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Synchronizing carbs
hi guys, I have a 2003 Suzuki marauder, I rebuilt both carbs and I’m about to sync the carbs. My...
by Mac1008   2 hours ago

see if this works
1 hour ago
Bike keeps cutting off
Hey guys! I’m a new motorcyclist got my first bike about 2 months ago. Anyways the bike has been...
by Miatastarr   2 days ago

*Update So I had a gut feeling the pilot jet was clogged, I figured why the heck not, gotta learn...
8 hours ago
Carborator gas overflow
Have a 2004 roadstar with 15000 mile. Having problems with carborator spitting gas while running...
by Cjd0359   3 days ago

Spitting gas from where?
3 days ago
Oil drain plug
What is the reason for the Phillips screw head in the middle of the oil drain bolt. Does it need to...
by DavidEnglert   2 weeks ago

I would think it's to speed up removal and tightening when you if you don't a socket wrench. It...
1 week ago
Bike shut off
When riding the other day day the bike shut down. I have engine code 12 and 15 flashing which I...
by MarkStory   2 weeks ago

Edwins Chapter 8, Page 34....
2 weeks ago
New Carburetor assembly for 1100 V-Star
Hi Guys, I have a 2000 - Yamaha 1100 V-Star Custom. I bought the motorcycle secondhand. It had...
by OtnielDeonicio   3 weeks ago

2000 2009https://www....
3 weeks ago
Fuse problems, V-star 650
I have an '03 Vstar 650 and its run perfectly. However, 2 nights ago the fuse to my headlights blew...
by Skingthree   3 weeks ago

2 Skingthree I'll see about this tomorrow. Thanks .
3 weeks ago
Oil dipstick
So i just found out that to check the oil level you literally have tofind creative ways to do your...
by coolbreeze   3 weeks ago

Thanks for the info i will search for a safe jack stand.
2 weeks ago
1999 FLHTCUI engine light
New member here, newbie to Harley touring. I have a 99 FLHTCUI 88 twin cam. I dropped it the other...
by littlemike777   1 month ago

I pulled the codes 35 “tachometer” and 56 “camshaft position sensor or crankshaft position sensor...
1 month ago
vstar 1100 battery killer
recently bought my third vstar. its 01 vstar classic 1100. i have the twin to it and a 650. Never...
by cold83   1 month ago

I love it when a plan comes
1 month ago


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