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Self cancelling turn signals.
Santa, add this to my list.
by Edwins   2 weeks ago

Next up, OLEDs (Organic LEDs) and LEPs (light-emitting polymers)
1 week ago
NC to vote on change in helmet law in Oct.
Being told I have to warea helmet for me has always seemed to feel like a violation of my cival...
by gasjostrom   3 weeks ago

Jhlynch, if people are dying at those dark railway crossings you should start a campaign to make...
2 weeks ago
Hoe kan je de achter vering zwaarder zetten voor om op vakantie te gaan en dat je zwart beladen be 
by RFSchefferlie   3 weeks ago

Ik zie niet vaak Nederlands hier op de site. Ik denk dat je meer reacties zult krijgen wanneer je...
3 weeks ago
Indian safety recall
Hey Matt ... have you seen this :
by vardy   3 months ago

A fuel line to close to the engine is a easy fix.
1 month ago
Covernments daily update information about salt on the roads...
I mentioned it a few times before. Here in the Netherlands the covernment puts salt on the roads...
by GertNL   5 months ago

Yes mate.
5 months ago
Anyone know the best New LED high low head lamp?
 I have a Harley Davidson sportster, they have the DayMaker but have read many problems with them...
by Dholliy   5 months ago

6 Gracielou Been saving up for a LED headlight myself. For what it's worth, if anyone is considering the LED...
5 months ago
Training aid
A bit weird, but interesting idea.
by theturbo   5 months ago

Well that is a different duck.
5 months ago
1999 Suzuki Marauder Vz800
Looking on getting my first bike.  I have a chance to get a 1999 Suzuki Marauder Vz800 for $1k.  It...
by SimpleForm   6 months ago

dont hesitate had a 99 intruder 800 im sorry i sold it
6 months ago
A while back there was a discussion on reflective paint and the possibility of reflective sidewalls...
by Edwins   6 months ago

3 BikerAnimal Looks useful.
6 months ago
Red Lights
I have heard different opinions from several people.  I was told that if you sit a red light for...
by Raishy   6 months ago

10 Raishy Thanks everyone for the info. I think the magnet will be the best bet. I don't want to take...
6 months ago


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