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couldn't upload a pic like I have always done
Hi all, Suspect the system here may be failing. Just heard from one of our new Finland members of...
by triumphin   1 week ago

I remember the 50's and some of the 60's
5 days ago
Ticking Valkyrie
I know there are some very knowledgeable and experienced Valkyrie owners on this site. Last summer...
by lendirk   3 weeks ago

You may need to adjust the valves. Once that is done and the ticking still is audible you may need...
3 weeks ago
Suzuki Intruder Impossible Battery Places
Hello Everyone. If you have a Suzuki Intruder 800, have you tried to remove the battery? Have you...
by MarioSaenz   3 weeks ago

Thank you, Wayne. I'll try to post a photo of the damaged area. I am not sure I have described it...
1 week ago
Oil in airbox
I recently got my bike back from a guy that was working on it. I took it for a short ride and...
by Halley1   4 weeks ago

Which one is getting the oil?
3 weeks ago
1998 1600 vs 2005 1700 valve clearances
Does anyone know how the valve clearances compare? I have an '05 1700 but a '98 1600 service manual...
by Mitchell3   4 weeks ago

Thanks again
3 weeks ago
wiring harness issue
i just bought a 1994 vs 800 intruder suzuki that has been butcher in wiring dept. need to know if...
by chickie   1 month ago

The harness has the same part # from 1994-2003. The Intruder turned into the Vlousia in 2005 when...
4 weeks ago
fuel filter location
Hi guys and girls, not my main ride but bought 2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia 805cc.My problem is it...
by RobertBagwell1   1 month ago

4 weeks ago
Help required with locating parts for M90 2010 model VZ1500
Hi, new to this forum as I have purchased a damaged m90 2010 model with only 3000km. Looking for...
by mykool   1 month ago

1 month ago
Weird exhaust sound/choke problems Help!!
I have a 2001 intruder 800 and I'm having 2 major problems with it. For one I usually have to...
by PhillipCarrillo   1 month ago

Run a little Sea-foam through the fuel system. Change the fuel filter if it has not been done in...
1 month ago
shift display going haywire
2013 C90T experiencing some 'missing' during shifting. Installed new plugs and air filter. when...
by Cliffowler   1 month ago

If the sensor has too much iron build up on the tip it will give a false reading. I have cleaned...
1 month ago


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