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Vstar troubles!
Hey everyone, I'm a new v-star rider and ive been working on the infamous starter clutch repair....
by OkieVstar   4 days ago

im done, bikes away for the winter and thors hammer is almost done
1 day ago
Maintenance costs
Hello I looked at 2000 Valkyrie interstate last night with 83000 miles what kinda of maintenance...
by Will11   5 days ago

Vstar 650 rectifier
Sorry for the length of my first post!! but here goes, I replaced pickup coil, stator, and...
by JeffWyatt   1 week ago

Start with Chapter 7, page 21.
1 week ago
having trouble with fuel
bike,starts, and runs great,for about 4 miles, then act like getting no fuel ,
by william24   1 week ago

Need some more to go on. Can you give us more info on how it acts? Does it shut off? Keeps running...
1 week ago
New to motorcycle riding
I am looking for saddle bags and a windshield for my Suzuki savage 86? Where should I look for...
by Hadasah007   3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
I'm in New Zealand and I like to know whether anyone has any over size pistons available for a...
by TasmanNZ   3 weeks ago

Clutch plates
Put in new friction and steel plates and they r not sitting in the basket right the top few sit...
by VCorrin   4 weeks ago

Are you positive you have the right set for your bike? What year is your bike?
4 weeks ago
Yamaha vstar 650 won't start
I got a 2002 Yamaha v star 650 and road about 100 miles one day and parked it for 3 hours. I went...
by Brian39   1 month ago

New to the form
by Truggy   1 month ago

Welcome Truggy. From Penrith NSW Australia.
1 month ago
Need help with my 2004 Yamaha v Star
I have checked all the switches, I have got to be missing something, lights work signals work horn...
by Ctothelw   1 month ago

make sure the spacers go in correctly and the torq is right
1 month ago


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