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Learning basic maintenance
I just bought my first bike ever this month and was wondering what all basic or main parts of...
by WesleyTran   3 weeks ago

I personally recommend this book by Mark Zimmerman "The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance."
2 weeks ago
I have an 08 vulcan 900 custom and when i gas the throttle it cuts out and doesnt want to run. Ive...
by Jared2   3 weeks ago

You might want to check the fuel pump pressure . It should be 50+ while running. If you have not...
3 weeks ago
Progressive shocks
Anyone runniing Progressive 13 inch 444 4057 (Vrod heavy duty) on your bike? I have a set for my 12...
by Rondar   3 weeks ago

ok ok my turn
Im looking for led replacement signal bulbs for the vstar 1100,  are there any that have the...
by eynstyn   3 weeks ago

You would have to change the turn signal switch which might be a search but, it could be done by...
2 weeks ago
Primary noise
Hey everyone, my breakout seems to be making a little rattling sound coming from my primary I can...
by Scott49   3 weeks ago

Hi Scott - Welcome to the site - Have a look at the video -
2 weeks ago
Rear wheel bump? HELP!!
I'm in need of help!! I noticed a slight bump on the rear tire of my vstar 650 when riding in low...
by Justin13   3 weeks ago

6 Justin13 Here's a video of my wheel in motion
1 week ago
Losing power while riding.
Hey all I'm hoping someone will be able to help. When I'm riding above 45mph and have a decent wind...
by AlanRayFrick   3 weeks ago

Check to see if your Hypercharger is functioning correctly.
3 weeks ago
New member
So, I signed up and it said I should Introduce myself on here so here I am. My Name is Jerry Witt I...
by Rarebear   3 weeks ago

Hi Jerry - G'Day from COOMA NSW Australia ... Welcome to the site ... Cheers & Ride Safe...
2 weeks ago
Non starter
Hi Vz800 marauder. Just wont start or even fire. Been stood up for a few months so changed fuel....
by KeithMabbitt   3 weeks ago

If it has Spark & Fuel, it Should go Bang - Something is NOT happening - Double Check...
2 weeks ago
Windshield Help I have tire dilemma solved (I've decided on the Commander II) I have a windshield question...
by Gordo0000   3 weeks ago

yes, i slotted the bottom hole at a downward angle and the top hole straight in. so it angles in...
3 weeks ago


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