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What to look for when purchasing
Seriously looking at a 1996 1400 intruder. What are common things that go bad on this bike? Should...
by RickDominique   1 month ago

3 RickDominique Thanks, Scruffy! Great advice.
1 month ago
Hello from York, PA
Hi everyone! I have a 2004 1100 Shadow Sabre. I've been doing lots of reading, but also finding...
by JoshD   1 month ago

welcome from Eastern Washington State, Sabre is a great bike, got two of them, an 05,and 06
1 month ago
Hurricane Harvey
How are our friends who live in Texas? All OK ?
by vardy   1 month ago

Thanks for reminding us Peter, it is a sad time for everyone who is experiencing this hurricane....
1 month ago
engine quits in the rain
got a 2004 Shadow 1100c with 15,000 miles on it.  When it rains the engine bogs down and stops.  It...
by nagidam   1 month ago

Yeah I'd have to suggest water ingress in the air box as well as mentioned remove and inspect for...
1 month ago
Shifting into gear.....
I rode my new purchase, 2008 Boulevard M 50 with 5100 miles, and it sat for a couple of days. I...
by KevinC   1 month ago

2 KevinC Thanks, Paintcan......on my way to check it.
1 month ago
Engine Oil Idiot Light
I recently too a trip 1300 miles round trip.  About half way the engine light came on for a bit.  ...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

I had just switched to full synthetic. I don't know if the oil type shows up different to the...
3 weeks ago
Fuel line/inlet/outlet issue
   I "re-plumbed" my fuel lines a few months ago with all SS braid hoses.  Problem is that the...
by Oldschoolpaulie   1 month ago

Yeah, go with what works. It's my view that the braided steel lines can't be compressed enough with...
1 month ago
Can anyone recommend where to get some good hard bags?
I'm looking for hard bags but can't decide on what a good brand would be.  Anyone have any...
by BenjaminArturo   1 month ago

The thing I like best is that they actually do look like leather complete with conchos and latigo...
1 month ago
Ape hanger kit
I was wondering if anyone had apes on their Road King?  I am thinking about getting 14inch...
by BenjaminArturo   1 month ago

C90t boss saddle bags
I'm looking to add a luggage rack to my 2013 c90t boss. Can anyone tell me where to obtain the...
by Chas257   1 month ago

2 Chas257 Thanks Edwin , the bolt heads are actually 5mm Allen heads. The previous owner had rounded them so...
1 month ago


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