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2009 Voyager 1700 lowering front suspension
Gentlemen and Women, I have 26000 mi. on this beauty. I'm now 68 and she seems to be gaining weight...
by grandbo20   1 month ago

4 Gracielou Larry, Don't forget that the lower the bike is, the less that your "lean limit" will be. In other...
1 month ago
Looking for the best way to remove baffles from my pipes on my 02' intruder 800. May replace pipes...
by chad14   3 months ago

"You always want the lowest pressure possible in the relevant branch of the manifold as the exhaust...
2 months ago
V Star 950 muffler rattle
Hey all, New member here looking for advice from wiser (or perhaps crazier) minds.   I recently...
by Fionnbarr   3 months ago

My vstar 1100 when new sounded like crap and like something clanking inside. What you may know is...
3 months ago
Harley foot peg male adapters replacement part Kuryakyn 8880?
 Does anyone know if the Kuryakyn Serrated foot peg/footboard adapters will fit for the Harley...
by DebbieHollifiel   6 months ago

Bit confused. Are you trying to use the Harley floorboards or change to something else?
5 months ago
info on setting my cobra FI2000R fuel management
I see a lot of forum questions on setting up the Cobra FI2000R fuel manager. My experience with it...
by DanJarvey52   7 months ago

no app Ray and no adjustablilty. The newer model doesn't fit my bike unfortunately
6 months ago
2009 Vstar 1300 tourer Exhaust Questions
Hello I recently installed a cobra slip on, the cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black fuel management system...
by coolitalian   8 months ago

As everyone knows,"at least thats what the video I watched said", the way to increase horse power...
3 months ago
Vance & Hinse classic \\ slip ons
Anyone here running these on there xvs1100? i ordered a set and will have them Friday.  Im...
by Chris54   10 months ago

Best sounding exhaust and best looking, in my opinion. Not the best for HP, but a few HP is worth...
3 months ago
Exhaust mod
Hi all.. Have a c109r suzuki boulevard... If unfamiliar with the model it has a stock set of pupes...
by ozc109r   10 months ago

Nude pulley project/odyssey Caution: A lot of reading ahead, but worth the read if you ever plan a...
by Oldschoolpaulie   11 months ago

4 BikerAnimal Animal Vs. Buddy Rich Drum Battle...Hehehe
10 months ago
Compatible front ends for 2000 vl1500???
Im wondering if there is a front end off of another bike will fit my bike. Im having a hard time...
by Scooter1985   11 months ago

You could do a parts number check between the Intruder and the C90. Then, there's this.http://www....
11 months ago


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