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The first Bike
My first bike was a two year old honda 500/4 in 1976. Was a bit scarry at first. In those days...
by PhilCole   8 years ago

So true are your words,
7 years ago
Helmets: Full Face or not to Full Face, That is the Question
November 12th, 2004 I was wearing this helmet and it saved my life. Even helmet bound, I remember...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Cehs, I reckon the cops would ALWAYS be paying attention to you!
8 years ago
Help Me!
Please post a comment to this story and lend me some advise... Key Points: * New BMW...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

am having a blastchecking out all the twisty and dirt roads Washington has to offer! Tons of...
8 years ago
First Ride in Months
Well today was the first ride I have had in months. It has been soooo wet over here and cold as...
by dkerr   8 years ago

that is awesome. Glad you like the camera. I looked up those roads you mentioned on google maps,...
8 years ago
Jet kit for 2007 750 shadow?
Do I need a kit per carburator? Also mine ia a DC only see kits for stage one. Not two or three.I...
by donkeysausage   8 years ago

2 donkeysausage THX for the info.much apreciated.
8 years ago
sissy bar brackets scratching fender
I have a honda VLX 600 with saddlebag mounts. When I put the beeoch seat on and sissy bar, the...
by Holliewd   8 years ago

Cool Online Photo Editing Tool - Fotoflexer
Our new online community features make photo sharing a snap, just upload your pictures and we'll do...
by uwe999   8 years ago

Awesome! What a neat tool!
8 years ago
First Bike
I work 20 miles from my home and was looking for a way to save some money on gas. Went to the local...
by shadowfox   8 years ago

Good story
8 years ago
Rust and Corrosion!!
I recently entered my 1999 Honda Shadow Aero in a bike show. I worked my rear-end off getting her...
by jbosworth   8 years ago

I used the prototype!!!
8 years ago
vz800 starter relay control RK-0313
hi, I'm having problems with my 1997/8 vz800 at the above point. As this sits by the fuse box I...
by rockywr22   8 years ago



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