a really loud rod knock. Adjusting my valves is about as...
by Bnsfna   1 month ago

Have you considered replacing it? Example:
1 month ago
Couple wires left
ok guys sonim almost done putting my bike back togethor slowly but surely and i have a couple...
by viragobobber   2 months ago

6 viragobobber Ok i figured out what the mystery wire goes to loo the oil level sensor. Now i just have to read...
1 month ago
hey guys new to the group and building bikes!ive got a 1990 yamaha virago 1100 that i just replaced...
by viragobobber   2 months ago

9 viragobobber Will do thank you for your help!
2 months ago
VStar 1100 driving me crazy new turn signal
put turn signal on red wire, black and black with strip. tring to plug into colors in headlight....
by RFSRay   3 months ago

Wire Colors in Headlight Bucket Yellow = High Beam Hot Green = Low Beam...
3 months ago


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