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Not the worst idea
This might make wireing a bike a little easier.
by eynstyn   1 week ago

Great idea. Must get myself some.
5 days ago
Fuel pump
Yamaha dealership says I need a new fuel pump. From them they are about $300 from Ebay or Amazon...
by Mitch5   1 week ago

funny i was just thinking about mine,(it still works but i like to be prepared to spend the cash)...
6 days ago
2003 suzuki vz800k wiring diagram needed.
hi every one .  my bike is a 2003 suzuki vz800k ,I am in need of a wiring diagram with wire color...
by vz800k   1 week ago

Edwins Chapter 12
1 week ago
Fjr1300 vs VStar 1300 tourer
I live in Mexico and we do quite a bit of touring down here as well as going up to the US. Looking...
by KenCorbin   1 week ago

Ground Clearance FJR 1300 / A 130 mm / 5.1 in. V Star 1300...
1 week ago
No compression
I have a RoadStar 1700 from 2005 and the mechanic tells me that it has no compression. Someone...
by Guicarnu   1 week ago

How did he determine this? Does the bike start easily and is it ride-able? Yes, it is possible this...
1 week ago
Best and Loudest pipes to put on 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic
I want to put Vance and Hines Classic II slip ons on my bike, but they are not available until...
by rmossbarger   1 week ago

Are you also doing the air cleaner and jets/ecu (carb/fuel injected) or have they already been done...
1 week ago
Facebook or other pages?
Hey Folks, I thought there was a facbook back for this comunity too?  But i cant find it.  Any one...
by kirkhamthomas   1 week ago

There is a link at the bottom of this page.
1 week ago
Shadow 1100
I have a 02 shadow 1100 and I would like to make it somewhat of a strecth tail bagger. My question...
by BobbyB   1 week ago

Honda likes to use model specific part numbers for the same assembley on different models. FRAME *...
1 week ago
Site is back up
Am I dreaming...or is this site back up <pinches self>
by Gordo0000   2 weeks ago

Keep playing around with it. Click on your name and there is a column under it with help. Here's a...
1 week ago
Need help with codes
I have a 09 electra glide standard. Get these codes Pn68890-07 Pn67349-08 Pn32836-09 C1032 Does...
by Jonday   3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago


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