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Prices Of Indian Scouts
As some of you may know, I'm heading into my 5th midlife crisis. I've got my eye on a new Indian...
by tezza   1 week ago

wasn't aware that had updated it.
6 days ago
Motorcycle camping.
In another month I'll be moving from my Intruder to my next bike the 04 Royal Star Venture Midnight...
by gasjostrom   2 weeks ago

gasjostrom I just posted some pictures of the trailer I built from the Harbor Freight trailer. It...
1 week ago
VL1500 Snap clatter clatter clatter
Just joined and looking for wisdom. Was about to buy VL1500 from son when he took it for a ride and...
by Tractorbiker   2 weeks ago

From another forum I visit. The following quote: "I still own my 2K 1500LC. In my opinion, the best...
1 week ago
even moderate alcohol may be bad in the long run or SHORT 1??  the pharmacist...
by triumphin   2 weeks ago

One has to have at least one vice as if one is perfect then one is not of this earth and is trying...
1 week ago
I went into my Profile page to change the About me & Question's about me & it say's I don't...
by ABDOOD   2 weeks ago

I just tried my profile and it works. You have to sign in again when you go to edit. There is a box...
2 weeks ago
Honda Shadow VT1100 spark plug wires
Does anyone know if I can use standard universal spark plug wires, copper wire (non suppressor), in...
by doordevice   2 weeks ago

Make sure you get the right diameter and end caps. The majority of Japanese bike makers use NGK...
2 weeks ago
1100 V Star problem
I was riding along when my bike lost power and died. It wont crank nor will it shift. I changed the...
by Poppa51   2 weeks ago

FYI, I bought my current bike in Checotah. Small World.
1 week ago
Rear tire size fit
Does a 170/80 tire size fit on rear of a honda shadow spirit 2010 shaft driven ?
by Simonbrightwell   2 weeks ago

If you are after a more detailed spiel on tyre size for vt750 try this link, I use it all the time...
2 weeks ago
For All You Guys With Gas Problems
by tezza   2 weeks ago

Hyuk hyuk hyuk .... hell of a way to do hair removal ...
2 weeks ago
I have been riding bikes for over 40 years now, but HD only for the last 4 years. In that time I...
by Kiwigh   2 weeks ago

Consider the spoiler style screens, from all reports you can keep the screen size lower because...
2 weeks ago


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