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Back like a bad penny....
I was diagnosed with midgut neuroendocrine cancer end of 2014. I underwent debuling surgery and...
by dwmitchell61   4 weeks ago

Well I an honestly say My boy your a mess. And I'm a nurse so I know what in saying. LOL Welcome...
3 weeks ago
ButtyBuddy for my Lady Friend?
Anyone use a ButtyBuddy for their backseater? My girl says the back seat of the Fat Lady hurts her...
by dwmitchell61   4 weeks ago

What pillion seat are you using now? Don't know a thing about the ButtyBuddy. Looks like a...
3 weeks ago
Reverse lighting unit
I have 96 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 and want to know what the reverse lighting unit does Thnks Brian
by Ballen0712   4 weeks ago

7 Ballen0712 Thank you but got it as straight as it will get , at least i think it is . Running pretty good at...
2 weeks ago
Hi guys. I'm looking for some information please. I got my virago early last year. Enjoyed riding...
by Jules1701   4 weeks ago

Found a bit of help. Rear shock absorber upper bolts.. 20 Nm (14 ft-lbs) Rear shock absorber lower...
4 weeks ago
Fuel leak
When the bike is running, Fuel gushes out under the center of the bike in front of the center stand...
by DanLodge   4 weeks ago

Edwins Check out chapter 4....
4 weeks ago
Resr tire locked up when shifting from 1st to 2nd
Hello I have a 2004 Vulcan 900 classic. It won't go into neutral but the neutral light comes on,...
by DeWayne69   4 weeks ago

2008 C109RT Indy Blue Right Side Frame Cover
I am in need of a right hand frame cover for a 2008 Suzuki C109RT in Indy Blue. I cannot seem to...
by wegs67   4 weeks ago

This one is orange.
3 weeks ago
Fan Thermo-Switch
Has anyone ever had to replace one of these? My temp light came on the other day, and I noticed the...
by pbergin   4 weeks ago

1 NoBot Hi, googled around and I couldnt find the location, but some info I stummbled upon may help. "4d...
6 days ago
Blued exhaust only on rear cylnder under the bag.why
Rear cylnder is blueing all the way back under the bag and its the only spot on the pipes.its fuel...
by Jaydewar   1 month ago

Headlight goes real bright then out
Me my wife and a couple friends of ours ride home from restaurant Saturday night and start getting...
by Ballen0712   1 month ago

If you compare the wiring diagrams, you'll be able to do the mod.
1 month ago


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