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Vs1400 front tyre
Im wondering if a 100/90/19 tyre will work ok rather than the stock 110/90/19 one? Damian
by DamianGardner   1 month ago

It should work very well. It is just a little narrower that is all.
1 month ago
Fuse problems
Hey have a 2004 Honda shadow sabre when I come to a stop the bike dies and blows the ignition fuse...
by Morgan2   1 month ago

Ignition system has a short. Check connections at ignition modual, coils, and ignition switch, and...
1 month ago
2002 Yamaha VStar 1100 Custom 4 sale in S. VT
Kept immaculate mechanical condition reading daily to work errands and long-distance trips. New...
by TBunny   1 month ago

Bikes for sale?
 Is there a place on here we can list bikes for sale ?
by TBunny   1 month ago

Basically in the discussion section. Although if someone doesn't catch right away it gets buried...
1 month ago
Apes, mini apes???
Kicking the idea around of changing my stock bars out on my 07 vstar 1300. I believe the stock bars...
by Luciano   1 month ago

That's a good analogy Randy, very true. Those are good resources on the topic, thanks for sharing.
1 month ago
Torque numbers
Hey guys just wondering can anyone give me torque numbers for back and front wheel nuts and brake...
by Damien2   1 month ago

Val, I like free ones. lol
1 month ago
Ok this has probly been answered but did CruiserCustomizing get bought out
by akphill   1 month ago

Face cream....and an soft lens Raymond. Lol. It would be interesting to see who our oldest rider is...
1 month ago
Electrifying Developements
As some of you may know, I'm a electronics geek. Over 40 years as a electronics/computer tech...
by Edwins   1 month ago

Going to be like our nuclear waste
1 month ago
New to the Family
Hello everyone. I'm new to the Star family, and wanted to introduce myself. My riding experience...
by HighwayHooligan   1 month ago

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here. I've ridden a ton of bikes but the last two were...
1 month ago
Changing Tires - Help me guys.
So I bought a Harbor Frieght tire changer with the motorcycle attachment, but took it back because...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

i made a tire changer out of car rims , work good
3 weeks ago


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