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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and not computer savvy since the pic of my bike is taking up all the...
by alienbiker   8 years ago

Hey alien, I ride a 2007 900 Classic myself.  I've done a number of mods and would be more than...
8 years ago
Merry Christmas to everyone
I guess im in mid life crisis also  have not ridden since the 60s  bought me a used 750ace  last...
by ladyrider2   8 years ago

Yes we survived ok. No fights or any other major dramas. Prop I've been in to MLC, Can't find...
8 years ago
GWTA Diablo Valley Wings Christmas Dinner
Diablo Valley Wings Christmas Dinner 08 Sunday I attended my local GWTA Diablo Valley Wing...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Great stuff. Terry hope you have a good night on 27th. Don't bring home a blind elephant, coz they...
8 years ago
NEW Tour pack bracket V-Star
I designed a tour pack bracket for the V-Star 1100/650 and only have one.  I don't want to sell it...
by feroce2003   8 years ago

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1 year ago
Bought some parts of this site. Fortunately German and austrians know where Australia is??  ...
by gardo55   8 years ago

Excellent Uwe. I think you should buy the company! .........Already yours huh! Well done to you and...
8 years ago
Checkout the Allstate Garage and create your own bike
I noticed Allstate insurance is advertising on our community site. They have a pretty cool "...
by uwe999   8 years ago

just come back and share the bikes you built. Allstate needs to add a feature to put a babe with...
8 years ago
Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) TireGard Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) TireGard Tire Pressure Monitoring System...
by ManyBikes   8 years ago

Cycleworld International Motorcycle Show
The IMS motorcycle shows are back starting this weekend - I can't wait to go to the San Mateo show...
by uwe999   8 years ago

Looks like a possible D.C. run in January. Thanks Uwe
8 years ago
A bit chilly this morning
temperatures dropped to 33 degrees on my ride to the office this morning. Not a problem with the...
by uwe999   8 years ago

No Uwe, we still have rough weather down here, just not as bad as other places. And again, thanks...
8 years ago
Picked Up A Nail!!
I Picked up a nail in my rear tire (170/80-15 Dunlop K555 tube-type) and now must replace the tube...
by Bigmrtree   8 years ago

 HI; Rule of thumb is if the hole is bigger than 8mm or 1/4 " in the side wall replace other wise...
8 years ago


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