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Hi guys. I'm looking for some information please. I got my virago early last year. Enjoyed riding...
by Jules1701   4 weeks ago

Found a bit of help. Rear shock absorber upper bolts.. 20 Nm (14 ft-lbs) Rear shock absorber lower...
4 weeks ago
Indio ,ca
Yo people hows it going. New to this like to ride around with some ppl in my town. I ride a 99'...
by Gabe8504   1 month ago

This is the most physically demanding bike I have ever owned.
by Dixiedreg   1 month ago

Welcome Dixiedreg from Canberra, Australia. At close to 800lbs wet and with 240 rear your beast...
1 month ago
Im a newbie!
Greetings from northwest Ohio! Last June, at the ripe old age of 54, I bought my first bike. It...
by Labattman   1 month ago

Welcome from Kansas City. Isn't it Cousin Eli? lol Post a pic of your bike and join in.
1 month ago
Customized to hypnotize
 Making bobber bob
by mizellauto   1 month ago

What State blue ridge parkway
1 month ago
New member
Hello fllow riders, my name is Jerry and I ride a 2018 Harley Triglide. If the gas milage was as...
by JERRYLENGA   1 month ago

That is an awesome ride. you guys will enjoy the overlooks. Ride safe
4 weeks ago
Fuel mileage for 2002 Honda Shadow ACE
Hello and good day everyone. Is it common to get 37 mpg for a total of 143 miles on a tank of fuel...
by AKFireman   1 month ago

Thank you Edwins for the information. I will look for the sea-foam and see about a tune up. She...
1 month ago
New to the community.
Hello everyone. New guy here saying hi. So hi. Looking forward to getting to know some of you and...
by AKFireman   1 month ago

And welcome, from the wilds of western Canada! This is an awesome community, where many of us have...
1 month ago
Poor fuel milage
Has anyone had any luck with increasing the fuel milage on a 2018 Harley Tri-glide. I am getting 33...
by JERRYLENGA   1 month ago

Yeah, what Edwin says. He’s THE tech guru around here.
1 month ago
Back patch
Hi there, everyone, I am new to this forum. I have designed a one piece back patch as I would like...
by Chains1310   1 month ago

Any Back Patch will attract the attention of the LAW & The 1% Clubs - Great advice from Dub -...
1 month ago


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