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V-Star 650 custom (2014) charging problem
Hi everyone! I just joined CCC & hope that someone can help out with some advice or info. My '...
by Kellystar   1 day ago

Not normal to have that much drop from one set of lights. You're not getting full charging voltage...
13 hours ago
Fuse problems
Hey have a 2004 Honda shadow sabre when I come to a stop the bike dies and blows the ignition fuse...
by Morgan2   4 days ago

Ignition system has a short. Check connections at ignition modual, coils, and ignition switch, and...
3 days ago
No torque power in takeoff.
I don't feel the power so much when I throttle up, and that is from takeoff to givin it the gun in...
by RandyNielsen   1 week ago

Edwins is correct as first look even though two plugs per cyl. Ign. timing is pretty bulletproof,...
5 hours ago
Suzuki Intruder 250 workshop manual pdf
I have owned my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 250  for 6 months & need a workshop manual pdf to help me...
by peterwarke   2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, I haven't come across any freebies on this one. Most of the so-called free downloads...
2 weeks ago
Brake Bleeding
I am replacing my brake lines.  The rear went well.  The front dosen't seem to be working.  The...
by USDSUQ   3 weeks ago

I love it when a plan comes together. LOL Somewhere I saw an add for a one man brake bleeder which...
3 weeks ago
Mussy front brake on 03 RoadKing
I have had my bike serviced and my front brake does not grab till the lever is half the way in, I...
by Mike118   1 month ago

3 Mike118 Thx for your help I will let you know how I make out
1 month ago
Hello The other day I was riding my bike and it was running well but today I started it up to go...
by topper22   1 month ago

If it's not down, check the switch. Part Number 27010-1352
1 month ago
2003 suzuki intruder vs800 fork seals
i am getting ready to tackle replacing the fork seals on my suzuki intruder vs800gl  , and i was...
by klbhferis   1 month ago

Here's a bit.(lol) Do not click the Green download button. Click the word Download a bit futher...
1 month ago
Charging problem
i have a 2004 roadstar and it will only run with jumper cables on.....does anyone know what causes...
by poohtamus   1 month ago

Get a Volt ohm meter and test the Stator output. Then the voltage output of the rectifier at the...
1 month ago
VL1500 Snap clatter clatter clatter
Just joined and looking for wisdom. Was about to buy VL1500 from son when he took it for a ride and...
by Tractorbiker   1 month ago

From another forum I visit. The following quote: "I still own my 2K 1500LC. In my opinion, the best...
1 month ago


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