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Front wheel conversion
Does anyone have a recommendation to get a bigger front wheel on my xvs 650? Either run the 19"...
by IanGray   3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
Aftermarket carbs
Got a 1992 intruder 1400 and gave the carbs to a buddy to clean and he lost them. Cant seem to find...
by SgtWiggles   3 weeks ago

Make some calls.
3 weeks ago
No power to neutral light
Hi, can anybody help me, I had power to the neutral light. Had to replace with another but for some...
by DeanShepherd   3 weeks ago

4 DeanShepherd2 Hi, thanks everybody, had to log in with different details, checked the neutral switch, connectors...
2 weeks ago
Suicide clutch
After a mini stroke last week and losing partial use of my clutch hand, temporarily I hope, I'm...
by Spydrman   3 weeks ago

I don't know of a kit. youtube shows some diy ones. Pingle makes a universal electric solenoid...
3 weeks ago
Side bags & backrests
I have a ‘13 Fat Bob & I want to add a back seat & backrest & rigid side bags. I really...
by Labattman   3 weeks ago

Yes it is and they are not difficult to install even I could do it and I'm a baggy saggy little old...
3 weeks ago
Fuell by Buell
Like it or not, electric bikes are upon us. Serious progress is being made. Having a couple of...
by Edwins   3 weeks ago

I'm with Peter... They just found the biggest oil reserve ever in TEXAS..
1 week ago
Crank No start
So I pulled my bike out had her going went for a ride parked her for the night , come home to clean...
by Finnigan   3 weeks ago

First two suspects. Kill switch and Tip over sensor if all else is okay.
3 weeks ago
Spark plugs
Looking for some good alternative plugs that fit my 2006 VTX R3 thanks!
by BlakeEndrizzi   3 weeks ago

iridium split fires
3 weeks ago
Vance & Hines pipes
Hi, so I have a 2005 Aero 750 with short Vance & Hines pipes looking for a set of long pipes....
by Orlando2   3 weeks ago

Not getting gas
Thought fuel pump was bad...pulled fuel pump hooked it up and it works. Thoughts of what is wrong....
by Joshua8   3 weeks ago

Vacuum diaphragm on the fuel valve leaking, or fuel filter plugged, or lots pf crap inside the tank...
3 weeks ago


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