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Need help.
Thanks for the add! Im hoping someone on here can shed some light on a problem I’ve been having...
by Cpeters   3 months ago

Hey that's Great News Cory - I'll bet you are happier now - ENJOY !!! Cheers & Ride Safe ...
3 months ago
New member from Oakville ON
Hi All  Just sayin' hi ... new member - I ride 2005 V-Star Classic which I bought last season after...
by Gordo0000   4 months ago

Hi Frostbite - well said !! ...and having a life of it's own is soooo true...and we get so attached...
3 months ago
Main Fuse on Yamaha Virago 1100
Anyone who rides mid 90's Virago 1100 ever gave any issues with no juice coming from batteries...
by AdamDBrown   4 months ago

A dead short to ground will do just what you said. Start by checking the fog light housing wiring...
4 months ago
New older newbie rider.
Hi All, always look for a form when I find a new toy. I went Big Twin possibly a little early and a...
by NEster   4 months ago

Welcome from sunny Wales I am a newbie to both the forum and Cruisers..... awesome guys on here tho...
4 months ago
Running out of ideas
Hello all, I have a 1999 SUZUKI Intruder 1500LC and I have developed a running issue that I can’t...
by Richy88   4 months ago

Glad you stuck with it and repaired it your self. Now your a technician.. Welcome from Washington...
4 months ago
Hello and help
Hello everyone , my names Kieran and I'm new to this forum. Building up a yamaha xvs 650 at the...
by Breen   4 months ago

Hi Kieran - Just keep chopping off the bits you don't like or want and Add New Bits on that you do...
4 months ago
Just Discovered and Joined This Site
Hello, I'm Danny. Been riding for 40+ year a lot of different motorcycle, mostly BMW, a few older...
by danfo1993   4 months ago

Hi Danny, welcome, from brrrrr cold Ontario, Canada
4 months ago
Back in the saddle again
Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I just...
by MrRowleyBri   4 months ago

HI Brian ,, Welcome from Washington State. Jump on in and get wet. Every one her is good people. We...
4 months ago
New on site
Hello fellow riders , I am terry , I love to ride and love the wind while cruising, the liberty or...
by tyokoza   5 months ago

Hi Terry ...Welcome from Ontario Canada ... I'm a new member as well ... great site. great people
4 months ago
New member
Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been riding since 1969. First bike was a Honda 90 very fun...
by SteveCastle   5 months ago

G'Day Steve, from Greg in COOMA NSW Australia - Glad you could make it here - post a piccy or two...
5 months ago


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