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I cut 3 fingers off at the 1st joint and can't use the clutch lever. Looking for ideas to fix...
by Upnorth   6 months ago

I always just used my pinky to clutch but I rode with a broken hand before and had to use like my...
5 months ago
Have an 1998 VS800GL Intruder.. Teal and cream original paint in perfect condition.. New tires,...
by TimothyJones   6 months ago

Not an easy decision but I'm sure you will work something out. In the meantime make sure you get...
5 months ago
Hello from Los Angeles (2017 Road King FLHR)
hi, I’ve been riding for about 15 years, and love the hell out of it!  Was on a sporty until...
by MattTully   6 months ago

Hi Matty Welcome from Penrith New South Wales Australia. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of...
6 months ago
Suzuki help
Hey yall. I resently bought a used 2002 suzuki savage 65 and had the engine rebuilt. But now im...
by EDGARHRNNDZ   6 months ago

2 eroniko At first I thought "Ugh. 18 minutes, no way". But I'm glad I watched, this was an very helpful and...
6 months ago
Recommended oil.
Coming up on my first oil change with this 07 VStar 1300. As I didn't recieve an owners manual with...
by sharps   6 months ago

10 Dylansvstar What oil and brand should I go through I have a 2013 vstar 1300 and only has 4300 miles on it and I...
4 months ago
New Member
Hi, New member here. I've never been on one of these forums before and didn't even realize they...
by TALahr   6 months ago

Welcome from Kansas City. I use craigslist. Cash only. Give a notarized Bill of Sale that states...
6 months ago
New to fourm
Hello just want to say hi all i just bought 08 m50 its March in Canada and it seems winter is never...
by Joemad   6 months ago

Try Intact Insurance or Aviva. Also, have a look at motorcycle magazines such as Canadian Biker or...
6 months ago
New rider
Wide and I just got our bikes. Both are Vstar 650s, we were told these are excellent learner bikes...
by Raiderjim   6 months ago

Welcome to the community from cold, snowy, western Canada. Those 650's should have plenty of power...
6 months ago
New to Community
How is everyone? I am new to the motorcycle scene , and I have just purchased a used 2006 Boulevard...
by MCCruzer59   6 months ago

Hello, and welcome to the community! Once you have been bitten by the "bike bug", you won't be able...
6 months ago
Yamaha Roadstar 1700 starting issues
I was riding and all of a sudden my motorcycle turned off as I was riding, has this happened to...
by Jimenez64   6 months ago

First thing, do you have spark at the plugs? Gives you a starting point. Download and save this....
6 months ago


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