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Speedo gear ratio for 1995..??
Hello.... I'm trying ti find out what the Speedometer Gear Ratio is for a 1995 Intruder 1400. I...
by WreyWray79   1 month ago

2:1, here is one example. and here's a deal http://www....
1 month ago
Migrating from the stock exhaust pipe
I am interested in changing my stock exhaust pipe because I am in favour of up-sweep pipes (not...
by badaveil   1 month ago

When changing pipes change your air filter also to a k&n filter. And if you have the capability...
1 month ago
Just introducing myself to the group
I just finished reading the thread about the electrical issues that Bob69 helped the lady with.  ...
by Captaine35   1 month ago

Welcome from Medford, OR. Yes this is a nice community for info, pics, videos, and making friends.
3 weeks ago
New to me 02 vstar 1100 jetting question?
    Ok a quick overview is I found it on a Facebook sales page for $800, it wouldn't do anything so...
by Ccctakacs   1 month ago

Go to Photos in the main screen, when you click on photos you can find "add a picture", click on...
1 month ago
Haveing no start no fire problems with not suz 109 project.
by ClaytonRiddle   1 month ago

rewrite your question with better grammer and provide more information.
1 month ago
still dead
Nothing when turning on the ignition    I thought I had found the reason my 03 1400 went dead after...
by trackfodder   1 month ago

Same trouble on 2004 vs1400. Tomorrow I will check the connection from the ground cable that runs...
1 month ago
1997 Suzuki intruder 800 clutch problems
Replaced the master cylinder and slave cylinder and bled the system and have no clutch pressure....
by BrianBoggess   1 month ago

I knew I has this saved somewhere. Get some big plastic trash bags and tape to cover parts of the...
1 month ago
fizzled electrics
My 2003 VS1400 GLP made about 1/2 revolution and everything went dead.  I have been tearing my hair...
by trackfodder   1 month ago

Dielectic grease is what i think they use not vasaline.
1 month ago
Loudest Plug & Play Horn
I absolutely need to replace the Road Runer (meep-meep)  horn on my 2014 V-Star 1300 Deluxe. What's...
by M2311   1 month ago

The higher decibels the better. You'll need to consider mounting location.
1 month ago
New owner
I have questions
by killswitch420   1 month ago

Use the minkini swab with lots of additive corbinite.
1 month ago


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