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New Website Ideas

Please help prioritize new website features by voting for some of the ideas below. You can either give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". Feel free to submit your own ideas as well.
Ideas with the highest votes won't necessarily get implemented first and it doesn't guarantee that they get implemented at all.
However, it's very helpful for the future direction of our community.

Likes Discussion Comments Latest Activity
19 Likes "Where have I been" maps
On some biker forum sites members show "where have I been" maps. We could add a similar feature...
by uwe999   7 years ago

thanks, Paul, please let me know when you have Australia covered as well.
5 years ago
11 Likes Optimize Motorcycle pages for Smartphones
We now have our community optimized for smartphones and other portable devices. The motorcycle...
by uwe999   6 years ago

6 Ruttxxx Towers are relics, laptops are losing their glamour.... People are down for handheld, and the tech...
4 years ago
10 Likes Member Install Helper Feature
I heard lots of stories over the years of members vistiting other members in their garages and...
by uwe999   7 years ago

I'd ceratinly be willing to help out any local folks. I don't have the time to get into major...
7 years ago
10 Likes How about a Chat Feature....?
Hey all... Just sitting here...getting ready to catch my beauty sleep, but it accord to me that we...
by GunnerCWO3   7 years ago

Its all good fun here. Different countries have different humour.and everything is in jest
7 years ago
9 Likes Editor for Descriptions and Comments - in development
On the old site there was an "Editor" feature that allowed you to format your descriptions and...
by uwe999   7 years ago

yes, but also make it available for the laptop or computer, I hate trying to type and reply on...
5 years ago
8 Likes Leave of Absence
Often people need to travel for extended periods, are ill and cannot get online or one of many...
by Washbrook   6 years ago

That could work well. Good idea.
5 years ago
7 Likes Interactive Member Calendar
Wayne raised a pretty good point: the member calender isn't updated frequently enough to be useful...
by uwe999   7 years ago

We could also pick photos from - we would just...
6 years ago
6 Likes How about a Video Chat Feature?
I was bantering with Tony Ward-Smith over the weekend about the website. We talked about the idea...
by uwe999   7 years ago

I use skype
6 years ago
6 Likes Tribe Message : Direct
Would like some imput on a possible new feature; Direct Message To Tribe Members Only.   This...
by sdbiker   7 years ago

Oh Hail Uwe's mightiness, good one mate
7 years ago
6 Likes Please no commercial video at the end of RIP tributes
Is there a way not to have commercial video at the end of any RIP tributes to fallen riders,...
by triumphin   6 years ago

Good one Randy. 100% agree.
6 years ago