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Starter button clicks and dims lights, push start no problem
Probably a simple problem:  -- Bright lights with ignition key -- Starter button clicks once and...
by mgarelick   4 days ago

starter is done
4 days ago
constant hesitation or "jerky-ness"
2006 Shadow Spirit VT1100c. Orig owner rode 1200 miles then parked it indoors for 10 years. I got...
by David1100   4 days ago

popping through exaust
Vulcan 1500 popping through exaust . Bike has a edelbrock quicksilver carburetor, vancs&hines...
by Ballen0712   5 days ago

This is a 95 set. Not sure what the difference between 95 and 96.
2 days ago
Help!!!! Cannot diagnose problem
Hello Folks, I have spent the last week trying to diagnose the problem with my 96 vt1100c. We took...
by MikeShockency   5 days ago

You may need to double check the fuel pump. It should be getting 12 volts. IF not you can just...
4 days ago
Thanks for the add
Looking forward to finding fellow Yamaha virago nuts. Lol maybe learn a few things about my bike...
by JEJones   5 days ago

Welcome Jason, from Penrith, NSW Australia.
4 days ago
C109R gearbox troubles
Hi, new on this site so if there is a thresd relating to this, your help and direction would be...
by krswetzel   6 days ago

2nd gear issues. and C109's and M109's...
5 days ago
Best tire for 2013 vstar 1300
hello everyone I just purchased my Yamaha vstar 2013 1300 and I’m looking for the same stock tire...
by Dylansvstar   6 days ago

try these guys, thats where I get my tires from
1 day ago
Poor Gas Mileage
I have a 2000 Suzuki 1500lc intruder and i am having problems with poor milage it sounds like it is...
by BozoQ1   1 week ago

Carbon build up means it's running rich.. Could be wrong float level or stuck float, improper...
1 day ago
Orange 2006 Honda VTX 1300C
Newbie to the site from SATX. I rode my first bike when I was 15, owned 82 Night Hawk 450 in early...
by Gideon78   1 week ago

Welcome from Kansas City. Lot's of help available here, just ask. Good people whit a wide variety...
1 week ago
Batwing for 2015 m50
Currently I have a vstream shield for my bike. I like it but I would like to get a batwing fairing...
by Biglaw   1 week ago

1 week ago


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