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2003 roadstar silverado died on the freeway
hit a bump , died and wont start now. it turns wah wah wah wah but wont kick over. checked the...
by noneuno   6 days ago

not starting
i have a 2006 roadstar silverado if i ride it for a lenghty period of time as long as i dont shut...
by bambam1958   6 days ago

How old is the battery? It sound like it is still charging OK. If your battery is over 3-4 years...
6 days ago
Chrome discoloring
I'm suspecting that keeping my bike in my carport (high humidity environment) with little airflow...
by TonySzabados   6 days ago

Great advice, Wayne!
4 days ago
Tank corrosion
Just took over my dads 1995 intruder 1400 only 5 k miles problem is been sitting in hes garage for...
by Hognutz   1 week ago

you can get some tank kreem to put in, it reseals the metal.
4 days ago
Front end torque specs
 Anyone out here have a torque specs for the front axle also the caliper mounting bolts and fork...
by Rod2ram   1 week ago

Edwins Chapter 6, page 43
5 days ago
New tires
I just bought my wife a 2009 Honda Spirit 750C2 . it needs new tires and i was just curious what...
by befrisguy   1 week ago

Currently it has bridgestone's on it G701 front g702 back. Date codes are 2012. That's really...
1 week ago
LED Headlight for 2013 Stateline
HI All,  I am a Honda Magna rider and am trying to upgrade my Headlight to LED. A projection unit...
by CroMagnaMan1   1 week ago

i put the h4 from ebay in (plug and play) very bright nice light, it was the one that looks like a...
1 week ago
V8 Indian
by tezza   1 week ago

Love it ... especially those dancing valves and tappets
1 day ago
New member from Oakville ON
Hi All  Just sayin' hi ... new member - I ride 2005 V-Star Classic which I bought last season after...
by Gordo0000   1 week ago

Hi Frostbite - well said !! ...and having a life of it's own is soooo true...and we get so attached...
16 hours ago
bad idle
I bought a 06 road star 1700 with 7000 miles a couple weeks ago and am having an idling issue. It...
by herrindude   1 week ago

You may want to check the fuel pump PSI. Replace the fuel filter.
1 week ago


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