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No spark issue!!!
So my 01 v star 650 is not getting any spark. The spark plug boots are getting a constant 12v but...
by CoreySmith   1 day ago

Ok so cleaned the battery ground and im getting about .7 more volts initially in the spark wire and...
1 day ago
Bike just died
Hello everyone, I'm a recent new owner of a honda 1300 vtx. I'm not a big bike guy, this is my...
by Lukyfukr   2 days ago

In regards to your battery, our VTXs are quite prone to stumbling if your battery is weak or if the...
3 hours ago
1988 Virago valve cover gasket replacement
Hi everyone, I have a slow oil leak that I've narrowed down to the valve covers on the rear...
by ConnorMoody   3 days ago

There are several o-rings under different covers on the head. With the tank off, it would be easier...
3 days ago
Bike won't constantly start
So I bought my bike two years ago now, and I've been constantly having starting issues. I had the...
by TerryHiatt   4 days ago

fuel filter (under the seat) add some seafoam and see what happens, check the plugs,
4 days ago
09 C50 Boulevard display issues
So my display doesn't work. My battery and fuses are good. Anyone know how else I should...
by Sophia9907   6 days ago

I had a C50 2005 it also had this issue. I cleaned the ground wires and neg battery cable. The...
5 days ago
Headlight won't work and I can't find the fuse for the headlight on my 2002 vtx 1800c
by RobertBustos   1 week ago

Download and save. See Page 88
1 week ago
Bike wont go into neutral
This just started happening not to long ago. Everytime I get going it's easy to find neutral, after...
by Justin13   1 week ago

2 Justin13 I'll try tonight when I go for a cruise. Last month I did the oil change. Very recent
1 week ago
Oil leak coming from crankcase top right plug
I've noticed a small amount of oil on my crankcase cover, I've traced it back to the top right plug...
by Justin13   1 week ago

This will help. Make a new file on your desktop call it motorcycle stuff or something similar. lol...
1 week ago
Vstar 650 struggles to turn on
I've been having troubles with starting my vstar. It has a new battery. It cranks and turns on but...
by Justin13   1 week ago

Vs1400 blowing air out of compression release
I own a 1996 Suzuki Intruder vs 1400 it has been a very great bike I've had no issues whatsoever...
by Josh15   1 week ago

Read this.
1 week ago


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