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Efi to carb
Hello , I'm looking to swap my 2000 FLHRCI from efi to carburated. Any help or pointed in the...
by Krizzp   2 weeks ago

Michael Harley's early MM efi is the exception to the rule.
1 week ago
New guy
Hello my name is Christopher, just joined up today. I'm interested in modifying my 00 FLHRC....
by Krizzp   2 weeks ago

Welcome from South Australia. Keep active on this site and new friends will be all over the world.
2 weeks ago
Diagnostic codes
b1154 is the code # im new at this
by RKcash   2 weeks ago

Edwin’s, you have a head full of s&&&. STUFF!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks ago
Bike handles poorly on highway
Just in case it not shown as I'm a newbie. Have a 2009 Roadstar 1700.with 40000 kms My problem is...
by Mikej21   2 weeks ago

I had the same issues last summer ...especially with those road seams...would drag the front of the...
2 weeks ago
Restoring a 2008 M50 - What goes here?
Hey guys, new to the forum.  I am rebuilding a 2008 M50.  Can anyone tell me, or send a link to,...
by craeshe   2 weeks ago

HI try these guys great pictures and easy parts
2 weeks ago
temprature light
hello guys i just bought a 03 intruder with 6,000 miles  i nice silver color.. did all the...
by joelocke   2 weeks ago

While your checking wires look for an open in that circuit. I would replace the temp sensor if...
2 weeks ago
VS800 misfire
My '97 VS800 misfires at 120k/70mph Valves set, cleaned the carbs, new K&L float valves, new...
by Suzukitech   2 weeks ago

2 Suzukitech What about the valve train? Engine runs fine at 100k and 140k so I'm assuming it gets enough fuel...
2 weeks ago
Bobber seat
Hi  does anyone know of a company that sells bobber seats with mounting bracket for the 1700...
by Rob1123   2 weeks ago

3 Rob1123 Thank you guys
2 weeks ago
Hey does anyone know if I can use 2004 v star 1100 classic seats on a 2006?
by DaveRoberts1   2 weeks ago

just a thought may he can try his hand at upholstery and customize his old one, i did one and it...
2 weeks ago
Headlight upgrade question
I am thinking about upgrading the headlight on my 2009 V Star 950 Tourer, and have been considering...
by SarntRod   2 weeks ago

Hi Eynstyn...I saw the video. Did you have to go through the whole process of dremeling fins,...
4 days ago


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