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Add a Milage Counter
Kyle (manybikes) suggested this feature to me yesterday: add a field for "milage" on the profile...
by uwe999   7 years ago

I have enough documentation crap at work let alone having to record my mileage when I come on this...
7 years ago
Roadie and his Adventure's around the World - Implemented
Uwe Do you think it would be possible to give roadie his own page as a member and all pictures,...
by hagar1   7 years ago

works for me, just sign him up
6 years ago
Who would like to join a Skype Group Call
I just had a Skype video call with Rick (skeeter229) and he had a great idea - doing a Skype group...
by uwe999   7 years ago

Im up for it...............( I wont get into "trouble if you see stuff thats not " considerd "...
6 years ago
Member Install Helper Feature
I heard lots of stories over the years of members vistiting other members in their garages and...
by uwe999   7 years ago

I'd ceratinly be willing to help out any local folks. I don't have the time to get into major...
7 years ago
A new folder required for RoadWolf photos/videos - implemented
Uwe do you think we need a special tag for all roadwolf's Photos/videos/map and a place on the ccc...
by lucky57   7 years ago

marking this implemented
6 years ago
Viewing photos made easier - partially implemented
Where is the "Next Photo" button? I don't like browsing through photos here on the forum. If I want...
by Gussi   7 years ago

please also checkout That feature will...
5 years ago
Suggest new products for the CC Store - implemented
There have been times that I've been looking for a part in particular that either CC doesn't...
by ocanada   7 years ago

marking this implemented
6 years ago
New Name for the "Restricted Photos" section - won't implement
Hey everyone, I know this has been beaten to death but I have a question for you all. I personally...
by Skeeter229   7 years ago

Was pretty funny good call.!!!!
5 years ago
Birthdays - Implemented
Is there a way that friends birthdays appear when you log in? (Say similar to Facebook) update: ...
by als1953   7 years ago

Greatr stuff. I missed it when I l;ogged in. Had to go back. Thanks Uwe.
6 years ago
Suggestion for modifying gifts and point levels...
I think the present point system is more than generous considering what the CC site already gives...
by hidetooler   7 years ago

Ken, if you qualified for a pint glass every 15 points.... I would have 77500 of them........
6 years ago


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