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Rear blinkers
anyone replace rear lights for all in one?
by Hoss2   2 months ago

2 rtrowe I installed two bright bullet lights on mine because they can't break off, and they are almost...
1 month ago
Bike won't start unless push started.
Two months ago i purchased a v-star 650 with just around 26,000 miles on it. Ran great prior to...
by Sargasm   2 months ago

2 Sargasm Thanks for the link, I started checking the manual for the no spark issue and have gone down the...
2 months ago
Will the lighting system handle aux LED headlights/Taillights?
I want to add two LED aux headlights on my lightbar and also add an LED taillight/brake light combo...
by JCW650   2 months ago

i have headlight and driving lights and a stereo no problems
2 months ago
Happy Halloween From Some Of The Wild Hogs
by tezza   2 months ago

. BTW you guys missed a good get together this past weekend down in Holbrook. I will post...
2 months ago
CCC website
My virus protection software is starting to show warning messages each time I log on to the CCC...
by vardy   2 months ago

Good find Tezza.
2 weeks ago
I'm the new guy
I'm a new rider. Bought a Yamaha VStar 650 and put 3000 miles on her in 2months. Love riding. Seems...
by HurricaneBob   2 months ago

Welcome BOB, from Sydney, Australia.
2 months ago
Vegas Bike Show
It's Showtime!
by Edwins   2 months ago

05 vStarr 1100 cobra exhaust
just purchased cobra exhaust (cobrausa) and installed on by Vstar. Sounds very nice but every time...
by Midex   2 months ago

i have the cobra exhaust on my 1100. DID NOT need to jet. I simply jumped up to a hotter plug and...
2 months ago
Starting issue after stator change
I have owned this bike for about 2 year it being 2001 shadow sabre and I noticed the would be...
by Jo1112   2 months ago

See part number 7, it's the torque limiter.
2 months ago
OEM Seat bracketry
Hello all,  New to the forum . I just bought my 2002 V-Star Custom 1100 and I need help finding...
by Howardre1967   2 months ago

2 months ago


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