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New to it all
Since the age of 19, I've wanted a bike. After several decades I finally got one. I took the MSF...
by Teufelhund   1 month ago

Welcome Paddy 1. Keep adding to your profile, post pics of your bike transformation.
1 month ago
oh for real!!!
Hey all, well upon riding out and about. Its was a good looking Labour Day. Then received a phone...
by Rew691   1 month ago

Well, let's see if I get a reply. Get a volt-ohm meter. Download this. See if you have power to the...
1 month ago
Looking to sell
I have an 87 Honda Magna I am looking to sell, has about 3700 miles, correct its about "3700"...
by Trent4   1 month ago

Look What's Back!
Holy flashback Batman .
by Edwins   1 month ago

re: Monkey ...Sure have come a long way since I was a kid and had a little Rupp at the cottage -...
2 weeks ago
Get you some of this.
Save yourself some grief. One of my seldom used brain circuits flashed on and I remembered using...
by Edwins   1 month ago

Lean and rich at same time?
Hi I have a 2004 Yamaha roadstar 1700. This bike has 14000 miles and has always ran perfect. Until...
by Lullstanton   1 month ago

can you balance the carbs on that? i did my vstar 1100 and it seems to run smother https://www....
1 month ago
I have a 2011 Yamaha Road Star Silverado and I want to know how I can fit a 2 into 1 Thunderheader...
by ras0361   1 month ago

It would be cheaper to make your own pipes. Then have them powder coated or chromed.
1 month ago
Greetings from the Western Slope!
Just got a 2015 Honda Interstate in the end of July and am loving the slow life again. Had a 2003...
by BKGJT43   1 month ago

Thanks for the info BK, Colorado is one of the western states I haven't ridden through much. Pass...
1 month ago
Gatling gun exhaust pipes
Has anybody ever installed Gatling gun exhaust pipes on Kawasaki Vaquero
by BigDoug   1 month ago

Hi from Qc!
Hi, my name is Robert, 49 years young from Qc and the new owner of a 2011 Ultra Classic. I’m new to...
by BobinQc   1 month ago

Hi Robert ... welcome from Oakville ON ... great site...lots of great people with a lot of...
1 month ago


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