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I'm new here.
Names TimBo, here it's OkieTimBo. I live in Enid, Oklahoma. I'd like to hear about rally's and swap...
by OkieTimBo   8 years ago

HI; try this site There are bike runs and shows listed here. Have a good...
8 years ago
Need mirrors that extend farther than usual
I'm a rather wide guy (size 50 long) and the typical mirrors don't allow me to see what's directly...
by chebruk   8 years ago

I went to google and just searched on motorcycle mirror extenders and came up with loads of stuff.
8 years ago
Installing Kuraykyn Passenger Footpeg adapter 8831 on my Vulcan
I am changing the passenger footpegs on my 1996 Vulcan 1500A.  The instructions and pictures in the...
by chebruk   8 years ago

1 FreeBear This might be a dumb answer but with some of the stuff I have of Kurayakyn, the allen screws take a...
8 years ago
highway hawk headlight
i need to know if the highway hawk headlight will fit my vulcan 900 classic 2008 in place of the...
by pearl67   8 years ago

Tail Lamp / Turn signal upgrades
I presently ride a 2007 650 Classic. I want to be more visible from the rear of my bike. Only lamp...
by mikes650   8 years ago

 HI; This is my latesed lite project I nistalled a 57 olds front fender chrome rocket. I drilled...
8 years ago
Newer member
Hey all, I just got my bike back from the shop after having some modifications done. Hope to be...
by negronseth   8 years ago

 HI; The weather is not good ether cold and rain. Just have to keep adding stuff to the ride.......
8 years ago
St. Louis Area Member
Hey ya'll..  I run the Illinois side of the river from St. Louis..  I ride with the Road Raptors. ...
by Gonzo1970   8 years ago

2 Shadowmax Hey Gonzo, I'm up in the Springfield Il area.  I'm planning on some road trips down your way this...
8 years ago
New Exhaust VTX 1300C
Bought my VTX 2 months ago and am ready to get some new louder pipes.  I haven't been riding in...
by jl2193   8 years ago

jl2193, Great Choice!  My first set of pipes on my VTX 1300S were the Cobra pipes. My current set...
8 years ago
My name is Rudy  aka Rudster, I  just joined this website and me and my wife would like to say...
by rudster   8 years ago

Welcome Rudy from Ohio.  Looks like I'm the closest to you so far.  If you're ever passing through...
8 years ago
Wireless Communications Questions
I've got two Nolan N102 helmets, and I'd like to talk to my passenger, listen to music, and maybe...
by pcarrell   8 years ago

Thanks for the info Cehszar.  I've had several people now that have said thats a good setup.  I...
8 years ago


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