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Nomad No-start
Hi, I'm brand new here, hoping I can find some help.  I have a 2007 Kawi Nomad 1600, which I...
by Roadbiker   2 weeks ago

On a previous discussion on spark plugs I was told not to sand iridiums spark plugs cuz it will...
2 weeks ago
NC to vote on change in helmet law in Oct.
Being told I have to warea helmet for me has always seemed to feel like a violation of my cival...
by gasjostrom   2 weeks ago

Jhlynch, if people are dying at those dark railway crossings you should start a campaign to make...
1 week ago
Tire replacement
Hi all ! Can you help me with a little problem ? I would like to replace the rear tire 150/80-16...
by Sorin   2 weeks ago

Thanks for your answer ! I've checked inside my fender. The space looks too narow. I ll remove the...
2 weeks ago
Weres best place and price set drag pipes in uk
Want some louder drag pipes for my vn 1600 any clues uk n price
by Nedkelly2   3 weeks ago

I'd start here. Good selection.
3 weeks ago
New rider here
Bought a 2003 vstar 1100 custom last week never been on a bike till it got delivered. 
by WilliamBauman   3 weeks ago

No I just rode on it. This summer I am hoping to cover my seat and passenger and backrest in...
2 weeks ago
Check all your bolts
Interesting thing today. For the past month I have been smelling something strange on my bike. I...
by vsnetzinger   3 weeks ago

This is also why you should check your bolts.
2 days ago
Torn between Nomad 1500 and Road Star 1700. Love both, but...
   I'd love to hear from any and everyone who could give me some info. I am not about to buy this...
by DavidG1   3 weeks ago

18 Gracielou David, Don't know where you are from and if temperature (climate) is a consideration. A few things...
2 weeks ago
Hoe kan je de achter vering zwaarder zetten voor om op vakantie te gaan en dat je zwart beladen be 
by RFSchefferlie   3 weeks ago

Ik zie niet vaak Nederlands hier op de site. Ik denk dat je meer reacties zult krijgen wanneer je...
3 weeks ago
Anyone here???
Logged on at home and took me to other site!! Logged on at work and it brought me back to CCC!! Is...
by strattlerock   3 weeks ago

Rack off Noddy!!!!!!!!!
6 days ago
Plug near ecu
Hi, I need some help, my m109r from 2008, has on the left side near ecu some plugs. In the white...
by Vzr1800   3 weeks ago

one of the plugs is for data.
1 week ago


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