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2003 vstar 1100
Okay so my friend bought a vstar 1100 and right by the front exhaust pipe where it bolts to the v...
by CaitlynLeanneBr   2 days ago

Good pick Edwins. Check the pipe for holes which may have rubbed against the cyl. or the hose...
20 hours ago
2002 V Star 1100 Engine Stalls/Dies when warm/hot-riding
My 2002 Yamaha VStar with only 1025 miles, (stored for 9 years), stalls out after riding for 6 -7...
by cvs2002   1 week ago

You have to take off carb and put hole openings through carb inlet and elbow. I cut off half the...
4 days ago
New to me 02 vstar 1100 jetting question?
    Ok a quick overview is I found it on a Facebook sales page for $800, it wouldn't do anything so...
by Ccctakacs   1 week ago

Go to Photos in the main screen, when you click on photos you can find "add a picture", click on...
1 week ago
still dead
Nothing when turning on the ignition    I thought I had found the reason my 03 1400 went dead after...
by trackfodder   2 weeks ago

Same trouble on 2004 vs1400. Tomorrow I will check the connection from the ground cable that runs...
1 week ago
1997 Suzuki intruder 800 clutch problems
Replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder and bled the system and have no clutch pressure....
by BrianBoggess   2 weeks ago

I knew I has this saved somewhere. Get some big plastic trash bags and tape to cover parts of the...
1 week ago
Power Commander 5
I've just purchased a 2010 Road Star 1700 S and she has a PC5, Cobra Speedstar Slashdowns and a K...
by James52   3 weeks ago

Before doing that, downoad this.
1 week ago
yamaha 1700 cc FInjected - Hiccups when accelerating
Anyone else had this problem?  Just bought a new 2009 Roadstar 1700.  Love the bike, but for one...
by NormH   3 weeks ago

Edwins Run the diagnocics. Chapter 6,...
1 week ago
Ok, I have a 2003 vstar 1100 that I'm replacing the starter clutch on. Now I've got it together...
by Matcc304   4 weeks ago

USDSUQ The above website seem to know...
3 weeks ago
engine quits in the rain
got a 2004 Shadow 1100c with 15,000 miles on it.  When it rains the engine bogs down and stops.  It...
by nagidam   1 month ago

Yeah I'd have to suggest water ingress in the air box as well as mentioned remove and inspect for...
3 weeks ago
Shifting into gear.....
I rode my new purchase, 2008 Boulevard M 50 with 5100 miles, and it sat for a couple of days. I...
by KevinC   1 month ago

2 KevinC Thanks, Paintcan......on my way to check it.
1 month ago


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