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New here
Hei! Just join to this group. Seems to be lots of information here that's nice. I'm from Finland,...
by Vesalama   4 weeks ago

Welcome from San Antonio
3 weeks ago
How much you can say about Wrecking except boy I got some major road rash but at least the light...
by Jesse88   4 weeks ago

I'm sorry you got hurt but I'm glad is wasn't worse.
3 weeks ago
Tastefully Offensive
I received this in an email from a friend and I just had to share it.  http://www....
by tezza   4 weeks ago

Thanks Terry ... that was great! If Mr Jessel doesn't make it as a singer/composer, he has a shot...
3 weeks ago
2002 V Star 1100 Engine Stalls/Dies when warm/hot-riding
My 2002 Yamaha VStar with only 1025 miles, (stored for 9 years), stalls out after riding for 6 -7...
by cvs2002   4 weeks ago

You have to take off carb and put hole openings through carb inlet and elbow. I cut off half the...
3 weeks ago
What's up
Hello everyone just got In from a ride beautiful day here in Massachusetts
by Lionheart15   4 weeks ago

Welcome from Medford, OR. Looking forward to some pics of your riding territory and bike.
3 weeks ago
Don't buy these
If you guys remember purchased a set of highway bar lights from a place called cirius. They looked...
by vsnetzinger   1 month ago

The true test is how they respond when things don't go as planed.
2 weeks ago
Bad Cover & and not so good Cutomer service
    Hey Folks, thought I would let everyone know, I Purchased a Bike cover just over 2yrs ago from...
by HalfBreed   1 month ago

I agree with that.
2 weeks ago
Blown headlight fuse issue
Not long after I tore apart the real to make and replace my sissy bar I've been constantly blowing...
by Andrew17   1 month ago

Sounds like you accidentally shorted the wiring while working on the sissy bar. I'd remove the...
1 month ago
Help please
My husband took our motorcycle apart to paint it. We now have a piece that needs a home. Can anyone...
by ButchsBabe   1 month ago

Or log on to the site with your phone take a picture of it and just upload from your phone
1 month ago
Honda Interestate fork deflectors
I need fork deflectors for wind problems over 60 mph. I would appreciate any help . Need type of...
by JohnnyGill   1 month ago

If you need anything else send me a post.
3 weeks ago


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