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gday all?
allways fun.glad to  be here, cant wait to join in the fun
by trooperdave   6 years ago

24 ChrisKaye Only the strong survive, Beachy!
6 years ago
From PEI Canada
Hi to ll - I'm Lisa, been riding for 25 years and riding an 02 Drifter 800 right now.  I love bikes...
by bikechic   6 years ago

27 BigFinn Haven't been riding for a bit have a bit of a health problem but am getting it fixed, see you on...
6 years ago
Hello from Australia
I joined up yesterday, I got my second bike 3 weeks ago, a lovely white VStar 650 classic. I've...
by WhiteVStar   6 years ago

Welcome Star, Enjoy the site
6 years ago
Hi, I'm 45, single and a novice rider. I started on a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I have graduated to my...
by agaelicgirl   6 years ago

I just left the OR - WA area, and I agree there is a lot of beautiful places to ride. I miss it and...
6 years ago
Bikersbase here in central Portugal
Hello world of bikers let me introduce myself I am Alan known as Tightwad amongst my friends, my...
by Bikersbase   6 years ago

Thanks for all the welcomes I will endeavour to update the postings and keep a variety of...
6 years ago
Hello from Mississippi
Good morning every1 My name is Liz and I drive an 04 VTX 1300s. I call her the Red Queen, or Queen...
by boxerdogma   6 years ago

Over in the panhandle of Florida not far from you with many riding associations available....just...
6 years ago
No free rides
by GeraldB   6 years ago

Welcome mate
6 years ago
Hii... Im Zul from Brunei Darussalam.
by zul445   6 years ago

Welcome HB
6 years ago


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