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Beyond LED's, from Edwins nerd side
 LED lighting is the current hot ticket but, science doesn't rest. OLED's and LEP's are the up and...
by Edwins   1 week ago

Thanks for the update.
1 week ago
Anyone here???
Logged on at home and took me to other site!! Logged on at work and it brought me back to CCC!! Is...
by strattlerock   3 weeks ago

Still here, will be until it closes.
3 days ago
Damn motorcycle thieves
Some people out there are frigging unbelievable! :-(
by theturbo   1 month ago

Karma for sure.
1 month ago
Member Name Change
Hi Does anybody know how I can change my member name?  Cheers Michael
by Bokiwi   2 months ago

That's it Micheal. The only thing you can't change is your member name. I asked it a few years ago...
2 months ago
The site may be undergoing huge changes
This is Uwe's post from Facebook: "Uwe Druckenmüller feeling sad. 8 mins · With great sadness I'll...
by triumphin   3 months ago

I have written an email to the member whose email address I have (most of which live in my area)....
3 months ago
It's looking like another great summer, down under.
'It's that magical time of year again here in Oz.  We've got mangoes coming out our ears it's 90%...
by AussieRay   3 months ago

It's over. Lower temps, rain.....
3 weeks ago
Motorcycle road / ride tunes
looking into creating a playlist of songs strictly relating to biking.  Found this link that gives...
by triumphin   4 months ago

Randy, Here's a few from mine. Hope you find some you like. Some well known and played to death and...
4 months ago
Movember - let's do our bit for men's health!
For 12 years now I've been a Mo Bro and helped to raise money and awareness about the issues facing...
by hrhpablo   4 months ago

I'm in Paul. Thank you for your great effort in this cause.
4 months ago
Severe Weather Warning
I hope all our USA friends are safe from the severe storms predicted.
by tezza   5 months ago

Sounds like it did not hit full on but still a lot of flood and wind damage and some lives lost.
5 months ago
Freaking Amazing Person!
Adding to my list of Heroes. You've got to see this.
by Edwins   6 months ago

1 BikerAnimal Damn, he's one of my hero's too!
6 months ago


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