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Newbie Check-in
Hi All, I just purchased my C90T this week.  It's an '07 with 30K miles. I'm new to the model and...
by JimmyMack   2 months ago

G'Day Jimmy Mac - from COOMA NSW Australia - Welcome to the site - There is a good chance that...
2 months ago
Annoying squeak
Hello. I joined to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Also, looking for others in...
by DragonRI   2 months ago

Swingarm Pivot point ???
2 months ago
Gas mileage
Hi I just bought a 1700 road star 06 with 5000 miles it has after market pipes. My ? Is what are y’...
by Garrapy   2 months ago

Gas mileage sounds a little excessive to me - Worst I have ever got out of any bike was my '86...
2 months ago
Forward controls
Hey guys, Does anyone know if vs1400 extended forward controls will fit in vs800?
by Ccasimir86   3 months ago

The frames are different so I would think that to get them to fit may take some fabe work. If your...
2 months ago
Driver Backrest
Got a new 2015 Suzuki Boulevard C90T this year and want to install a driver backrest for a trip I...
by flatcar   3 months ago

3 flatcar Thanks Guys, appreciate your help, I'll check out both.
3 months ago
Air intake advice
Hi there folks just found this site in the hope I can get some advice on air intake systems for my...
by BazzaMeekin   3 months ago

Hi Bazza, welcome to the site. Weird how K&N make an air filter for the M109 but not the C.!...
3 months ago
I haven't ridden in 20+ years until Friday night.  I found out that riding a bike riding...
by Park009   3 months ago

Great deal on the bike! Welcome to the community, from western Canada
3 months ago
Howdy from Texas.
What's up? Glad to be here and looking forward to future discussions and learning from y'alls vast...
by WillyWest   3 months ago

Thank you.
2 months ago
New member
Glenn Crosby South Carolina Hona 750 Shadow. Master Mason.
by GlennCrosby   3 months ago

Hey Glen, welcome, from western Canada!
3 months ago
Hi from the state of Washington
Hello! I heard about this forum from a great couple of guys I rode with on the 4th of July. I've...
by nate6966   3 months ago

Hey Nate! Welcome to the community, from western Canada! Glad you were able to meet some of the...
3 months ago


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