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Popping out of gear
Hi all. Have '03 with 33+ miles. Having problem with trans popping out of first when decelerating....
by Dschmitta   23 hours ago

I did a quick review on your issue. The bushing as above, in addition not letting your oil to go to...
12 hours ago
2002 Yamaha road star Silverado 5th gear out
Need advice,we like our bike but not worth the cost of fixing? Shame to scrap it. The 5th gear went...
by Dallis   4 days ago

2 days ago
Hi all
Hi all I am new to the group looking for tips and advice as issues arise with my 950 vstar
by Rbaker76   2 weeks ago

I would probably do better on real gas. You just can't get Ethanol free gas here. So to be fair...
6 days ago
Treat Everyone Equal
Try to be good.
by Hippy   3 weeks ago

Welcome to the world. If you believe that ... hold on to it. This world does not hold that as a...
3 weeks ago
New rider here
Bought a 2003 vstar 1100 custom last week never been on a bike till it got delivered. 
by WilliamBauman   3 weeks ago

No I just rode on it. This summer I am hoping to cover my seat and passenger and backrest in...
2 weeks ago
New member
Hi my name is Michael and I just bought a 2007 Nomad 1600. I'm interested in meeting new friends to...
by Sibben   1 month ago

Hi Micheal from San Antonio
3 weeks ago
Rear running lights out
Any ideas fuse is fine, bulbs (1156) are fine but no running lights, only turn signals...
by Labrat766   2 months ago

My Stratoliner does not have running lights on the rear. You sure that it was manufactured with...
2 months ago
Vt 1100hard to get it to go up the box after fast accselaration has anyone else had this problem...
by Scottb   2 months ago

Have had 3 VT1100's but never encountered this issue. Good luck with a resolution.
2 months ago
Honda vt1100
My shadow won't change up gears after hard acceleration can anyone help me out. Thanks
by Scottb   2 months ago

Can you give more details as to what exactly is happening? Won't upshift/downshift? What gear are...
2 months ago
order history has disappeared
hi im new to this website im just wondering i ordered some hangers just over 6 weeks ago and now...
by Puccinis112   2 months ago

See the responses to this question in your same post of a few days ago.
2 months ago


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