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Mini Ape hangers(ImaNewbie)
Hi, im Max, i am a new rider to the streets, been riding dirt bikes since i was 12 years old. Okay...
by MaxPwr91   1 week ago

ebay the barons
6 days ago
2007 Vstar 1100 classic Turn Signals
Seeking a lot of help here. One of my indicator/turn signals on my light bar is burnt out. The...
by GRVSTAR1992   3 weeks ago

sorry fingers are 2 key wide need some pics
2 weeks ago
One year this week no start !
My 2005 yamaha roadstar silverado is a nice bike. But last summer i put a fuel pump when it stoped...
by calabro55   4 weeks ago

Scruffy has a point. There is a switch on the kickstand which will prevent it starting. I hope...
3 weeks ago
windshield bags
I just bought a windshield bag and am not sure how to install, so I thought I'd ask before I waste...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

When you mention Grenada, people think of a Ford.
1 month ago
Gasket leak
A few years ago I changed my clutch out.  The gasket and case looked real good.  So I just replaced...
by USDSUQ   2 months ago

Guys I think I found the problem. See photo.
2 months ago
Cobra Fatty Highway Bars for my M90 Boulevard
I was told by a tech at Motorcycle Superstore that the C90 and M90 use the same frame so the bars I...
by arcare00   5 months ago

I have no specific knowledge about your bike, but the ones I got; and I really believe they are all...
2 months ago
cam chain timing
Hey guys.   guy brought me an 06 v star 1100 classic. i've changed at least 2 dozen sprag clutches...
by Mb460   6 months ago

Okay MB, this came up a short while ago. Here's the post. Look it over and give us your thoughts....
6 months ago
rear tire
I live in a small town with few motorcycle ammenites.  So I went online and purchased a rear tire...
by Hali1   7 months ago

Take it into a motorcycle shop bette for you and your rim
6 months ago
replacing broken cam gear
I have a 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Silverado , bought new had 1 mi. on it since then I've put 106,000...
by Jerry18   8 months ago

According to Chapter 4, you wire the timing chain so it doesn't fall into the crankcase and pull...
8 months ago
Amp Draw Yamaha Haligon Passing Lamps
What is the amp draw on the Yamaha Haligon Passing Lamps ???? I have mine on a seperate circut,...
by DavidHeier   9 months ago

mine are 55 watt x2 and i pigtailed them off of the signal lights power so what ever the signal...
8 months ago


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