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Vstar 1100 classic
i looking to buy a vstar 1100 classic 4849 miles and the out the door price is $3264 is this a good...
by LayLow   1 day ago

What year? What condition? How old are the tires? Any service history.
2 hours ago
VN1600 classic... Serious issue! Do you own one?
So, I have a vn1600 classic great reliable bike... until a week ago. I noticed a Very strong fuel...
by biker4life1996   4 months ago

Let us know how it goes.
4 months ago
Top heavy. Pulls left
Anyone know what might be the cause? The bike runs great. But it pulls to the left really bad when...
by Michael63   5 months ago

front brake could be dragging, how are the tires? when i had an intruder my front was cupping and...
4 months ago
The dark side
Okay gentleman I've heard a lot of discussion my question is I have an 05 Honda Goldwing a lot of...
by Jerrymeans3   5 months ago

Charlie, I've asked dark side guys I know about the insurance side. They all tell me their insurer...
3 weeks ago
Headlight Strobe
My headlight strobes when I go to high beam. It stays on solid on low. I was told this is a safety...
by RonnieHays   7 months ago

Such wonderfully helpful people here. They are just such delightful little cherubs.
6 months ago
Broken rear brake bolt
I had the rear brake stripper bolt bolt snap off at the base of the threads and i am interested to...
by PhilBarthel   7 months ago

Just replace the bolt. It is just one of the things that happen now and then.
7 months ago
Suspension/ load carry
I have a 2000 Suzuki intruder 1500 Lc. I’m a big guy 425lbs but I’m 6”6 so I’m a foot ball player...
by David73   9 months ago

Welcome to the site. Judgemental junk doesn't fly here. I'm down from 383 to 283 at 6'3". Anyway;...
9 months ago
Weight limit
Can anyone tell me what the safe weight limit for combined driver & passenger for a ‘97 Honda...
by Sebrina   10 months ago

Vardy your correct.... tires will have max weight with max air pis on the side wall.
10 months ago
science behind fast curves safely
Wayne (Scruffy) does this, it is something I need to practice more, the link explains it.  https://...
by triumphin   1 year ago

Thanks Randy I've taken a lot away with reading those articles, very valuable information.
11 months ago
LED lights
Does anyone know of LED driving lights that fit into to fairing to replace the fog lights on my...
by Dan1141   1 year ago

Cool,, That will light up the night
1 year ago


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