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New Drifter
As requested just popped up to introduce myself as I am new to the forums. I am now riding a 1999...
by Washbrook   5 years ago

Welcome to the community mate. Hope to catch up on one of our Vic group rides.
5 years ago
Greetings from Oz - New Member
G'day all, My name is Ro, but most call me Chops. I'm 22 and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I love...
by chopsAU   5 years ago

Welcome aboard Chops CB
5 years ago
Greetings from the UAE
Hi, I'm Steve Came across CC while searching for seats for mine and my Wife's bikes.   I ride a...
by SteveOBrien   5 years ago

Thank's Steve mate, Greatly appreciated my friend
5 years ago
New Member
Just want to say Hello and hope to see some good chat on Motorcycle subjects! Sixxx
by rckr5150   5 years ago

Welcome aboard. If you are looking for bike discussions you will get them here. you will also get...
5 years ago
Happy Man, am I
Im retired and am now looking to customize my bike... I found this Site/Store and like what I see...
by Whataride   5 years ago

Hello Guys... been a while since I was last on... Can any of you tell me about what windshield you...
5 years ago
New member
Hi All Just joined the forum here and thought I'd say G'day. Yes, I'm Aussie. I purchased my Yamaha...
by johno64   5 years ago

Welcome shorty. I gather you are enormous!! Only an Aussie would end up with a nickname of shorty...
5 years ago
New Member
Hi All  I'm located in Australia am currently riding a 2010 Victory Jackpot.  Previous bikes are...
by Jacki2406   5 years ago

WELCOME aboard Jacki.................hope you stay awhile and enjoy the site !!
5 years ago
Hey Y'all !
Just a quick introduction of myself. I am buying a Yamaha Star Raider SCL or S model in...
by RanMan1255   5 years ago

The Raiders are a great bike and you will enjoy it. I got mine in August, and love it. I have not...
5 years ago
air vs. gel pad
Looking for any info on gel vs. an airpad like the one airhawk sells.Sciatic nerve has been acting...
by mahonray   5 years ago

Ill remember that Adrian when I get by Bully !
5 years ago
Welcome video
Hey Marek my ol' buddy. You and the others did such a great job I HAD TO JOIN!!!! Love your work...
by Roadie123   5 years ago

Roadie Behave
5 years ago


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