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Owner's Manual Stuff
Just picked up an '09 M50. 9,000 miles. Big surprise - no Owner's Manual.  Hard to believe Suzuki...
by Bakeys   3 days ago

2 Bakeys Big help so far, Edwin! Thank you!
2 days ago
Fuel pump
Yamaha dealership says I need a new fuel pump. From them they are about $300 from Ebay or Amazon...
by Mitch5   1 week ago

funny i was just thinking about mine,(it still works but i like to be prepared to spend the cash)...
6 days ago
No compression
I have a RoadStar 1700 from 2005 and the mechanic tells me that it has no compression. Someone...
by Guicarnu   1 week ago

How did he determine this? Does the bike start easily and is it ride-able? Yes, it is possible this...
1 week ago
Need help with codes
I have a 09 electra glide standard. Get these codes Pn68890-07 Pn67349-08 Pn32836-09 C1032 Does...
by Jonday   3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Infernal turn signals
Hey folks, Any idea why my turn signals won't work? When I turn the bike on, the front turn...
by DrewA   3 weeks ago

First, you have to know which one you have. TSMlTSSMlHFSM GENERAL The turn signal module (TSM) has...
3 weeks ago
Lost Keys, no key codes available
I had one working ignition key & I believe my grandson accidently lost it. I purchased the bike...
by Troubles60   1 month ago

why not hide it down in behind the engine. im sure there will be questions of why do you have a...
4 weeks ago
Starter problems
Hi I have a motorini 125cc sxr on a 2017 model the bike has been running great with no issues...
by D1shay   1 month ago

These are for older models but, the basics still apply. Start by reading pages 25 and 26 of the...
1 month ago
Should there be fluid?????
Hi, I’m new to owning a motorcycle so when it comes to problems I’m scared of it being a major deal...
by Kyle19   1 month ago

Please include the year of your bike.
1 month ago
1400 Intruder Charging System No Load Test
Fitted a new battery to my 1995 1400 Intruder and upon testing the charging system I discovered...
by AndreDrozd   1 month ago

Read thru this. From...
1 month ago
Need new Wheels for 01 R1200C
Good day, I have a 2001 R1200C in need of new wheels. The spokes are rusted beyond repair and they...
by Sparks1   1 month ago

Edwins Scroll down to similar items and have a look. New oem...
1 month ago


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