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V Star 1100 classic, vacuum port?
I have a 2004 V Star 1100 Classic.  Between the two carbs there is a bracket that connects the two...
by JL1924   1 month ago

Eynstyn - ya I have noticed some subtle differences in the different years Edwin...those manuals...
1 month ago
Riding the Great Ocean Road Australia
Riding the Great Ocean Road (Australia) The day started a bit chilly, then the sun peeked through...
by Dimitra   1 month ago

That’s exactly right Gert, it was a lovely day because we had no where we had to be and it was just...
1 month ago
Yellowing exhaust pipe on the left only
I just bought a 1995 Suzuki Intruder VS800 w 3700miles on it and after riding for a couple of days...
by demorais74   1 month ago

Much thank to you as well BCruiser
2 weeks ago
Vulcan 800 Choke broken
Just returned from a year overseas, and as expected, wife didn't continue to start the Vulcan on a...
by cwcewo   1 month ago

Before I got to carried away I'd spray some good penetrating oil down the cable let it set for a...
1 month ago
New Member
Very happy owner of a 2008 Roadstar 1100 Silverado. It’s my first motorcycle and I think I’ve...
by FlatlanderJack   1 month ago

Ask away. My daughter works at SLAP's. When I get healed up we'll go for a ride.
1 month ago
Mounting sidecar
just purchased a classical rocketeer sidecar from great sports inc. the mounting instructions were...
by EddieBlevins   1 month ago

Hi Eddie... I was breezing through the discussions when I came across yours ...I did a little...
1 month ago
charging problem
by betolewis   1 month ago

Either the battery is not getting a charge or the battery is not holding a charge. Either ones a...
1 month ago
Vstar 650 running rich backfires when decelerating. What to do?????
by JoshuaHall   1 month ago

Try draining the float bowls to check for moisture from setting and or ethanol corrosion in the...
1 month ago
Lorain Ohio
Hi, I want to buy a Mustang seat for my VTX and a fella has 1 in Lorain Ohio. If I pay him for it,...
by AussieSteve   1 month ago

Thanks for your response Val. It is on Facebook marketplace in a VTX group..
1 month ago
My battery dies all the time
I recently got a 2005 1100 classic everything was fine until I added a aftermarket USB adapter to...
by Rob1124   1 month ago

Cool Video Edwin ... you always find the best stuff !
1 month ago


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