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trying to find sissy bar, mount, and back rest pad.. I have the 07' boulevard S83 1400 Intruder. It...
by madmex54   1 month ago

You would need the K4 version seat and sissybar. The K5/6/7 had the one piece. In looking at the...
1 month ago
2010 v star 950 shifter
Hello, First of all thank you for any and all help with the following question. Keep in mind my...
by Scott45   2 months ago

Just buy her some extra large boots.
2 months ago
Fuel line re-route
Re-routed my fuel line, and also got chrome tappet block covers for my 50th birthday.  Thanks to...
by Oldschoolpaulie   2 months ago

Good to see you back on the site. Bike just keeps getting better. Glad you got the rear drive...
2 months ago
2009 Voyager 1700 lowering front suspension
Gentlemen and Women, I have 26000 mi. on this beauty. I'm now 68 and she seems to be gaining weight...
by grandbo20   4 months ago

I did't want to fit a lowering kit too my front, So what I did was fit Progressive front fork...
2 months ago
Looking for the best way to remove baffles from my pipes on my 02' intruder 800. May replace pipes...
by chad14   6 months ago

"You always want the lowest pressure possible in the relevant branch of the manifold as the exhaust...
5 months ago
V Star 950 muffler rattle
Hey all, New member here looking for advice from wiser (or perhaps crazier) minds.   I recently...
by Fionnbarr   6 months ago

My vstar 1100 when new sounded like crap and like something clanking inside. What you may know is...
6 months ago
Harley foot peg male adapters replacement part Kuryakyn 8880?
 Does anyone know if the Kuryakyn Serrated foot peg/footboard adapters will fit for the Harley...
by DebbieHollifiel   9 months ago

Bit confused. Are you trying to use the Harley floorboards or change to something else?
8 months ago
info on setting my cobra FI2000R fuel management
I see a lot of forum questions on setting up the Cobra FI2000R fuel manager. My experience with it...
by DanJarvey52   10 months ago

no app Ray and no adjustablilty. The newer model doesn't fit my bike unfortunately
9 months ago
2009 Vstar 1300 tourer Exhaust Questions
Hello I recently installed a cobra slip on, the cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black fuel management system...
by coolitalian   11 months ago

As everyone knows,"at least thats what the video I watched said", the way to increase horse power...
6 months ago
Vance & Hinse classic \\ slip ons
Anyone here running these on there xvs1100? i ordered a set and will have them Friday.  Im...
by Chris54   1 year ago

Best sounding exhaust and best looking, in my opinion. Not the best for HP, but a few HP is worth...
6 months ago


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