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1500 engine issues
Hi guys, I want to biy this 2000 model Vulcan 1500. Well looked after with 70 000km on the clock,...
by Griffindorf   2 months ago

Gee I hope they rectified the problem for the VN1600...
2 months ago
Rough Idle
Hey Guys,I got this 2003 Intruder 1500 from a guy, it started when I got it but not running well....
by WaCS1   2 months ago

If it pops out the exhaust you may need to replace the gaskets at the headers.You may have a vacuum...
2 months ago
Stalling while breaking
My 2010 M109R has started to stall while I am breaking. It was only on hard breaking but now seems...
by Frustrated   2 months ago

one of three things, kick stand safety switch low idle loss earth cable
1 month ago
Wilbers Shock installation and review
This is my review of recently installing an upgraded shock on my Yamaha 650 V Star:https://...
by Dimitra   2 months ago

Good you got that fixed. Shocks are very important. I Also had to change my stock shock it made...
1 month ago
Why riders don't wave back
I have been riding the bike a bit lately, and I have noticed you guys not waving back at me.  Now I...
by USDSUQ   2 months ago

Me too. I'm not going to lose sleep over it . They may have been sleeping too.
2 months ago
Gas tank swop
I know this will work because I use to be in another group but it shutdown. I want to put a bigger...
by JustDave   2 months ago

There was a discussion about this. Here's the link. I looked around and did not find anything that...
2 months ago
Why does it take so long to get Milk from the convenience store
I like to ride my motorcycle as often as possible because it is fun and gets great fuel mileage.  ...
by USDSUQ   2 months ago

It don't have to be big for a fail. I bungee a 6 pack to a Honda Twinstar. Most of the cans never...
2 months ago
New member
I'm kids , I will do the best I can to be good I tell it the way I see it and no problems getting...
by Nallid   2 months ago

Welcome Misty from Medford, OR. As Valerie said, nice to have some more women on the site.
2 months ago
2003 vstar 1100
Okay so my friend bought a vstar 1100 and right by the front exhaust pipe where it bolts to the v...
by CaitlynLeanneBr   2 months ago

If it is flaming from the exhaust port you need to buy a new exhaust gasket and then bolt it up...
2 months ago
Handlebar risers
Does anyone know what the maximum size of HB extenders might be for a 2004 VS800GL which do not...
by Patrick15   2 months ago

I went up 1 in and back 1in on my stratoliner and had several inches of line left. Give you cables...
1 month ago


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