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new member
love to ride. longesr ride was 1400 miles ih seven days, camping along the way.
by Beals   2 months ago

Welcome to the board. My cousin and I went on a bike ride 2 years ago. Went from Minnesota to...
1 month ago
Vulcan 900 Seat
Looking for, in case the seat of my new to me bike doesn't work for me ( No meat in the seat or...
by Bildak   2 months ago

Eynstyn, I stand corrected. You are quite talented.
2 months ago
New Member
Been riding since I was a teen and that was a long time ago...I always feel free when I ride......
by bhawk   2 months ago

Welcome from central New York.
2 months ago
High fuel consumption
Hi my vstar 1300 is sucking the gas I'm only getting 8.8 miles per lt or 33 mpg (US). It has...
by KiwiBill   2 months ago

Hi Bill, If you havent changed the air cleaner to an after market one you should'nt need the cobra...
2 months ago
Have a Merry Christmas and here is my gift to you
You must have an unrestricted access to see your present.
by USDSUQ   2 months ago

Wow thanks Drew Merry Christmas ⛤
2 months ago
entering bike dtails
i have 1990 vs750 but cant work out how to enter it in bike owned bit of registering
by hippysanta   2 months ago

Go to the top of the screen. Your user name should be in the top left corner. Click on your name....
2 months ago
New member from Norway
Hi all. I'm new here, and really look forward to reading and take part in discussions here. I have...
by FinnNorway   2 months ago

Thanks for all welcomes ☺️
2 months ago
Can anyone tell me the color sequence of the 12 wire connection that goes directly into the bottom...
by Butch137   2 months ago

Kind of a PITA. I use a drawing program to enlarge the diagram. The wires are labeled. Been nice...
2 months ago
Air cleaner replacement
I just bought a 1999 Yamaha V-Star 1100 and it needs the air cleaner replaced because of an...
by TopdoggLambert   2 months ago

nothing has changed on the vstar since they were first made
2 months ago
Tick tick
So I’m kinda new to this but I have a 2005 yamaha v star 1100 that has just started to tick. It...
by JakeBaker   2 months ago

There’s a solid chance that the emissions air line has a leak in it. It’s the chrome tube that...
2 months ago


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