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05 Silverado 1100 starter issue
So my 05 vstar 1100 Silverado runs great but I have to push start it! When I turn the key on...
by Elvis2   1 month ago

i could have helped
1 month ago
No torque power in takeoff.
I don't feel the power so much when I throttle up, and that is from takeoff to givin it the gun in...
by RandyNielsen   1 month ago

Edwins is correct as first look even though two plugs per cyl. Ign. timing is pretty bulletproof,...
1 month ago
New bike
Just picked up an 06 C90T for 4000CDN love it so far. Was wondering if anyone has anything I should...
by Wes115   1 month ago

Same here Edwin. A payrise from my superannuation fund would be nice.
1 month ago
Suzuki Intruder 250 workshop manual pdf
I have owned my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 250  for 6 months & need a workshop manual pdf to help me...
by peterwarke   1 month ago

Unfortunately, I haven't come across any freebies on this one. Most of the so-called free downloads...
1 month ago
Roadstar/Vstar running light conversion.
More from my wish list. And, the discussion came...
by Edwins   1 month ago

Brake Bleeding
I am replacing my brake lines.  The rear went well.  The front dosen't seem to be working.  The...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

I love it when a plan comes together. LOL Somewhere I saw an add for a one man brake bleeder which...
1 month ago
Frustrating VS 1400 Intruder
Hello All, Here is the situation the best way I can explain it. My brother bought a 1999 Suzuki...
by Waychild   1 month ago

Edwin's. You are a little guru!!!!!!
1 month ago
Changing Bikes
I am currently riding a Honda ST1300 but am finding it a bit heavy at stops due to being an old guy...
by F105PLT   1 month ago

for breaking a 1100 will be better than a 650 as they have two front brakes while the 650 has 1....
1 week ago
2004 vstar 1100, I have a friend with an ultra classic he took his 12" bars off and went bigger...
by Booboo84   1 month ago

Theoretically both bikes take 1" in diameter bars so should fit, but I would wait for a more...
1 month ago
Vibration over 80 mph
Got a 2013 bought it last year, ever since I got it as soon I bit 80 mph can feel a vibration right...
by Miguelpenalver   1 month ago

Very first thing, do an oil change. Why? Low or to thick of a oil can cause engine vibration. Make...
1 month ago


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