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Big ED touring seats for sale
I am selling my ED Seats, big touring. I have front back and all back rests. I no longer own the...
by Matt125   5 days ago

A good man is gone.
Cyril will be missed.
by Edwins   5 days ago

I replaced the stock windshield becausing of buffeting with  a Memphis Shades Fats . Still have...
by LarryM1   5 days ago

The star screen is is too upright in my opinion. Try putting on a laminar lip to smooth out the...
2 days ago
Hello every body !!!
I have a dragstar 650 classic and I am having problems with the floorboards. Id like to change the...
by Philk   5 days ago

Hmmm seems all the youtube videos are about making or adding floorboards as opposed to...
4 days ago
Video camera
Again, I get some interesting email. This looks promising.
by Edwins   5 days ago

if your going skiing i guess
4 days ago
Cobra power pro black
Hi guys I'm new, Have a question. I bought a power pro black after installing Cobra slip on and I...
by RobL1   5 days ago

Edwins Repeat step 10 first.
5 days ago
Fuel gauge tachometer all-in-one unit
Got a  2004 Honda shadow sabre bought a 2 in 1 fuel gauge and tachometer. Its digital. The problem...
by BillHarmon   6 days ago

That's what you have to look out for on the eBay made in china sites (not that there's anything...
1 day ago
Handlebar extensions
Does anyone know if there are 1.5-2" handlebar extensions to fit the vs800gl, and if the existing...
by pbergin   6 days ago

2 pbergin Yup, risers. OK thanks
5 days ago
Lost keys on 2006 v star classic
Hi all , just after some advice . I bought a 2006 Vstar xvs650a classic that had been damaged in an...
by Ross14   6 days ago

Would this work for you? Please note: not all Yamaha...
5 days ago
Having no blinkers on my v star 1100 custom any advice
by Bobsvstar1100   6 days ago

The flasher relay is a Denso FB257H. However, I would start by checking for voltage to and from the...
6 days ago


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