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1500 Classic, Fuel pump delete
Hello to everyone, My name is James, but here I'll go as Retread... I need an idea or two on the...
by Retread   1 week ago

Are you using the factory manual? Chapter 2, page 57 to start with.
1 week ago
Side gapping spark plugs
Debating on side gapping my plugs for my 04 Vulcan 1500... It's been jetted & I put a hyper...
by RyanRobbins   2 weeks ago

IF you think you have too hot of plugs. Do this take a full throttle run after the bike is warmed...
1 week ago
sprocket changes
ive still got stock sprockets on my 2010 v star 250, 15 and 45, and can get up to 85 or so on a...
by RobRides   3 weeks ago

Less torque, more top end.
3 weeks ago
97 RSTD more power
I want to add more power to my royal star any suggestions on doing so? Thisnis the first one I have...
by Shesrushmore   4 weeks ago

Pull the plugs. What do they look like? This can tell us a lot about what's going on.
4 weeks ago
Vtx 1300 shuts off
Idels all day. 3 or 4 miles into ride bike shuts of while in gear.coast to stop back into neutral...
by Techlife   1 month ago

I don't know much about the 1300's carburetor and fuel system (my 1800 is fuel injected). I do know...
1 month ago
Black after market exhaust
Anyone know what black pipes like Vance and Hines will fit my 2018 phantom?
by Bryanking   1 month ago

Here's a few.
1 month ago
I guess im not done adding more chrome the bike,  just installed Lexin S3 speakers
by eynstyn   2 months ago

Nice sound!
2 months ago
Bobber seat
Hi  does anyone know of a company that sells bobber seats with mounting bracket for the 1700...
by Rob1123   2 months ago

3 Rob1123 Thank you guys
2 months ago
Handle bar swap
Hello friends, Need some advice. recently I was invovled in a motorcycle accident, I'm ok sadly my...
by TheSarge   3 months ago

Have the carbs been re-jetted? Here's a trick. Open two tabs in your browser and go to an oem bike...
3 months ago
Info on using Suzuki 1400 drive gub on Suzuki VS 800
Anybody hear or have any info on just how much & exactly what is required to do this? I have a...
by 1994rider   3 months ago

I did that very thing too my 800 years ago. The only real thing is the length of the 1400 driveline...
3 months ago


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