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Installing A Triple Play Module from Custom Dynamics
Hey everyone I have recently converted my v-star 1100 classic over to LED lights and I put red...
by sergeant54   6 days ago

Edwins Seepage 417http://www....
5 days ago
Fairing installation
Hey everyone, I recently purchased a fairing for my 1100 off of ebay. It's looks identical to the...
by dollarbillxxx   2 weeks ago

Hope you get things together. I really like my faring. It really keeps the wind off your arms and...
2 weeks ago
Ok, so last year I replaced the stator, worked good for 1 yr, stopped charging, so I replaced the...
by BradR44   2 months ago

Alright, thank you for the help, I'm going to try and troubleshoot it this weekend
2 months ago
Headlight cowl or fairing
Can you mount a vstream windshield without having a front cowl or lamp cover
by DerrickStiggers   3 months ago

I haven't seen one made specifically made to use without the cowl however, looking at this one it...
3 months ago
Loudest Plug & Play Horn
I absolutely need to replace the Road Runer (meep-meep)  horn on my 2014 V-Star 1300 Deluxe. What's...
by M2311   5 months ago

I went full noise with my new 17 inch Chrome Truck Air Horn - the bored motorists get out of my way...
1 month ago
C90t boss saddle bags
I'm looking to add a luggage rack to my 2013 c90t boss. Can anyone tell me where to obtain the...
by Chas257   5 months ago

2 Chas257 Thanks Edwin , the bolt heads are actually 5mm Allen heads. The previous owner had rounded them so...
5 months ago
Replacing rear break pad on Intruder 1400
Hello, Does anyone know where I could find instruction on how to replace intruder 1400 rear break...
by SimonKhin   6 months ago

Just pull the pins and replace the pads. You may have to push the pistons back a ways. All you need...
6 months ago
I put 12 inch apes on my ultra now I have no button control on the left side checked wires...
by Glideman006   6 months ago

You need a VOLT - OHM meter to check for voltage and continuity like Edwins says. Things can look...
6 months ago
Should I take the baffles out of my cobra pipes on my V-Star 650?
by Cooper2   6 months ago

3 brad115 you need some back pressure, or the valves get red hot ,blue up your pipes and over heat your...
6 months ago
Changing Tires - Help me guys.
So I bought a Harbor Frieght tire changer with the motorcycle attachment, but took it back because...
by USDSUQ   7 months ago

i made a tire changer out of car rims , work good
6 months ago


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