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Turn signal malfunction
I put led lights on front and rear of my 2002 VTX 1800C. My front and rear running lights go on but...
by jcabello   6 days ago

Edwins Scroll down to the...
6 days ago
Seeping oil on front cylinder
Picking up a 98 marauder this week. It seeps oil around and above the valve cover gasket on the...
by Iowaboy   6 days ago

HI Your engine has several places where it can leak oil. There are two inspection covers and the...
6 days ago
Removing the ignition coils from 1100c2
I need to replace my thermostat and i cannot figure out how to remove the back bolts from the...
by Shadowcma   1 week ago

4 Shadowcma Thanks. I ended up turning the coils sideways so the rear faced to the outside and then I could get...
6 days ago
Bike runs rough
Hello There: I recently had an unfortunate incident where I knocked my bike over (2008 1100 V-Star...
by jsdmd   1 week ago

2 jsdmd No I haven't, that gives me one more thing to check. Thanks!
1 week ago
Not charging
I have a 2002 Yamaha vstar classic I have put 2 stators in first one went about 200 hundred miles...
by Lilaa   1 week ago

2 tilley Did you use a oem stator?
1 week ago
Bike shut off while riding. Now no start no crank
Sorry if this turns into a lengthy post. I'm by no means a electrical genius but I'll post what I...
by TravisMcClung   2 weeks ago

Thanks. I will check it when I get a free moment.
2 weeks ago
AIS rehashed
I know this subject (among Star owners) has been long debated and beaten to death but now I need...
by Gordo0000   2 weeks ago

I have a bag of each type of the caps. LOL. Yes, it works and is reversible. Just having a senior...
2 weeks ago
R1200C Rear tire
I am needing a rear tire on my 2000 R1200C. On it now is a ME880 Marathon MBS 170/80 B15 M/C 77H....
by JimVanBuskirk   3 weeks ago

eynstyn zoom in they look like...
3 weeks ago
Learning basic maintenance
I just bought my first bike ever this month and was wondering what all basic or main parts of...
by WesleyTran   3 weeks ago

I personally recommend this book by Mark Zimmerman "The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance."
2 weeks ago
I have an 08 vulcan 900 custom and when i gas the throttle it cuts out and doesnt want to run. Ive...
by Jared2   3 weeks ago

You might want to check the fuel pump pressure . It should be 50+ while running. If you have not...
3 weeks ago


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