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Down shifting then holding clutch in makes bike spudder and turn o
While coming to a stop I downshift like normal and the bike will do fine until I hold the clutch in...
by RussellHayes   1 month ago

Really don't know. But I would make sure the idle is adjusted to 1100-1200 RPMs.
1 month ago
2009 Voyager 1700 lowering front suspension
Gentlemen and Women, I have 26000 mi. on this beauty. I'm now 68 and she seems to be gaining weight...
by grandbo20   1 month ago

4 Gracielou Larry, Don't forget that the lower the bike is, the less that your "lean limit" will be. In other...
1 month ago
Suzuki 1500 LC speedo problems
My speedometer works and the idiot lights work but the odometer and fuel gauge are blurred out....
by RodsLC   1 month ago

3 RodsLC Allen I am starting to head that direction. All of the warning lights work including the low fuel....
1 month ago
Treat Everyone Equal
Try to be good.
by Hippy   1 month ago

4 wasteddaze Couldn't have said it better myself. People judge books and people by their covers. If you change...
2 weeks ago
Nomad No-start
Hi, I'm brand new here, hoping I can find some help.  I have a 2007 Kawi Nomad 1600, which I...
by Roadbiker   1 month ago

On a previous discussion on spark plugs I was told not to sand iridiums spark plugs cuz it will...
1 month ago
NC to vote on change in helmet law in Oct.
Being told I have to warea helmet for me has always seemed to feel like a violation of my cival...
by gasjostrom   1 month ago

yea I agree with you on that Drew. if there going to give people the choice to ride protected or...
3 weeks ago
Tire replacement
Hi all ! Can you help me with a little problem ? I would like to replace the rear tire 150/80-16...
by Sorin   1 month ago

Thanks for your answer ! I've checked inside my fender. The space looks too narow. I ll remove the...
1 month ago
Weres best place and price set drag pipes in uk
Want some louder drag pipes for my vn 1600 any clues uk n price
by Nedkelly2   1 month ago

I'd start here. Good selection.
1 month ago
New rider here
Bought a 2003 vstar 1100 custom last week never been on a bike till it got delivered. 
by WilliamBauman   1 month ago

No I just rode on it. This summer I am hoping to cover my seat and passenger and backrest in...
1 month ago
Check all your bolts
Interesting thing today. For the past month I have been smelling something strange on my bike. I...
by vsnetzinger   1 month ago

This is also why you should check your bolts.
1 month ago


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