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Headlights - Why are they on ALL the time
yeah yeah yeah, I know headlights ON for safety and I won't argue that, but do I really need the...
by dudeaw   2 hours ago

Wilbers Shock installation and review
This is my review of recently installing an upgraded shock on my Yamaha 650 V Star:https://...
by Dimitra   1 month ago

Good you got that fixed. Shocks are very important. I Also had to change my stock shock it made...
1 month ago
Gas tank swop
I know this will work because I use to be in another group but it shutdown. I want to put a bigger...
by JustDave   1 month ago

There was a discussion about this. Here's the link. I looked around and did not find anything that...
1 month ago
Speedo gear ratio for 1995..??
Hello.... I'm trying ti find out what the Speedometer Gear Ratio is for a 1995 Intruder 1400. I...
by WreyWray79   2 months ago

2:1, here is one example. and here's a deal http://www....
2 months ago
Fuel line/inlet/outlet issue
   I "re-plumbed" my fuel lines a few months ago with all SS braid hoses.  Problem is that the...
by Oldschoolpaulie   3 months ago

Yeah, go with what works. It's my view that the braided steel lines can't be compressed enough with...
2 months ago
Ape hanger kit
I was wondering if anyone had apes on their Road King?  I am thinking about getting 14inch...
by BenjaminArturo   3 months ago

trying to find sissy bar, mount, and back rest pad.. I have the 07' boulevard S83 1400 Intruder. It...
by madmex54   5 months ago

You would need the K4 version seat and sissybar. The K5/6/7 had the one piece. In looking at the...
5 months ago
2010 v star 950 shifter
Hello, First of all thank you for any and all help with the following question. Keep in mind my...
by Scott45   6 months ago

Just buy her some extra large boots.
6 months ago
Fuel line re-route
Re-routed my fuel line, and also got chrome tappet block covers for my 50th birthday.  Thanks to...
by Oldschoolpaulie   6 months ago

Good to see you back on the site. Bike just keeps getting better. Glad you got the rear drive...
6 months ago
2009 Voyager 1700 lowering front suspension
Gentlemen and Women, I have 26000 mi. on this beauty. I'm now 68 and she seems to be gaining weight...
by grandbo20   8 months ago

I did't want to fit a lowering kit too my front, So what I did was fit Progressive front fork...
6 months ago


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