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Almost to heaven
JULY 6-10, 2017 Baker City, OR - Hells Canyon. I just registered and camping included. See you guys...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

Let me know, I'll meet up with you in the middle some place. Ride up together.
2 weeks ago
Ride The Ozarks Rally-2017
I got a nice invite postcard in the mail.Can't promise anything but it would be nice. http://www....
by Edwins   1 month ago

I just checked the long range weather forecast for the next eight weeks. I'll be in the garage next...
1 month ago
Bikers Against Mental Abuse "BAMA"
Hello from Martinsville,VA. I hope this conversation goes worldwide and my prayers are to make...
by Widow   4 months ago

My head hurts
3 months ago
2017 Ride
Hey everyone. Wayne and I have been talking and next June 23 we are going to meet in a little town...
by vsnetzinger   5 months ago

Goodonya Cap ... you are a natural with the Aussie slang! LOL
2 months ago
short rides
Looking for bikers in my area to ride with. I am getting a backrest for my wife and she should be...
by tdrobey   10 months ago

I like the way you want to make your rides, mostly B-roads and not the high-way, but it's a bit far...
10 months ago
Solo Cannonball motorcycle record from LA to NY city
by theturbo   1 year ago

3 BikerAnimal Some people just want their name in lights...
1 year ago
Texas HOG rally
Is there any Harley owners going to the Texas HOG rally in May??
by vsnetzinger   1 year ago

Arkansas Rides.
Motorcycle friendly city with some fine places to ride. They may be on to something.http://www....
by Edwins   1 year ago

If I lived over there I would certainly do some of those rides. Lots of info including fuel stops....
1 year ago
12/13/2015 riding in ohio.
myself ,my cousin bub,and my friend dale , went for a ride on sunday 12/13/2015. i rode 200.1 miles...
by t825likens0711   1 year ago

Yes the weather can be weird. I hear you. Lived in South Dakota growing up. Similar weather to...
1 year ago
Find a Ride
In another discussion, I went off a bit about overpriced beer at Sturgis and liking smaller, lest...
by Edwins   1 year ago

I'm with you on the smaller events.
1 year ago


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