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Had ignition switch apart, whrn i put it back together, the taillight is ON when key is OFF and...
by BrandonJobe   2 weeks ago

I'll take a stub at this. Reasons: 1. Ignition is making contact to "on" even when switch to off...
2 weeks ago
Engine Oil Overfill
Hello Everyone, So I have a 08 Suzuki c109R and just replaced my oil. I overfilled and the pressure...
by thepacman85   2 weeks ago

I did that once thinking a little more oil is good, it is not. Ended up blowing o-rings seal. Not...
1 week ago
Could you guys help me out with a problem?
So my xvs1100 is a 2007, it has roughly 9k miles on it.  I have no idea when the oil was changed...
by monsterquinn91   2 weeks ago

Don't you just love a site full of guru's????? I almost believe Scruffy!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago
Vstar 650
Hey guys,just bought a beautiful VStar classic,it had been sitting a while so I emptied the tank,...
by obx109r   3 weeks ago

Glad to hear it worked. I think I pretty much spilled my guts on what I know about it already....
6 hours ago
Turn Signal Issue
I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out why this must be: my right turn signal blinks...
by Cameron5   3 weeks ago

Usually it's the bulb. Could be getting ready to die. Try swapping it with one of the others to see...
3 weeks ago
Indian, Parts
Recently converted my 2014 Indian Chieftain to a trike and have lots of parts to move. If...
by MaxBrummels   3 weeks ago

For Sale 2009 Fat Bob
2009 Fat Bob 49477mi, LED Headlamp, LED Tail lamp, 2up mustang seat. Good tires, fluids changed at...
by vsnetzinger   3 weeks ago

Map for Powercommander 3 USB
Hi Friends does anyone have a exclusive fuel map for powercommander 3USB. I own a 2005 Vulcan 1600...
by JohnTitus   3 weeks ago

Thank you so much . Ill look into this.
3 weeks ago
93 honda shadow vt1000
So I just bought this bike, and it had the fuel/vaccum lines disconnected and looks like a few are...
by Mshep92   3 weeks ago

4 MattShepherd Awesome thanks for all the helpful tips guys
2 weeks ago
'96 Shadow 600 VLX - Can't figure out part name
I have a 1996 Shadow 600 VLX and it idles very high. It looks like the problem could be the part...
by Zach1   3 weeks ago

And we don't charge them anything. lol
1 week ago


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