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New guy needs help!!! 2002 1100 V-Star Classic
I need to take the front cylinder head off this bike. I can't find any manuals that explain how to...
by ZKphoto   1 week ago

What is wrong that you think you need to remove the head?
1 week ago
Battery trouble
Left the key on like an idiot and killed the battery. Jumped it with a power box someone in the...
by MatthewGreenhal   2 weeks ago

5 Gracielou Hi Matthew, Sorry to hear that you are having battery trouble. Although your battery is two months...
2 weeks ago
Down shifting then holding clutch in makes bike spudder and turn o
While coming to a stop I downshift like normal and the bike will do fine until I hold the clutch in...
by RussellHayes   3 weeks ago

Really don't know. But I would make sure the idle is adjusted to 1100-1200 RPMs.
3 weeks ago
Suzuki 1500 LC speedo problems
My speedometer works and the idiot lights work but the odometer and fuel gauge are blurred out....
by RodsLC   3 weeks ago

3 RodsLC Allen I am starting to head that direction. All of the warning lights work including the low fuel....
3 weeks ago
Check all your bolts
Interesting thing today. For the past month I have been smelling something strange on my bike. I...
by vsnetzinger   3 weeks ago

This is also why you should check your bolts.
5 days ago
Best motor oil?
Just bought an 08 C109rt . What is the best motor oil to use?
by zeus109   3 weeks ago

3 zeus109 Thanks for the help fellas decided to go with Suzuki brand full synthetic Stay Safe thanks again
3 weeks ago
Air filters
Where are my air filters located?
by JacobWill   3 weeks ago

New guy lookong for help 06 vstar 1100 classic
Alright guys to be honest im a little heart broken. I bought an 06 vstar 1100 classic 3 days ago....
by Fatmike42721   4 weeks ago

Turns out i had 3 broken teeth in the ring and the pinion looked like it had veen through a wood...
2 weeks ago
electrical problem
J ust bought a 2001 vs800 two weeks ago. Runs great but sometimes when I push the ignition switch...
by donnieduree   4 weeks ago

Sounds like an intermittent short in the ignition switch. If you can jumper the switch when the...
4 weeks ago
Oil leak from valve cover breather hose to air filter
My 2006 Yamaha road star 1700 is draining lots of oil through the valve cover breather hose that...
by ramosagustin1   1 month ago

Edwins Get a leak down test and a...
1 month ago


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