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Vstar help please
I had some recent carburetor cleaning done on my bike, now the check engine light is on and it runs...
by DragonRider   1 month ago

You shouldn't have to clean your carburetor with 6500 miles. Bad idea, just run some Seafoam...
1 month ago
Greetings from Middle Tennessee
Hey y'all!  I came across your website and discovered that I had actually joined several years ago...
by motordjbear   1 month ago

From the sounds of your post you're a fellow believer. Welcome back from central New York.
1 month ago
front cylinder missing
hi all new to site hope someone can help me. i have two codes come up on my 2011 fatbob p0374 p1352...
by tonyoxley   1 month ago

P0374 CKP Sensor Not Detected Carb- Crank Position Sensor P1352 Front Ignition Coil Driver High/...
1 month ago
Disconnecting AIS on Roadstar
how do you disconnect the AIS on. 1700 Roadstar without the block off kit?
by JamesStanovcak   1 month ago

You didn't give your year on your bike so I don't know if it fuel injected. Earlier Road Stars have...
1 month ago
front end bucking
Hey all,  So i've been having issues with my bike giving a bucking sensation while cruising around...
by Robert41   1 month ago

3 Robert41 I'll check to see if the wheel is out of round. One of my buddies mentioned that the front brake...
1 month ago
2010 v star 950 shifter
Hello, First of all thank you for any and all help with the following question. Keep in mind my...
by Scott45   1 month ago

Just buy her some extra large boots.
1 month ago
signal lighs not working
im a new member here i bought a 1998 1100 shadow sabre  the marker lights are on but when i put my...
by alchipper   1 month ago

Glad it's fixed
4 weeks ago
I have a 2014 V Stat with 12000 miles on it. After ride about 50 miles when i pull the clutch in i...
by Donaldwhite   1 month ago

There could be a couple things which would make a noise. You may have a broken compression spring...
1 month ago
Help Measurements for Add-On Back Rest Sissy Bar
Good Morning, I am a new rider I just learned last year on a Yamaha 750 Maxim. This year I bought a...
by LeeHazelton   1 month ago

Lee mine is a Vstar 1300 also just haven't had time to upload the latest pic.
1 month ago
Fuel line re-route
Re-routed my fuel line, and also got chrome tappet block covers for my 50th birthday.  Thanks to...
by Oldschoolpaulie   1 month ago

Good to see you back on the site. Bike just keeps getting better. Glad you got the rear drive...
1 month ago


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