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Exhaust Change out
I bought a 2004 Suzuki Intruder VL1500 LC that has stock pipes and it came with a spare set of...
by dwh890nc   3 weeks ago

These pipes were made for the Boulevard C90. The C90/C90T came out in 2005 as a rename to the...
3 weeks ago
Help please
New to doing work on motorcycles but none the less here is my issue. I was riding one day and...
by WilliamStorey   3 weeks ago

5 Jaystrait Sorry....i am try g to post my own issue. Wrong page....sorry fellas ...
1 week ago
2005 V-Star 1100 has no spark
I just bought a 2005 V-star 1100 Classic from an older woman who had it sitting in her garage. The...
by RideRed0331   3 weeks ago

I love to see/hear tech help getting thrown around. Makes my heart beat faster!!! Scruffy and...
2 days ago
Yamaha XV1100 1996
Hi to everyone I am new here and hope there are plenty of XV 1100 fans out there. I took the bike...
by PeterN   3 weeks ago

One of my favorite tools is a mechanic's stethoscope. Really helps find where the noise is coming...
3 weeks ago
Congrats with your birthday Al!
by GertNL   3 weeks ago

als1953 my age?
2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday Albert Stapert
hey Al ... I think it was your birthday yesterday. Sorry i missed it old mate. All the best for the...
by vardy   3 weeks ago

Yep. We were lucky there were no mobile phones and facebook otherwise the pics would be in space...
2 weeks ago
Looking for aftermarket handle bars.
by Jeffsalzman   3 weeks ago

Edwins You look up the...
3 weeks ago
Hi to all of you
Hi community, two weeks ago I  bought a valkyrie interstate 2001 with 20,500 miles. I'm so happy...
by Edgarvalkeryie   3 weeks ago

Welcome from the Pocono mountains Mountains of Pennsylvania. I lived on the island for years, Port...
2 weeks ago
Engine Replacement
Does anyone know if I can put a 2004 V Star 1100 Classic motor on my 2005 V Star 1100 Silverado?
by Mark1025   3 weeks ago

Take a look. The crankcase assembly is the same for both bikes. Straight bolt in.http://www....
3 weeks ago
Getting back on a Sabre !!
Well, been about ten years, but Im ready to get back to the 1100  !!!! Could ask a little help on a...
by Mongo02   4 weeks ago

Edwins Andhttp...
3 weeks ago


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