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Front tire on wrong way around
Hi I just brought a vstar 1300 and I have found that the front tire is on the wrong way around, can...
by KiwiBill   2 months ago

Perhaps the previous owner had a vision impairment ? Glad it was an easy fix for you .... Cheers...
2 months ago
I have a 2006 750 honda shadow aero. Looking for some info for a good brand for a rear tire
by GeoArnett   2 months ago

Well, the Round Black Rubbery ones have served me well for five decades without much trouble...
2 months ago
2001 kawasaki nomad fi relay issies
Ok. New here. I have a 2001 kawasawki vulcan nomad fi 1500. I can't figure out why I keep going...
by Frisbie1   2 months ago

You have a short allowing current to flow to the starter. Do you have a wiring diagram?
2 months ago
'07 Yamaha xv1700 silverado cylinder sound difference
One cylinder has an evenly spaced (pop pop pop pop pop) the other cylinder has a low randomly...
by rguyer1   2 months ago

That pickup is enjoying itself in Checoka Oklahoma.
2 months ago
Ok, so last year I replaced the stator, worked good for 1 yr, stopped charging, so I replaced the...
by BradR44   2 months ago

Alright, thank you for the help, I'm going to try and troubleshoot it this weekend
2 months ago
New guy
Hello, just joined up! I'm Brad
by BradR44   2 months ago

Yes, Brad, the more the merrier. We are staying at For you...
2 months ago
long black wire at base of motor
Hello to all riders but specifically Vulcan 800 riders,  I recently bought a vulcan 800 and had to...
by Justin12   3 months ago

Justin, I believe the 2 previous posts.
3 months ago
Eat Sleep Ride
Anybody using this App?
by Bokiwi   3 months ago

I've just started using it and am wondering what everyone else thinks of it.
3 months ago
Exaust steam ?
I have steam or antifreez blowing out of my rear cylinder exaust pipe. What can the problem be?
by Rooster1   3 months ago

I would think a head gasket is bad. This site will give you a good view of what may be leaking....
2 months ago
Headlights - Why are they on ALL the time
yeah yeah yeah, I know headlights ON for safety and I won't argue that, but do I really need the...
by dudeaw   3 months ago

6 Bildak My 2004 Kawasaki ZG1000 headlight doesn't come on until after the bike starts. This is the way all...
2 months ago


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