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I need help. I am trying to replace the regulator on my 2001 vz800. I have the part loose on the...
by Chris70   4 days ago

Dude, don't cut wires....ever! Your regulator has a wire clip. There two wire clips, each one is...
1 day ago
Tire size on a Kawasaki1600 classic
Is there enough clearance to run a 200/60 R16 On the rear of my 1600 classic? The original size...
by TerryCadwell   4 days ago

See what you think. Since it's in...
4 days ago
Hot tail light housing
Hello, and thanks in advance! I have the tombstone type tail light with Bullet tail/blinker on...
by MartyStoner   5 days ago

2 Gracielou I did see a tombstone shaped LED board at Custom Dynamics. If you're going to go to LED, the "plug...
5 days ago
Throttle Lock
I just got the Trottle lock on my bike, it works good on slow speed, say under 55 any thing faster...
by HalfBreed   6 days ago

They should of given you several difference sizes of insert. Anyway at time of install you should...
1 day ago
LED Passing Lamp Replacements for vstar 1100 or roadstar
I am trying to find a LED replacement for my sealed beam Passing Lamps.  The connection is just two...
by USDSUQ   6 days ago

LED Headlights w/ Reflector all in one.
5 days ago
c90t brake issue
Hey all, I've had my 08 c90t for around 2 months, I upgraded previously from a honda shadow spirit...
by DaShawnCartier   1 week ago

I would drain and refill the brake fluid. When it gets dirty it may start to get a sticky check...
6 days ago
Yamaha v star 950 battery problem
hello I have a 2014 Yamaha 950 v star. I have been having problems with the battery not holding a...
by Bikerchef319   1 week ago

Start by doing or having done a load test on the battery. If it's bad replace it and let it sit...
6 days ago
Prior to my Indian & the Victory Cross Country I owned my Kawasaki Nomad for 12 years &...
by Matt01   1 week ago

Dub. It costs very little except time, too.
5 days ago
Vstar help please
I had some recent carburetor cleaning done on my bike, now the check engine light is on and it runs...
by DragonRider   1 week ago

You shouldn't have to clean your carburetor with 6500 miles. Bad idea, just run some Seafoam...
1 day ago
Greetings from Middle Tennessee
Hey y'all!  I came across your website and discovered that I had actually joined several years ago...
by motordjbear   1 week ago

From the sounds of your post you're a fellow believer. Welcome back from central New York.
1 week ago


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