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Buffeting from windshield
I have a Memphis Shades Deuce with lowers on my Shadow 750 C2 from about 65 to 75 mph my head...
by hclco3   9 years ago

6 saberist I got my new windshield installed.  Wow what a difference. I went from a Memphis shades 19 in. to a...
9 years ago
Motorcycle Taxis Serivce
I think this is a great idea, take a look what do you think, could we use something like this in SF...
by simmbad   9 years ago

What a super idea! Mike - speaking from experience... a freaked out passanger on the back of a...
9 years ago
New Cruiser Customizing Motorcycle Community Tip of the Week
The New and Improved Cruiser Customizing Community Since the inception of Cruiser Customizing, we...
by ManyBikes   9 years ago

Band camp?!  BAND CAMP?!  Huh?  LOL! Thanks Kyle and all CC!  You guys are doing a great job!...
9 years ago
2010 Honda Fury
I just opened up my honda bill and inside was a ad for the 2010 Fury, Honda's 1300 Chopper, http://...
by simmbad   9 years ago

21 tflaim The Fury starts at $12,999
9 years ago
Kudos to CC
You know, I've been around the web for a long time, I've seen companies come and go and I've seen a...
by mjbearit   9 years ago

I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said, so I'll just say THANKS!
9 years ago
by ynkmup   9 years ago

1 brentward NP.. start adding.. me too!
9 years ago
assesory page
I added 4 new assosories to my bike page, but when I look at all of the people who have my bike my...
by Bikinjb   9 years ago

Hey Bikinjb, The count for a member's Accessories and Wishlist items has been fixed to match the...
8 years ago
Not showing my correct age
I just noticed that my profile is not showing my correct age, I even checked to make sure I had the...
by simmbad   9 years ago

7 FreeBear That's OK, Alex.  I don't want my age to change.  If it shows half my REAL age, maybe I can get...
9 years ago
Layout improvement or dork, you decide!
Okay, either the site needs improvement on one area, or I'm just a dork who can't figure anything...
by mjbearit   9 years ago

Mike, you are for sure not a dork! (forgot to preface my last message with that before going into...
9 years ago
Scars, Road Rash and other body damage
I stole this topic idea from Kyle. Post your Photos, X-rays here.... but please keep in mind this...
by simmbad   9 years ago

AHHH, Annie, all my questions are answered, surely glad it was not any worse for u. Wow
9 years ago


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