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Fuel system purging
What is the best fuel system additive to clean the fuel system with?
by Michael99   3 days ago

Try Seafoam.
2 days ago
M109 idle issue
I recently traded my boulevard m90 for the m109 boss. The bike idles below 1000rpm.  I took it back...
by Mayhem24   5 days ago

How about the air filter? How long since it was cleaned/replaced?
4 hours ago
Bike Trouble
Hi. I’m having some issues with my bike. I recently bought it from a guy who told me the bike sat...
by John179   1 month ago

sounds like a vacuum leak at the front cyl. You need to rebuild the front carb or at least fatten...
3 weeks ago
Vstar 650 right doesn't work when wheel is turn to right
Hey guys, First time on the forum so I apologize if this has been discussed, but I couldn't find...
by Luckstar   1 month ago

Welcome to the site...wish I could help... you're in good hands with Edwin...he's the pro...Just...
1 month ago
blinkers quirky
Hey New here so I 'll make it quick. A couple of things my blinkers one side really fast other side...
by AlanGiacullo   2 months ago

I'm in Pasco so if you would like to meet up send me a message. I have relatives in Battle Ground.
1 month ago
Bike out of Storage, won't shift into gear
I hate to admit it, but my VS800 has been in storage for about two years.  I got it running today...
by Chris75   4 months ago

You may have to rock it for a while . The shaft may move but not the shift rail. https://www....
4 months ago
Need help guys
So I just bought my first bike it's a 1997 Suzuki marauder 800 bobber and I ordered a speedometer...
by Dusty19   5 months ago

BOX ASSY, SPEEDOMETER GEAR 54600-27A12 $74.28 This one is for your bike 1997 Marudar BOX ASSY,...
5 months ago
Clutch engages at the very end of lever.
Hello, new clutch within a year and new fluid. Wondering how to get the clutch to engage before the...
by Cameron7   5 months ago

2 Cameron7 It is hydraulic. That being said with a newer clutch that doesn’t slip do I need to bleed it to...
5 months ago
Turn signal button wont work.
my turn signals wont start when i press the button on both leftt and right side. But when the alarm...
by Arnt1   10 months ago

I have old timers. Can't remember up from down
10 months ago
Blown headlight fuse issue
Not long after I tore apart the real to make and replace my sissy bar I've been constantly blowing...
by Andrew17   11 months ago

Sounds like you accidentally shorted the wiring while working on the sissy bar. I'd remove the...
11 months ago


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