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Backrest for 2015 Suziki M-50
Looking for a backrest/luggage rack for the 2015 M-50.  J&P lists one in their catalog but it...
by Beachcomber63   1 month ago

Have you tried Yamaha? some times their prices are not too bad.
1 month ago
Bolts for my sissy bar
Hello everyone my name is Mike. Does anyone know the size of the bolts that holds on the sissy bar...
by Michael03   1 month ago

Take them out and go to ACE hardware. They will match them up.
1 month ago
I no longer will be posting any videos, as I have too much trouble with copyright songs on U Tube...
by BillBoucher   1 month ago

Let's see the first vid Capt!
1 month ago
Power Commander 5
I've just purchased a 2010 Road Star 1700 S and she has a PC5, Cobra Speedstar Slashdowns and a K...
by James52   1 month ago

The power cammander has another item that will help. It is the auto tune module. It will...
1 week ago
Headlight bucket and beauty ring
I am in search of a headlight housing for my 2008 Vulcan Classic LT.
by ClintCarr   1 month ago

23005BODY-COMP-HEAD LAMP 23005-0014 23005-0304 $205.30 This is at They...
1 month ago
yamaha 1700 cc FInjected - Hiccups when accelerating
Anyone else had this problem?  Just bought a new 2009 Roadstar 1700.  Love the bike, but for one...
by NormH   1 month ago

Edwins Run the diagnocics. Chapter 6,...
1 month ago
Seeking help with a build
Hi I was hoping someone here couple help me out a bit I have a 1993 Suzuki intruder 800 and was...
by Jared1   1 month ago

2 Jared1 I apologize for not knowing the name of the part but it was mounted to the rear fender underneath...
1 month ago
Vulcan 900 Questions Canada/Calgary
Hi everybody!!! I am a new rider on a Vulcan 900 2007. Best decision ever I have put 2000 Kms...
by Rfagun   1 month ago

I'm also in Calgary, but don't ride a Vulcan, although I've had big V-Twins in the past. Yeah, 5...
1 month ago
Rear tire
Has anyone experienced odd tire wear? Tire pressure is 32psi and I have no tread left on left side...
by Johnson   1 month ago

Yes Peter, I run the same on the 1500 Valk, Oldwing and CBR900RR (& the C109R when I had it)....
3 weeks ago
Ok, I have a 2003 vstar 1100 that I'm replacing the starter clutch on. Now I've got it together...
by Matcc304   1 month ago

USDSUQ The above website seem to know...
1 month ago


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