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Vstar 1100 possible ecu/cdi box failure
If I get on the freeway and go 65 or more mph for more than 10 miles I will get a cutting out of...
by spldart   23 hours ago

I don't know of a way a home mechanic can test a ECU except by swapping it with a known good unit...
15 hours ago
Hi, I would like to know if someone has or had this problem. The CDI of my Valkyrie lost part of...
by Luis8   1 day ago

Starter button clicks and dims lights, push start no problem
Probably a simple problem:  -- Bright lights with ignition key -- Starter button clicks once and...
by mgarelick   3 days ago

starter is done
3 days ago
constant hesitation or "jerky-ness"
2006 Shadow Spirit VT1100c. Orig owner rode 1200 miles then parked it indoors for 10 years. I got...
by David1100   3 days ago

Help!!!! Cannot diagnose problem
Hello Folks, I have spent the last week trying to diagnose the problem with my 96 vt1100c. We took...
by MikeShockency   4 days ago

You may need to double check the fuel pump. It should be getting 12 volts. IF not you can just...
2 days ago
C109R gearbox troubles
Hi, new on this site so if there is a thresd relating to this, your help and direction would be...
by krswetzel   5 days ago

2nd gear issues. and C109's and M109's...
4 days ago
Poor Gas Mileage
I have a 2000 Suzuki 1500lc intruder and i am having problems with poor milage it sounds like it is...
by BozoQ1   6 days ago

Carbon build up means it's running rich.. Could be wrong float level or stuck float, improper...
14 hours ago
Can’t get my bike started
Hello all I just bought a 2013 Honda shadow phantom with on 4400 miles. It sat for two years...
by Faron   1 week ago

The next step is to make sure you have spark at the plugs. Pulled this from my manual stash.https...
1 week ago
Replacement Drive Belt for 2013 V Star XVS950A
I got a nasty big stone stuck in my belt and it needs replacing. OEM is pretty expensive and I was...
by WhiteVStar   1 week ago

Thank you.
6 days ago
Turn signal issues
Hello all. I 'd sure appreciate some help to figure out what's up with my turn signals on my 1989...
by FaintSignal   1 week ago



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