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Defined by Experience
Guide to motorcycle toolsHammer: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is...
by Edwins   2 weeks ago

3 Fubar Lol, what an accurate discription of my shop.
2 weeks ago
no spark to spark plugs have checked all wiring connections and fuses, i have power to coil just no...
by billosgatharp   2 weeks ago

If you have check wiring, and power to coil but no spark, that pretty much indicates you need new...
2 weeks ago
New Member
Hello to all. My name is Pat and live in Yuma Az. I ride a 05 1100 vstar classic. Never to hot for...
by Yumaaz   2 weeks ago

Enjoy the ride and your family visit...
1 week ago
Warm bike stays at high revs
I bought this bike used from a bike mechanic the carbs are jetted the bike was dyno tuned with...
by wasteddaze   2 weeks ago

25 wasteddaze Your right its not needed i broke my foot just above my big toe but im learning to use the middle...
2 days ago
2004 Yamaha 1700 roadstar fuel tank issues
I had to have neck surgery and let my bike set to long. Now the tank has a lot of rust in it. My...
by Wildchild316   2 weeks ago

Helped to have a friend with a gun shop. lol
5 days ago
1998 Honda Shadow 750 Ace issues troubleshooting
Hello everyone I recently purchased a 1998 Honda Shadow American classic edition. Previous owner...
by Thrasher101   2 weeks ago

Non rebuildable petcock. I've been troubleshooting and have noticed that if you block off the tank...
1 week ago
New Member- Charging Issues
Hey all, I came across this site when researching a charging issue I have on my bike. I read a few...
by LilJon81   2 weeks ago

6 LilJon81 Hey guys here's an update. So I was off last night, went to the shop and checked voltages again....
2 weeks ago
intruder 1500 clutch replacement.
I just bought a 2001 intruder 1500 for a good price from a friend. runs great just needs a new...
by Stlintruder   2 weeks ago

Thank you all for your responses. I am going be installing clutch as soon as I get it. I'll let you...
2 weeks ago
Speedometer Light Glare In Windshield at Night
This is not the biggest deal but when traveling at night it can be a bit distracting when the light...
by Jack13   2 weeks ago

I made one out of a plastic file holder. Put some chrome trim around the edges. That went on my 05...
2 weeks ago
New to the group.
Hello all, FNG here and looking forward to the discussions.
by Fubar   2 weeks ago

Welcome from Penrith NSW Australia.
2 weeks ago


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