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Power command for VTX 1300
Hey guys, I just bought my VTX a couple months ago but i dont know much about bikes.  I want to get...
by ynot1007   9 years ago

ynot1007,  your VTX 1300 has a carb not fuel injection. You will need a jet kit to adjust the air...
9 years ago
Good news for Mexico
Between all the bad things that happens in our Country, there are good news, Now Suzuki bring us...
by Cehszar   9 years ago

Yes it's great bike, but I'm thinking in something like the voyager or nomad, may be at same time...
8 years ago
Ridin' into the sun, the shadows are behind you....
Moving to FLA a yr ago now and residing on the Gulf coast has given me a whole new experience....
by irish18   9 years ago

good for you im a shadow rider too and it dosent realy matter how cold it is as long as she starts...
9 years ago
Pirelli front tire for shadow aero
I have a '98 Aero 1100 - front tire size 140/80-17  69 H  -  I'd like to put a Pirelli on the stock...
by shadaeroman   9 years ago

3 shadaeroman Thanks for the input, guys.  I still have time before I need to change the front one, but I did get...
9 years ago
Help list anyone.
 HI all I was just thinking  would anyone be interestedin a help list. Just for any kind of help...
by scruffy   9 years ago

Great idea, count me in! I have garage space, spare bed and a recovery trailer.
7 years ago
Mounting Gauges to the Handlebar
I would like to mount a oil pressure and coolant temp guage on my handlebars. Doesn't sound like...
by Humbug   9 years ago

 HI; have you thought that you may be able to make the housing out of some stainless? It would only...
9 years ago
Just wanted to say Hello, My name is Mike, I love this site it is awesome, But i cant get my...
by maz2107   9 years ago

My name is Marius ,Good advice to get rid of the white stuff ,move to South Africa we dont have it...
9 years ago
Motorcycle helmet lock
It happen all the time, you leather up andwell helmeted and jump on your bike for a quick spin...
by ckways   9 years ago

7 shahidulalam Lock motorbike or unlock motor bike is disgusting work for me... :(
2 years ago
Carb Junk in a Honda Shadow.
I did everything I was supposed to do, but it looks like my carb got gummed up with varnish anyway...
by MsChevious   9 years ago

HI I will be at the swap meet in Portland April 2-5. I go every year. I have a spot at the PIR in...
9 years ago
Suzuki gz250 handlebars
I need new handlebars for my GZ250, but I have been told that they are 7/8" by some and 1" by...
by kezerle3   9 years ago

Thanks for the help. I mesured at the risers and there 7/8". I found new black bars on ebay for $19...
9 years ago


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