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My friend is having an issue with his bike, he wants to eliminate the governor, because he says it...
by Chad15   4 days ago

He has a tach on a 750 Aero? What he has is a rev limiter on his bike. Before you get to carried...
3 days ago
Aftermarket handlebars
I’m looking to replace my OEM handlebars on my 1998 Suzuki vz800. I can’t believe it’s taken me...
by Chris77   3 weeks ago

Yes, risers are definitely on the cards but the height will depend on my choice of bars. I reckon a...
3 weeks ago
2” cobra drag pipe part number 2264
Says complete kit but I’m finding a lot of slip on descriptions are these a complete system or slip...
by Nick22   1 month ago

2264's are for California models.
1 month ago
Could any1 tell me if the areo & america r the same frame pls
by Tatt2don   2 months ago

You didn't give a year so I used the 97 model. Checking the part numbers shows the same frame.https...
2 months ago
how hot
hey, all of you with a vstar 1100, my bike is in storage know so i was wondering if any can get...
by eynstyn   2 months ago

I don't know the answer to the operating temp but if they can do exhaust manifolds and pipes,...
2 months ago
Wiring Harness
I'm switching my EFI on my 97 Ultra to Carb, can I use my factory harness? Or will a harness from a...
by Hammerdrop   3 months ago

3 months ago
Change to bigger tires
Hi. I would like to change to bigger tires on my 1100 classic -02 The goal would be the 300mm back...
by Robert44   3 months ago

2 Robert44 Will check it out. Thanks:)
3 months ago
Foot pegs
Can you take the foot pegs off of an 1100 custom and place on a 1100 classic?
by Merica43   3 months ago

Cool, looks like it's a goer then. Post a photo after it's done.
3 months ago
Memphis Shade
I want to put a Sport Memphis Shade on my 2003 Classic 1100. The items say they only fit Customs....
by Peter1959   3 months ago

The Custom is 5 3/4', the Classic is 7"
3 months ago
Power loss
Hi gang. I have a 98 Suzuki Intruder VL 1500 LC. My catalytic converters was rusting out, so I cut...
by FredH   4 months ago

Better putting a proper full exhaust on it a & Then you may have to Jet it up with bigger Main...
3 months ago


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