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Rear wheel bump? HELP!!
I'm in need of help!! I noticed a slight bump on the rear tire of my vstar 650 when riding in low...
by Justin13   4 weeks ago

6 Justin13 Here's a video of my wheel in motion
2 weeks ago
This is Australia
I hope this link can be opened ... proved a bit difficult for me but finally got there. The first...
by vardy   3 months ago

I’m not reading that, Peter. It will spoil my view, gaine by media, of our country. Oh....and the...
2 months ago
Superbowl LII
Superbowl 52 is getting attention in Australia as well. This item is in this morning’s news: Super...
by vardy   3 months ago

Yeah, I’d rather waste my day doing nothing.
2 months ago
Farmer breaks neck riding a motorcycle
I would be in trouble if this happened to me ... nothing to hang on to!
by vardy   4 months ago

Hey, I ain't going into details .....
3 months ago
Unwanted passenger knocking on the car window!
by vardy   4 months ago

Just as well the window was up !!!
4 months ago
California Mud Slide
Our thoughts and prayers go to all people affected by the recent mud slides in California.
by tezza   4 months ago

Well done Tezza... I agree.
4 months ago
Eat Sleep Ride
Anybody using this App?
by Bokiwi   6 months ago

I've just started using it and am wondering what everyone else thinks of it.
6 months ago
Looking for input
Ok for those who live in the east I am looking for input. I am considering ridding east in august....
by vsnetzinger   6 months ago

Randy ... as it happens, I was just reading an article on that subject. The USA’s top three...
6 months ago
Where to find 20" spoke rim
Can't seem to find a 20" or 21 " spoke rim for my VL800 anyone here know of a place?
by Rich117   6 months ago

Hurricane Harvey
How are our friends who live in Texas? All OK ?
by vardy   9 months ago

Thanks for reminding us Peter, it is a sad time for everyone who is experiencing this hurricane....
8 months ago


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