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92 vlx 600 no spark
I bought my 92 vlx for 500$, and it has a issue with not getting pulse signal to rear cylinder....
by Bill2420   3 weeks ago

Welcome Bill - I hope you get the problem sorted out ok ... Ride Safe ...
1 week ago
Newbie Check-in
Hi All, I just purchased my C90T this week.  It's an '07 with 30K miles. I'm new to the model and...
by JimmyMack   3 weeks ago

G'Day Jimmy Mac - from COOMA NSW Australia - Welcome to the site - There is a good chance that...
1 week ago
Repairs gone wrong
Hello! I took my 2006 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100 in for an oil change at a local repair shop. When I...
by Moodman01   3 weeks ago

Once again, good thought Ben.
2 weeks ago
Annoying squeak
Hello. I joined to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Also, looking for others in...
by DragonRI   3 weeks ago

Swingarm Pivot point ???
1 week ago
Gas mileage
Hi I just bought a 1700 road star 06 with 5000 miles it has after market pipes. My ? Is what are y’...
by Garrapy   3 weeks ago

Gas mileage sounds a little excessive to me - Worst I have ever got out of any bike was my '86...
1 week ago
Oil Leak
Hi there folks, I'm a new to bikes and just got my first bike, a 2000 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic....
by JoshuaKovach   3 weeks ago

1L9-82540-00 NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH - 1 93210-29196 0-RIN6 - 1 90149-05321 SCREW - 3
3 weeks ago
1997 Virago help
Hi I was wondering if any of you could give me some insight. I have a 1997 Virago and the oil light...
by Lisabi   4 weeks ago

I think it may be a bad key switch. 9 Main Switch Steering Lock 42H-82501-50-00 $164.41...
3 weeks ago
Driver Seat Backrest
Still having problem finding a backrest (driver) for my 2015 Boulevard C90T Will a 2014 bracket fit...
by flatcar   4 weeks ago

Glad it worked out for you
3 weeks ago
Headlight Strobe
My headlight strobes when I go to high beam. It stays on solid on low. I was told this is a safety...
by RonnieHays   4 weeks ago

Such wonderfully helpful people here. They are just such delightful little cherubs.
2 weeks ago
Forward controls
Hey guys, Does anyone know if vs1400 extended forward controls will fit in vs800?
by Ccasimir86   4 weeks ago

The frames are different so I would think that to get them to fit may take some fabe work. If your...
3 weeks ago


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