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VZ800 Marauder 1999
Hi, had to log in another name with log in problems. Thanks for everybodies help. I have checked...
by DeanShepherd2   2 weeks ago

"Motorcycle manufacturers employ a neutral switch to supply information to the rider to inform them...
2 weeks ago
21”front wheel kits
Was wondering if anyone has put a 21” spike front wheel on a 2000 Vulcan Nomad 1500fi? If so where...
by NomadSteve1   2 weeks ago

Fule leak
Just reconnected battery after winter. Pulled out choke and started her up and noticed fule leaking...
by buggs511   2 weeks ago

Gas fouled rear plug
My 1100 '95 virago has been fouling the rear plug for a while. How it's progressed to crackling and...
by John180   2 weeks ago

balance the carbs
2 weeks ago
No ignition power
I own a 1999 Shadow 1100 rolled into the driveway today and it shut off absolutely no power no...
by Dennisshadow99   2 weeks ago

Common problem on the VT1100 engines is the connector from the sator to the regulator/rectifier...
1 week ago
Oil change
What type of oil is used and what oil filter part number can anyone please tell
by NathanDaniels   2 weeks ago

A lot of riders are running Rotella 15w40. The conventional and T6 synthetics have the required...
2 weeks ago
Exhaust re-wrap
Hi guys, just finished an exhuast baffle re-wrap. Got the material at Home Depot. Bought some 4...
by PepeLapu710   2 weeks ago

Have another question, are there any easy ways to make valve adjustments on these bikes other than...
2 weeks ago
Majority Rule.
I was looking out the back window when I saw what I thought was my friend Jim coming down the...
by Edwins   2 weeks ago

I should try that.
1 week ago
drive shaft
I have lubed the front end of my driveshaft but when I remove cone to lube other end I can't pull...
by scoot1   3 weeks ago

3 scoot1 Thanks for info. If you have done this. How hard should seal number 34 be to pull out and is it...
2 weeks ago
ODD - Open to suggestions. 2002 Honda VTX 1800C
So, getting her warmed up for the season, running a little rough.  Seems to be going through fuel...
by RevenantDeka   3 weeks ago

The only way for a battery that has a positive charge, to reverse itself, is for the battery to be...
2 weeks ago


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