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VSTAR tank emblems
Hi there, I recently bought a bike that had the side tank emblems removed and I would like to put a...
by steppy   9 years ago

Yea, Still trying, they have gotten up as high as $60 and I dont want them quite that bad. Thanks...
9 years ago
Wireless switch for driving lights?
I can't reach the ON/OFF switch for my driving lights while driving because it's mounted near the...
by SkidMarc   9 years ago

Guys, thanks for your replies. Moreland4 too bad I didn't see that switch when I placed my last...
9 years ago
Removing Baffles !
Hey Was thinking about removing the baffles from my 2007 honda shadow spirit c2's stock pipes. But...
by atvracer331   9 years ago

DUDE, DONT DO IT. I dont care who you talk to.  I have the facts.  I debaffeled my Vulcan 1600.  I...
9 years ago
Powercommander III with USB
I just had this part installed along with my new pipes (Cobra speedster slashdowns) on my 2004 1600...
by fightinirishmen   9 years ago

3 fightinirishmen I appreciate the responses.  I am told by the dynojet people and others that I should have...
9 years ago
Should I be my own wrench?
I've received a lot of emails lately asking about help with jetting or AIS systems or Tachs and it...
by mjbearit   9 years ago

7 MsChevious When I help someone who works on their bike, I will be extra hands, but I'm very gun shy about...
9 years ago
Seat Pad
Just wanted to do a quick review on a product I found through an ad on CC.  It is the Ortho-Deluxe...
by mjbearit   9 years ago

1 MsChevious Hmmm! Now you have me thinking about the longer rides I have planned. Thanks for the review. Your...
9 years ago
Memphis Fat Windshield-Difference between new and replacement
I want to get a Memphis Fat 17" winshield, but I'm new at this buying parts thing.   I have a ...
by indyn   9 years ago

Hey just moved to Delaware and have noticed alot that Delawareians love to ride. The weather is...
by atvracer331   9 years ago

You might want to check out  They might have a group in your area.  I just went on...
9 years ago
Floorboards and Lindby crash bar
Hey everyone I put a lindby crash bar on my 2006 Honda VT1100C Sabre because it's nice looking and...
by oldstar51   9 years ago

I had the same problem when I put on after market floor boards with factory crash bars.  The only...
9 years ago
She said she wouldn't
Well the wife saw the new helmet and looked at the old one I had been wearing and thought ok maybe...
by calitobias   9 years ago

9 years ago


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