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Reg vs Premium gas
I bought a 2003 VS800 Intruder and have had mixed recommendations on rather I should use regular...
by Deplorable86   2 weeks ago

reg vs prem---------price
2 weeks ago
Only hear exhaust on left side - vance and hines duals
I'm only hearing exhaust out of the left side. Not sure why I can't hear the right side. Could it...
by waggswag   2 weeks ago

Edwins You can find your service manual...
2 weeks ago
1500 Classic, Fuel pump delete
Hello to everyone, My name is James, but here I'll go as Retread... I need an idea or two on the...
by Retread   2 weeks ago

Are you using the factory manual? Chapter 2, page 57 to start with.
2 weeks ago
Test riding a Harley Street Glide
Just wanted to share that on Thursday I'll be test riding a brand new Harley Davidson Street Glide...
by RedBirdBoy   2 weeks ago

Understand totally. You said they did the turn signals odd too. Its bad enough Honda And Indian...
2 weeks ago
Will 2006 C90 back rest and rack fit on a 2010 M90?
Hey all, just purchased a 2010 M90 and have a friend with a 2006 C90. I want to installl a back...
by ScottTaylor1   2 weeks ago

Scott, I would be measuring the bolt spacing on both bikes if they are the same or similar then...
2 weeks ago
Fix old gas tank or buy new
I'm trying to get my bike back on the road but the tank looks like there is a science project going...
by Adam17   3 weeks ago

The year of the bike is 1999. Looks like I'll give the steel shot and kerosene a try. Is there a...
2 weeks ago
Gas in K&N air filter HELP
Hello: I have 2008 M109R. A couple of weeks ago I went to start bike it wouldn't start. I replaced...
by MZFIRE   3 weeks ago

You're Welcome.
2 weeks ago
Rear tire
I gone replace the rear tire , actually is 150/80-16 I want to replace for more wide tire maybe 200...
by Jose14   3 weeks ago

My experience with rear tires is limited but I know you need to be careful with turn signal wires...
2 weeks ago
Side gapping spark plugs
Debating on side gapping my plugs for my 04 Vulcan 1500... It's been jetted & I put a hyper...
by RyanRobbins   3 weeks ago

IF you think you have too hot of plugs. Do this take a full throttle run after the bike is warmed...
2 weeks ago
Is there an aluminum neutral shift plate to replace the OEM?
07 V Star 650 w/ 1874 miles (It had been sitting up for 7 years when I purchased it last week.  The...
by JCW650   3 weeks ago

There may have been someone making them but I can't seem to find any information. The plastic is...
3 weeks ago


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