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I really messed up. Oil filter
Ok. So in my haste to change the oil in my 1100 v-star, I put the filter in backwards. Got the bike...
by Iscrewedup   2 months ago

OK just go slow and methodical when doing it. Always here if you run across a question. Good Luck
1 month ago
99 Suzuki Intruder 1500 issues
HI all. New to this forum.  Bought a 99 Intruder couple months ago from a good agency.  Ran good...
by eddydoran   2 months ago

Another thought. When you try to start the bike, no current flows from the battery to the starter....
2 months ago
2000 Vulcan Nomad 1500
Total engine and electrial shutdown while at 80 mph.. What would cause the shutdown?
by LAWDOG691   2 months ago

First, check the main ground then check the main fuse. If it blows, the electrical s quit. If it...
2 months ago
2000 Vulcan Nomad 1500
At 80 mph, i experience a total engine and electrical shutdown. I immediately reach down and turn...
by LAWDOG691   2 months ago

You Bad
I have been riding only 10 years and I thought I was bullet proof riding my bike.  After all I took...
by USDSUQ   2 months ago

I too prefer staggered. Some people tend to float in there lane and makes it hard to ride two...
2 months ago
2013 k&n oil filter
Why does k&n oil filter not recognize the 13/14 models with thwir 1462 filter?
by Jay112   2 months ago

Where Is Polssken?
Haven't seen him on the site since Randy visited. I sent a PM to him 3 weeks ago but no answer. I...
by tezza   2 months ago

Haha..... Don't ask me Peter! I don't like FB, but I watch it so once in a while to keep in touch...
2 months ago
Looking for forward controls - Suzuki intruder 800
i just acquired a 95 intruder 800 and need to find a set of forward controls that aren't crazy...
by Bryce3   2 months ago

2 Bryce3 That would be perfect, but they don't have a 95 listed, only later models. Would that work?
2 months ago
Vegas shooting.
My thoughts are with the families and friends of those killed and injured in last nights mindless...
by als1953   2 months ago

Lock and load alamode. Get on your horse and ride. You want to be in the next county before it...
2 months ago
Tight Spot On Chain
I have a tight spot on chain.! Not sure whats causing it but i believe its a sign that it's time...
by MrBonez   2 months ago

I through a chain once it was not much fun. I was riding over a bridge when it locked up the rear...
2 months ago


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