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2004 V-Star 1100 Classic Charging Issues
Hi, can anyone tell me what is causing all the fire to keep draining from my battery while im...
by Johnnie69   3 weeks ago

Stator or Regulator. Start with regulator cheaper. Regulator (Original Manufacturers will be a lot...
3 weeks ago
Strange engine noise.
So I just got a 1998 intruder vs. 1400. And it runs great. Except for when you start to take off it...
by Shane9   1 month ago

I would still check the spark plugs or replace them. Just a little rust on the electrode will make...
1 month ago
Smoked turn signals
So I just got into a huge discussion with a guy at Jiffy Lube about how fine it is to pass a...
by Jeremy15   1 month ago

1 month ago
Yamaha xvs1100 Battery overcharging problem
So a few weeks ago i was on a ride with my brother and as we were sitting at a stop light at the...
by VetRider   4 months ago

Thank you, i will look into the stator and the ground connections. Ill report back if anything...
4 months ago
Plug near ecu
Hi, I need some help, my m109r from 2008, has on the left side near ecu some plugs. In the white...
by Vzr1800   4 months ago

one of the plugs is for data.
4 months ago
Idle very high at stops except when in neutral (V Star 1100)
Hi, my 2007 V Star 1100 is idling high at stops, especially after highway driving.  When I kick it...
by Goatzilla   11 months ago

5 Goatzilla Thanks. I actually added Seafoam and it fixed the problem. Saved a whole bunch of money and hassle
5 months ago
Power Loss when riding
Hello, I have a 1989 Honda Shadow 1100. The bike runs and idles fine but a mile down the road the...
by Coby1   11 months ago

8 PaulBarton Runs fine for 15 miles and dies, have to wait one hour to restart, another 15 miles, same thing
11 months ago
Engine misfire/backfires
2004 Honda Sabre.1100 engine started to cut out like it was running out of fuel, backfired. Filled...
by DarrellSoli   1 year ago

Outstanding. Glad you'll be back up and running soon.
1 year ago
Profile pic
Hi there ! Not that it matter much, but , lately my profile pic does not show when posting on the (...
by arildbt   1 year ago

Everyone has to have a go at being ugly. I've had heaps of go's.
1 year ago
Can't post photos
Hmmmm.... I know I haven't been around here much, but the few times I've tried to share pics by...
by Dimitra   1 year ago

Thanks for all the advice, bugger to have to maintain another site (YouTube) but if I don't have...
1 year ago


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