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Best motor oil?
Just bought an 08 C109rt . What is the best motor oil to use?
by zeus109   3 weeks ago

3 zeus109 Thanks for the help fellas decided to go with Suzuki brand full synthetic Stay Safe thanks again
3 weeks ago
Air filters
Where are my air filters located?
by JacobWill   3 weeks ago

Fuel Pump
Brought my Aero 3 weeks ago in Phnom Phen. Rode her back to Siem Reap and had fuel pump issues. On...
by CamboAero   3 weeks ago

You can use a voltage drop resistor but I would replace the pump as the fuel pressure and rate of...
3 weeks ago
New guy lookong for help 06 vstar 1100 classic
Alright guys to be honest im a little heart broken. I bought an 06 vstar 1100 classic 3 days ago....
by Fatmike42721   3 weeks ago

Turns out i had 3 broken teeth in the ring and the pinion looked like it had veen through a wood...
2 weeks ago
What am I suppose to use for mounting straps for this sissy bar.
I've just revived my new sissy bar and i have three different set of mounts and none fit this bolt...
by TIMTaylor   3 weeks ago

Go back and look at the description page. It says order bracket seperately.http://www....
3 weeks ago
482419 mini led turn signal red Wiring instructions
What is the preferred wiring for the red & white wires for running & directional operation...
by MelParker   3 weeks ago

White is Ground most of the time, Red is power from turn signal or running lights. Double check...
3 weeks ago
Setting up a relay
I have some accessories I want to add to my bike that I don't want connected directly to the...
by USDSUQ   3 weeks ago

That had crossed my mind. I got a cigarette lighter for the handle bars and was going to connect...
1 week ago
electrical problem
J ust bought a 2001 vs800 two weeks ago. Runs great but sometimes when I push the ignition switch...
by donnieduree   3 weeks ago

Sounds like an intermittent short in the ignition switch. If you can jumper the switch when the...
3 weeks ago
Their Day
Wanted to say Happy Birthday to nomad60 and fishy55inpa. Hope you both have a great day and many...
by AllenEllis   3 weeks ago

Pappy Hirthday gentlefolks. Celebrate like you mean it.
3 weeks ago
One year this week no start !
My 2005 yamaha roadstar silverado is a nice bike. But last summer i put a fuel pump when it stoped...
by calabro55   3 weeks ago

Scruffy has a point. There is a switch on the kickstand which will prevent it starting. I hope...
3 weeks ago


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