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I am wanting to add good quality hard saddlebags to my bike. Any suggestions? Has anyone used...
by lhouser   1 week ago

I put Viking bags on my 1100shadow Spirit, and was very happy with the quality of the bags, and the...
1 week ago
Swing Arm
I have a 1996 intruder 1400 I'm planning on bobbing out. I need to find a swing arm that will house...
by MR247   1 week ago

Your stock tire is 170/80-R15. You can use this
1 week ago
Engine top end noise
Engine top end noise.  What would be the most common part failure?
by JohnW1   2 weeks ago

What year model? Is the oil pressure light on?
1 week ago
Bike shut off while riding. Now no start no crank
Sorry if this turns into a lengthy post. I'm by no means a electrical genius but I'll post what I...
by TravisMcClung   2 weeks ago

Thanks. I will check it when I get a free moment.
2 weeks ago
action camera
just did a test with the camera
by eynstyn   2 weeks ago

The most easy one to use is Moviemaker and it’s a free download and free to use. Any questions?...
3 days ago
AIS rehashed
I know this subject (among Star owners) has been long debated and beaten to death but now I need...
by Gordo0000   2 weeks ago

I have a bag of each type of the caps. LOL. Yes, it works and is reversible. Just having a senior...
2 weeks ago
2012 Honda rebel 250
Hi there! Just got a 2012 Honda rebel 250. I’m a newbie! Thought this would be a good way of...
by Eva112   2 weeks ago

Welcome from western Canada, Eva. Regular maintenance, check your tire pressure, read your owner’s...
1 week ago
Oil Gushing Out
I ride a 1998 Kawaski Vulcan Classic 800. Barely use it.....only 10.5K miles on it. The other day,...
by Ray21   2 weeks ago

I would just clean the oil out of the air box. and try and see what that does. Sounds like just a...
2 weeks ago
Starts but feels like clutch won't engage
Hello I was driving didn't hear anything abnormal Felt like the clutch wasn't engaged...... good...
by Bjj4life   2 weeks ago

Have you checked the cable for free movement. It could be binding up inside.
2 weeks ago
Just have motor/tranny
Just aquired a motor last night,got it all cleaned up and put 12 volts it and it turned over...
by SamCrow   2 weeks ago

You can rejet a stock carb and add a performance pipe but, first do this.
2 weeks ago


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