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Groups in the Cruiser Customizing Community
Have you checked out the Groups here in the Cruiser Customizing Community?  Groups are like on-line...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

May be we should start one called " riders with too much time on their hands". It would have 6...
8 years ago
Community Upgrade!!! Tomorrow Morning!
1/26/09 Manybikes   This coming Tuesday morning, January 27, at 3:00AM EST (0900 GMT), we will be...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Hmmm....slept right through it! Seems a little peppier today Kyle. Pages are loading faster....
8 years ago test has a cool iphone application which is similar to the "Instamapper GPStracker"...
by uwe999   8 years ago

Yeah, I hear ya. I don't even own a GPS. Just not something I was ever interested in. I usually...
8 years ago
Exhaust Upgrade
Hey all: Am planning to get some aftermarket pipes real soon.  Currently I am interested in the V...
by moreland4   8 years ago

I have the V&H Bigshot pipes on my RoadStar Warrior and they make enough noise to let others...
7 years ago
magnets for vehicle detection at traffic signals
Does anybody know if the magnets they sell so that traffic signals know a vehicle is there actually...
by sm50t   8 years ago

had two on my roadstar.lost them both bottoming out on these pot hole filled Ohio roads.worked ok...
8 years ago
skuggi being taken apart.
i just bought the bike. and it is in horrible condition. im taking it apart now. and im gonna...
by ellaice   8 years ago

ellaice ; Your english is way better than my icelandic. The only ice I know is in my drink... Keep...
8 years ago
Suzuki Volusia
I cleaned my carburetor and now i cant get the fuel from my gas tank to the carburetor.  Can any...
by rshartn   8 years ago

HI; Have you rechecked the float. Make sure that it is not missalined and stuck. I have found that...
8 years ago
Yep! you just can't beat The sound of a full set of pipes. dollar for dollar performance and sound...
by pcbiker   8 years ago

...and loud pipes really do save lives! However, the problem is to find that level that makes...
8 years ago
Slip On versus Full System Exhaust Tip of the Week from Cruiser Customizing
  Slip-On Mufflers vs. Full System Exhaust John Potts, 7 year exhaust specialist with...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Thank you for all the great tips Kyle Vinny
8 years ago
To Jet or Not To Jet... that is the Question...
After watching today's Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week, a member contacted me to ask: Member: "...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Great input mjbearit! bmiller, take a look at this part...BLV92-1968 plug and play fuel...
8 years ago


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