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Clutch won't engage
So I i just replace the clutch plates on my 96 intruder. Every bolt and part was cataloged so I...
by Anthonyrummell   1 month ago

How to replace carburetor filters to open fiters?
Hi, Does anyone have replaced the intank filters to open filters in the carburetor? If yes, I would...
by jacobb   1 month ago

Hello Jacob. This will help.
1 month ago
Charging system
I have an 83 VF750C I've changed out the stator with another used one, changed rectifier with a new...
by Eric21   1 month ago

First, do a load test on the battery. Make sure your grounds are clean and tight. If that doesn't...
1 month ago
97 RSTD more power
I want to add more power to my royal star any suggestions on doing so? Thisnis the first one I have...
by Shesrushmore   1 month ago

Pull the plugs. What do they look like? This can tell us a lot about what's going on.
1 month ago
Wont run when cold
Hay looking for some insight.  I have this awesome Honda VTX 1300 (2003) runs great if the temps...
by markPettingill   1 month ago

Do a load test on the battery. Make sure the grounds are clean. Cold makes the oil thicker which...
1 month ago
eynstyn was paralized tonight ,we had to put him down. the best cat in the world, i don't know if i...
by eynstyn   1 month ago

Very sorry to hear. RIP Eynstyn. We are currrntly dog people but we have been cat people in the...
1 month ago
BMW R1200C 1998 - ECU Problem
Hi, I have a BMW R1200C 1998 model Cruiser Bike. The problem I am facing is that ECU is not...
by Bill147   1 month ago

Download and save: Best deal I could find...
1 month ago
Shifter problems with my vstar 1100
Hi Everyone, I'm new to this blog  and this bike obviously and need some help.  I was working on...
by Brettjbro   1 month ago

another save
1 month ago
Moving the fuel pump on my 04 1700 midnight star
So anyone ever moved the fuel pump assembly to hide it and clean up the look on a 1700 midnight...
by Daddynip   1 month ago

I haven't done it but it should be doable with some careful planning. You would need to avoid heat...
1 month ago
another season over
well its cold, to FUkN cold for me.   just wrapped up the bike and put her to bed,  this years...
by eynstyn   1 month ago

A few things will keep me grounded. Ice, snow, salt scrummed roads and the back yard is to muddy to...
2 weeks ago


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